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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What I expected to see."
2.  "If you use the code which I have explained," said Holmes, "you willfind that it simply means `Come here at once.' I was convinced that itwas an invitation which he would not refuse, since he could neverimagine that it could come from anyone but the lady. And so, my dearWatson, we have ended by turning the dancing men to good when theyhave so often been the agents of evil, and I think that I havefulfilled my promise of giving you something unusual for yournotebook. Three-forty is our train, and I fancy we should be back inBaker Street for dinner."
3.  "Do you know where we are?" he whispered.
4.  "Has he been moved?" asked Holmes.
5.  "How can you say that?"
6.  "Quite so. There you are. And underneath?"


1.  "One moment," said Holmes; "are you sure about this whistle andmetallic sound? Could you swear to it?"
2.  "Yes."
3.  "What were the exact relations between you and Miss Dunbar?"The Gold King gave a violent start and half rose from his chair.Then his massive calm came back to him.
4.  affectionately, and thrust it into the depths of his inner pocket.-THE END-
5.  "It shows, my dear Watson, that we are dealing with an exceptionallyastute and dangerous man. The Rev. Dr. Shlessinger, missionary fromSouth America, is none other than Holy Peters, one of the mostunscrupulous rascals that Australia has ever evolved- and for ayoung country it has turned out some very finished types. Hisparticular specialty is the beguiling of lonely ladies by playing upontheir religious feelings, and his so-called wife, an Englishwomannamed Fraser, is a worthy helpmate. The nature of his tacticssuggested his identity to me, and this physical peculiarity- he wasbadly bitten in a saloon-fight at Adelaide in '89- confirmed mysuspicion. This poor lady is in the hands of a most infernal couple,who will stick at nothing, Watson. That she is already dead is avery likely supposition. If not, she is undoubtedly in some sort ofconfinement and unable to write to Miss Dobney or her other friends.It is always possible that she never reached London, or that she haspassed through it, but the former is improbable, as, with their systemof registration, it is not easy for foreigners to play tricks with theContinental police; and the latter is also unlikely, as these roguescould not hope to find any other place where it would be as easy tokeep a person under restraint. All my instincts tell me that she is inLondon, but as we have at present no possible means of tellingwhere, we can only take the obvious steps, eat our dinner, and possessour souls in patience. Later in the evening I will stroll down andhave a word with friend Lestrade at Scotland Yard."
6.  "When I saw that he was absent, I withdrew at once."


1.  The baronet had staggered back with a cry and supported himselfagainst a stone sarcophagus.
2.  The hound was secured, and together we carried the professor up tohis room, where Bennett, who had a medical degree, helped me todress his torn throat. The sharp teeth had passed dangerously near thecarotid artery, and the haemorrhage was serious. In half an hour thedanger was past, I had given the patient an injection of morphia,and he had sunk into deep sleep. Then, and only then, were we ableto look at each other and to take stock of the situation."I think a first-class surgeon should see him," said I."For God's sake, no!" cried Bennett. "At present the scandal isconfined to our own household. It is safe with us. If it gets beyondthese walls it will never stop. Consider his position at theuniversity, his European reputation, the feelings of his daughter.""Quite so," said Holmes. "I think it may be quite possible to keepthe matter to ourselves, and also to prevent its recurrence now thatwe have a free hand. The key from the watch-chain, Mr. Bennett.Macphail will guard the patient and let us know if there is anychange. Let us see what we can find in the professor's mysteriousbox."
3.  "Perhaps I had best say a few words first," said the vicar, "andthen you can judge if you will listen to the details from Mr.Tregennis, or whether we should not hasten at once to the scene ofthis mysterious affair. I may explain, then, that our friend herespent last evening in the company of his two brothers, Owen andGeorge, and of his sister Brenda, at their house of Tredannick Wartha,which is near the old stone cross upon the moor. He left themshortly after ten o'clock, playing cards round the dining-roomtable, in excellent health and spirits. This morning, being an earlyriser, he walked in that direction before breakfast and wasovertaken by the carriage of Dr. Richards, who explained that he hadjust been sent for on a most urgent call to Tredannick Wartha. Mr.Mortimer Tregennis naturally went with him. When he arrived atTredannick Wartha he found an extraordinary state of things. His twobrothers and his sister were seated round the table exactly as hehad left them, the cards still spread in front of them and the candlesburned down to their sockets. The sister lay back stone-dead in herchair, while the two brothers sat on each side of her laughing,shouting, and singing, the senses stricken clean out of them. Allthree of them, the dead woman and the two demented men, retainedupon their faces an expression of the utmost horror- a convulsion ofterror which was dreadful to look upon. There was no sign of thepresence of anyone in the house, except Mrs. Porter, the old cookand housekeeper, who declared that she had slept deeply and heard nosound during the night. Nothing had been stolen or disarranged, andthere is absolutely no explanation of what the horror can be which hasfrightened a woman to death and two strong men out of their senses.There is the situation, Mr. Holmes, in a nutshell, and if you can helpus to clear it up you will have done a great work."
4.  "Well, it is a possible supposition."
5.   "'"Oh, you do, do you?" he snarled. "Very good, mate. We'll seeabout that!"
6.  "But the tracks!" I cried. "I saw, with my own eyes, that two wentdown the path and none returned."


1.  "And richest?"
2.  Witness: He mumbled a few words, but I could only catch someallusion to a rat.
3.  "`What is it, uncle?' I cried.
5、  "I told him about the Chinese in the East End."




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      "In the country, I presume, from your complexion."

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      "Well, sir, I've heard there are trout in the mill-stream and pikein the Hall lake."

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       "This was not all. I have a new writing-table with a fine surface ofred leather. I am prepared to swear, and so is Bannister, that itwas smooth and unstained. Now I found a clean cut in it about threeinches long- not a mere scratch, but a positive cut. Not only this,but on the table I found a small ball of black dough or clay, withspecks of something which looks like sawdust in it. I am convincedthat these marks were left by the man who rifled the papers. Therewere no footmarks and no other evidence as to his identity. I was atmy wit's end, when suddenly the happy thought occurred to me thatyou were in the town, and I came straight round to put the matter intoyour hands. Do help me, Mr. Holmes. You see my dilemma. Either Imust find the man or else the examination must be postponed untilfresh papers are prepared, and since this cannot be done withoutexplanation, there will ensue a hideous scandal, which will throw acloud not only on the college, but on the university. Above allthings, I desire to settle the matter quietly and discreetly.""I shall be happy to look into it and to give you such advice as Ican," said Holmes, rising and putting on his overcoat. "The case isnot entirely devoid of interest. Had anyone visited you in your roomafter the papers came to you?"

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      "We know where to lay our hands on this gentleman if he iswanted," said the sergeant majestically, "but you'll have to go, Mr.Holmes."

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    {  It was, indeed, our friend the financier. I was shocked by thechange which had come over him, for his face which was naturally ofa broad and massive mould, was now pinched and fallen in, while hishair seemed to me at least a shade whiter. He entered with a wearinessand lethargy which was even more painful than his violence of themorning before, and he dropped heavily into the armchair which Ipushed forward for him.

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      It was not, I must confess, a very alluring prospect. The oldhouse with its atmosphere of murder, the singular and formidableinhabitants, the unknown dangers of the approach, and the fact that wewere putting ourselves legally in a false position all combined todamp my ardour. But there was something in the ice-cold reasoning ofHolmes which made it impossible to shrink from any adventure whichhe might recommend. One knew that thus, and only thus, could asolution be found. I clasped his hand in silence, and the die wascast.}

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      "Then Nancy fainted, and I caught up the key of the door from herhand, intending to unlock it and get help. But as I was doing it to mebetter to leave it alone and get away, for the thing might lookblack against me, and anyway my secret would be out if I were taken.In my haste I thrust the key into my pocket, and dropped my stickwhile I was chasing Teddy, who had run up the curtain. When I gothim into his box, from which he had slipped, I was off as fast as Icould run."

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      "My dear Watson," said the well-remembered voice, "I owe you athousand apologies. I had no idea that you would be so affected."I gripped him by the arms.

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    {  "You can imagine from what I say that my poor sister Julia and I hadno great pleasure in our lives. No servant would stay with us, and fora long time we did all the work of the house. She was but thirty atthe time of her death, and yet her hair had already begun to whiten,even as mine has."

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      "I think that I heard a ring," said Holmes. "Yes, there are steps onthe landing. If I cannot persuade you to take a lenient view of thematter, Lord St. Simon, I have brought an advocate here who may bemore successful." He opened the door and ushered in a lady andgentleman. "Lord St. Simon," said he, "allow me to introduce you toMr. and Mrs. Francis Hay Moulton. The lady, I think, you havealready met."