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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And by whom was your wife abducted?"
2.  D'Artagnan perceived the force of this reasoning, and wassilent.
3.  "That's true," said the Guardsman, astonished that his name hadnot produced more effect upon the young man.
4.  "Perhaps," said Athos; "But at all events listen well tothis. Assassinate the Duke of Buckingham, or cause him tobe assassinated--I care very little about that! I don'tknow him. Besides, he is an Englishman. But do not touchwith the tip of your finger a single hair of D'Artagnan, whois a faithful friend whom I love and defend, or I swear toyou by the head of my father the crime which you shall haveendeavored to commit, or shall have committed, shall be thelast."
5.  However, a few instants after she had finished her religioussong, Milady thought she heard a profound sigh. Then the samesteps she had heard approach slowly withdrew, as if with regret.
6.  "And above all others," cried D'Artagnan, as if carried away byhis enthusiasm, "to that of the king and the cardinal."The leader of the posse would perhaps have doubted the sincerityof D'Artagnan if the wine had been bad; but the wine was good,and he was convinced.


1.  "Are you authorized by her Majesty to communicate it to me?""No, monsieur, for, on the contrary, I am desired to preserve theprofoundest mystery."
2.  "You will not sign that order, my Lord!" said Felton, making a steptoward the duke.
3.  "Have you no friends in Paris, then, Monsieur Porthos?" said theprocurator's wife.
4.  "That is to say, she was there," replied Milady; "but thequeen has obtained an order from the king by means of whichshe has been conveyed to a convent."
5.  "Speak!"
6.  The king, however, who sought distraction, while traveling as fast aspossible--for he was anxious to be in Paris by the twenty-third--stoppedfrom time to time to fly the magpie, a pastime for which the taste hadbeen formerly inspired in him by De Luynes, and for which he had alwayspreserved a great predilection. Out of the twenty Musketeers sixteen,when this took place, rejoiced greatly at this relaxation; but the otherfour cursed it heartily. D'Artagnan, in particular, had a perpetualbuzzing in his ears, which Porthos explained thus: "A very great ladyhas told me that this means that somebody is talking of you somewhere."At length the escort passed through Paris on the twenty-third, in thenight. The king thanked M. de Treville, and permitted him to distributefurloughs for four days, on condition that the favored parties shouldnot appear in any public place, under penalty of the Bastille.The first four furloughs granted, as may be imagined, were to our fourfriends. Still further, Athos obtained of M. de Treville six daysinstead of four, and introduced into these six days two more nights--forthey set out on the twenty-fourth at five o'clock in the evening, and asa further kindness M. de Treville post-dated the leave to the morning ofthe twenty-fifth.


1.  "So much the better, for I have expended all mine in chartering avessel."
2.  "Well! The carriage is at the door; you bid me adieu; you mount thestep to embrace me a last time; my brother's servant, who comes to fetchme, is told how to proceed; he makes a sign to the postillion, and weset off at a gallop."
3.  Rochefort passed at a gallop.
4.  "But yet, detail them to me."
5.   "But that is not a man's name; that is the name of a mountain,"cried the poor questioner, who began to lose his head."That is my name," said Athos, quietly.
6.  At thirty-five, which was then his age, he passed, with justtitle, for the handsomest gentleman and the most elegant cavalierof France or England.


1.  "In the stable."
2.  "Taste some of this ham, D'Artagnan; it is exquisite," saidAthos, cutting a slice, which he placed on the young man's plate."What a pity it is there were only four like this in the cellar.I could have drunk fifty bottles more."
3.  "My dear Athos, I shall no longer count the number of timesI am indebted to you for my life."
4、  "Half an hour had not passed when the same symptoms began toappear; but as I had only drunk half a glass of the water, Icontended longer, and instead of falling entirely asleep, I sankinto a state of drowsiness which left me a perception of what waspassing around me, while depriving me of the strength either todefend myself or to fly.
5、  "Eh, monsieur!" said he, addressing D'Artagnan, "don't youremember that face which is blinking yonder?"




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      "Yes, sir, I certainly committed that imprudence; but why shouldI have done otherwise? A name like yours must be as a buckler tome on my way. Judge if I should not put myself under itsprotection."

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      At this epoch, the ideas of pride which are in fashion in ourdays did not prevail. A gentleman received, from hand to hand,money from the king, and was not the least in the worldhumiliated. D'Artagnan put his forty pistoles into his pocketwithout any scruple--on the contrary, thanking his Majestygreatly.

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       "She will escape us," replied the young man; "she will escape us, and itwill be your fault, Athos."

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      It was a quarter past midday. The sun was in its zenith, and thespot chosen for the scene of the duel was exposed to its fullardor.

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    {  "Yes, yes! You are right," cried the affrighted Mme. Bonacieux;"let us fly! Let us save ourselves."

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      Milady looked at her lover in silence. The pale light ofthe first rays of day gave to her clear eyes a strangelyfrightful expression.}

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      "To kill yourself?" cried Felton, with terror, forgetting towithdraw his hands from the hands of the prisoner, "to killyourself?"

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      "The FINGERS," resumed the Jesuit, "St. Peter blessed with theFINGERS. The Pope, therefore blesses with the fingers. And withhow many fingers does he bless? With THREE fingers, to be sure-one for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost."All crossed themselves. D'Artagnan thought it was proper tofollow this example.

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       "D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "where art thou? Donot leave me! You see I am dying!"

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    {  "In an hour--time to eat a morsel, during which I shall send for a posthorse."

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      "How so?"