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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It is I," said D'Artagnan in a subdued voice, "I, the Comtede Wardes."
2.  "Oh!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, darting to the window, "can it be he?"Milady remained still in bed, petrified by surprise; so many unexpectedthings happened to her all at once that for the first time she was at aloss.
3.  "It's worth eighty. Take it, and there ends the matter.""What," cried Athos, "are you selling my horse--my Bajazet? Andpray upon what shall I make my campaign; upon Grimaud?""I have brought you another," said D'Artagnan.
4.  "Wait, wait!" said the duke. "The only time I have worn thesestuds was at a ball given by the king eight days ago at Windsor.The Comtesse de Winter, with whom I had quarreled, becamereconciled to me at that ball. That reconciliation was nothingbut the vengeance of a jealous woman. I have never seen her fromthat day. The woman is an agent of the cardinal.""He has agents, then, throughout the world?" cried D'Artagnan."Oh, yes," said Buckingham, grating his teeth with rage. "Yes,he is a terrible antagonist. But when is this ball to takeplace?"
5.  Grimaud was on his legs again as if by a spring. Athos thenmade him a sign to take up his basket and to walk on first.Grimaud obeyed. All that Grimaud gained by this momentarypantomime was to pass from the rear guard to the vanguard.Arrived at the bastion, the four friends turned round.More than three hundred soldiers of all kinds were assembledat the gate of the camp; and in a separate group might bedistinguished M. de Busigny, the dragoon, the Swiss, and thefourth bettor.
6.  The remembrance of the scene at St. Germain presented itselfto the mind of the presumptuous Gascon. As quick asthought, he tore open the letter, in spite of the cry whichKitty uttered on seeing what he was going to do, or rather,what he was doing.


1.  "Planchet, my friend," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you are really aprecious fellow."
2.  "That of a lieutenant of Musketeers."
3.  "Ah, indeed," said D'Artagnan. "Well, your publisher isvery generous, my dear Aramis, that's all I can say.""How, monsieur?" cried Bazin, "a poem sell so dear as that!It is incredible! Oh, monsieur, you can write as much as youlike; you may become equal to Monsieur de Voiture andMonsieur de Benserade. I like that. A poet is as good asan abbe. Ah! Monsieur Aramis, become a poet, I beg of you.""Bazin, my friend," said Aramis, "I believe you meddle withmy conversation."
4.  "She was sent to me by someone of high rank, under the name of Kitty. Ihave not tried to discover her other name."
5.  Now, this point was settled; Mme. Bonacieux, without any suspicion,accompanied her. Once concealed with her at Armentieres, it would beeasy to make her believe that D'Artagnan had not come to Bethune. Infifteen days at most, Rochefort would be back; besides, during thatfifteen days she would have time to think how she could best avengeherself on the four friends. She would not be weary, thank God! forshe should enjoy the sweetest pastime such events could accord a womanof her character--perfecting a beautiful vengeance.Revolving all this in her mind, she cast her eyes around her, andarranged the topography of the garden in her head. Milady was like agood general who contemplates at the same time victory and defeat, andwho is quite prepared, according to the chances of the battle, to marchforward or to beat a retreat.
6.  Felton obeyed; this woman was now his whole thought, his wholesoul.


1.  "What! Not Monsieur d'Artagnan?" exclaimed the commissary."Not the least in the world," replied Bonacieux.
2.  D'Artagnan's bearing became still more imposing. Thanks to thesale of his horse, he commenced his career with four more crownsthan M. de Treville possessed at the commencement of his."You ought, I say, then, to husband the means you have, howeverlarge the sum may be; but you ought also to endeavor to perfectyourself in the exercises becoming a gentleman. I will write aletter today to the Director of the Royal Academy, and tomorrowhe will admit you without any expense to yourself. Do not refusethis little service. Our best-born and richest gentlemensometimes solicit it without being able to obtain it. You willlearn horsemanship, swordsmanship in all its branches, anddancing. You will make some desirable acquaintances; and fromtime to time you can call upon me to tell you how you are gettingon and to say whether I can be of further service to you."D'Artagnan, stranger as he was to all the manners of a court,could not but perceive a little coldness in this reception."Alas, sir," said he, "I cannot but perceive how sadly I miss theletter of introduction which my father gave me to present toyou."
3.  Aramis continued, "And yet, while I do belong to the earth, Iwish to speak of you-of our friends."
4.  "Here it is," said Aramis, with a little look of diffidence,which, however, was not exempt from a shade of hypocrisy:
5.   "Bah! you will get me out if they put me there," saidD'Artagnan.
6.  "That's well! Now let us everyone retire to his own home," saidD'Artagnan, as if he had done nothing but command all his life;"and attention! For from this moment we are at feud with thecardinal."


1.  Felton, in his turn a suppliant, clasped his hands."Well, then," said Milady, "I confide in my brother; I will dareto--"
2.  He found himself face to face with a sergeant commanding a watch-patrol.
3.  "Felton," cried she, "you are as great as Judas Maccabeus! Ifyou die, I will die with you; that is all I can say to you.""Silence!" cried Felton; "we are here."
4、  Athos killed his adversary first. He hit him but once, butas he had foretold, that hit was a mortal one; the swordpierced his heart.




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      "She said that the Cardinal de Richelieu had drawn the Duke ofBuckingham to Paris to ruin him and to ruin the queen.""She said that?" cried the cardinal, with violence."Yes, monseigneur, but I told her she was wrong to talk aboutsuch things; and that his Eminence was incapable--""Hold your tongue! You are stupid," replied the cardinal."That's exactly what my wife said, monseigneur."

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      "You are rich, then?" said Aramis.

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       "Well, what then?"

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      Delighted with this assurance the governor countersigned thepassport and delivered it to D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan lost no timein useless compliments. He thanked the governor, bowed, anddeparted. Once outside, he and Planchet set off as fast as theycould; and by making a long detour avoided the wood and reenteredthe city by another gate.

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    {  "Well!" cried the three Musketeers all together, on seeingD'Artagnan enter with his brow covered with perspiration and hiscountenance upset with anger.

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      "A false letter altogether," said Porthos, "we have not beendisciplined."}

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      "Then that's my thief," replied D'Artagnan. "I will complain toMonsieur de Treville, and Monsieur de Treville will complain tothe king." He then drew two crowns majestically from his purseand gave them to the host, who accompanied him, cap in hand, tothe gate, and remounted his yellow horse, which bore him withoutany further accident to the gate of St. Antoine at Paris, wherehis owner sold him for three crowns, which was a very good price,considering that D'Artagnan had ridden him hard during the laststage. Thus the dealer to whom D'Artagnan sold him for the ninelivres did not conceal from the young man that he only gave thatenormous sum for him on the account of the originality of hiscolor.

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      At the same instant, four men, armed to the teeth, entered byside doors, and rushed upon Athos.

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       Felton listened without uttering any word or sound, except aninward expression of agony. The sweat streamed down his marbleforehead, and his hand, under his coat, tore his breast."My first impulse, on coming to myself, was to feel under mypillow for the knife I had not been able to reach; if it had notbeen useful for defense, it might at least serve for expiation."But on taking this knife, Felton, a terrible idea occurred tome. I have sworn to tell you all, and I will tell you all. Ihave promised you the truth; I will tell it, were it to destroyme."

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    {  The newly introduced personage followed Bonacieux impatientlywith his eyes till he had gone out; and the moment the doorclosed, "They have seen each other;" said he, approaching thecardinal eagerly.

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      "No, no; it is one of my friends who loves her--MonsieurAthos, this gentleman here."