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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  P. S. I believe your friend Watson played Rugby for Blackheathwhen I was three-quarter for Richmond. It is the only personalintroduction which I can give.
2.  "Imperial Yeomanry, I fancy."
3.  "Because I had a wire from Hilton Cubitt this morning. Youremember Hilton Cubitt, of the dancing men? He was to reachLiverpool Street at one-twenty. He may be here at any moment. I gatherfrom his wire that there have been some new incidents of importance."We had not long to wait, for our Norfolk squire came straight fromthe station as fast as a hansom could bring him. He was lookingworried and depressed, with tired eyes and a lined forehead."It's getting on my nerves, this business, Mr. Holmes," said he,as he sank, like a wearied man, into an armchair. "It's bad enoughto feel that you are surrounded by unseen, unknown folk, who have somekind of design upon you, but when, in addition to that, you knowthat it is just killing your wife by inches, then it becomes as muchas flesh and blood can endure. She's wearing away under it- justwearing away before my eyes."
4.  "Yes, he had just returned from the bridge when I saw him. He hadsent for the doctor and the police."
5.  "I can see no other way out of it. And yet I would have trustedhim as I trust myself."
6.  "Why," said my wife, pulling up her veil, "it is Kate Whitney. Howyou startled me, Kate! I had not an idea who you were when you camein."


1.  "Must you interfere? Does it really matter if he marries the girl?""Considering that he undoubtedly murdered his last wife, I shouldsay it mattered very much. Besides, the client! Well, we need notdiscuss that. When you have finished your coffee you had best comehome with me, for the blithe Shinwell will be there with his report."We found him sure enough, a huge, coarse, red-faced, scorbuticman, with a pair of vivid black eyes which were the only external signof the very cunning mind within. It seems that he had dived downinto what was peculiarly his kingdom, and beside him on the settee wasa brand which he had brought up in the shape of a slim, flame-likeyoung, woman with a pale, intense face, youthful, and yet so worn withsin and sorrow that one read the terrible years which had left theirleprous mark upon her.
2.  "A sheath-knife, still in its sheath. It lay at the feet of the deadman. Mrs. Carey has identified it as being her husband's property."Holmes was lost in thought for some time.
3.  "But the writing is not his own."
4.  "I passed you in a hansom."
5.  It was indeed like old times when, at that hour, I found myselfseated beside him in a hansom, my revolver in my pocket, and thethrill of adventure in my heart. Holmes was cold and stern and silent.As the gleam of the street-lamps flashed upon his austere features,I saw that his brows were drawn down in thought and his thin lipscompressed. I knew not what wild beast we were about to hunt down inthe dark jungle of criminal London, but I was well assured, from thebearing of this master huntsman, that the adventure was a most graveone- while the sardonic smile which occasionally broke through hisascetic gloom boded little good for the object of our quest.I had imagined that we were bound for Baker Street, but Holmesstopped the cab at the corner of Cavendish Square. I observed thatas he stepped out he gave a most searching glance to right and left,and at every subsequent street corner he took the utmost pains toassure that he was not followed. Our route was certainly a singularone. Holmes's knowledge of the byways of London was extraordinary, andon this occasion he passed rapidly and with an assured step througha network of mews and stables, the very existence of which I had neverknown. We emerged at last into a small road, lined with old, gloomyhouses, which led us into Manchester Street, and so to BlandfordStreet. Here he turned swiftly down a narrow passage, passed through awooden gate into a deserted yard, and then opened with a key theback door of a house. We entered together, and he closed it behind us.The place was pitch dark, but it was evident to me that it was anempty house. Our feet creaked and crackled over the bare planking, andmy outstretched hand touched a wall from which the paper was hangingin ribbons. Holmes's cold, thin fingers closed round my wrist andled me forward down a long hall, until I dimly saw the murkyfanlight over the door. Here Holmes turned suddenly to the right andwe found ourselves in a large, square, empty room, heavily shadowed inthe corners, but faintly lit in the centre from the lights of thestreet beyond. There was no lamp near, and the window was thick withdust, so that we could only just discern each other's figureswithin. My companion put his hand upon my shoulder and his lipsclose to my ear.
6.  The landlord gave a very visible start.


1.  We had taken a cab and were speeding to some address in GrosvenorSquare. Holmes had been sunk in thought, but he roused himselfsuddenly.
2.  "I presume that you do not go so far as to assert that I summonedyou?"
3.  "So help me the Lord! Masser Holmes, I told you the truth before.I don't know. My boss Barney gives me orders and that's all.""Well, just bear in mind, Steve, that the lady in that house, andeverything under that roof, is under my protection. Don't forget it.""All right, Masser Holmes. I'll remember."
4.  Holmes smiled his appreciation.
5.   "Then Dr. Watson and I will come round in time. For the present,Mrs. Warren, good-bye."
6.  "What have you done, Holmes?" I asked.


1.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "Why not?"
3.  It was nearly four o'clock when we at last, after passing throughthe beautiful Stroud Valley, and over the broad gleaming Severn, foundourselves at the pretty little country-town of Ross. A leanferret-like man, furtive and sly-looking, was waiting for us uponthe platform. In spite of the light brown dustcoat and leatherleggings which he wore in deference to his rustic surroundings, Ihad no difficulty in recognizing Lestrade, of Scotland Yard. Withhim we drove to the Hereford Arms where a room had already beenengaged for us.
4、  "It is the side entrance for trades-people. Of course it is lockedat night."
5、  "Well, if you know, what do you want to ask for?"




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      "Well, if we can't we can't," said Holmes, cheerfully.

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      "I will call again in the evening," said he to the expectantlandlady. "I think, Watson, we can discuss this business better in ourown quarters."

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       "At the same time," he remarked after a pause, during which he hadsat puffing at his long pipe and gazing down into the fire, "you canhardly be open to a charge of sensationalism, for out of these caseswhich you have been so kind as to interest yourself in, a fairproportion do not treat of crime, in its legal sense, at all. Thesmall matter in which I endeavoured to help the King of Bohemia, thesingular experience of Miss Mary Sutherland, the problem connectedwith the man with the twisted lip, and the incident of the noblebachelor, were all matters which are outside the pale of the law.But in avoiding the sensational, I fear that you may have borderedon the trivial."

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      "Lie number one," said the old man; "I never saw either of themuntil two months ago, and I have never been in Africa in my life, soyou can put that in your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Busybody Holmes!""What he says is true," said Carruthers.

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    {  "'On no conditions?' I asked at the bidding of our tyrant."'Only if I see her married in my presence by a Greek priest whomI know.'

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      "No reports of any stranger seen?"}

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      "Exactly! Exactly!" said Holmes. "The secretary came back, andtold his employer of the woman he had met. Then, in his last breath,he tried to send a message that it was she- the she whom he had justdiscussed with him."

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      "The man's death is a mere incident- a trivial episode- incomparison with our real task, which is to trace this document andsave a European catastrophe. Only one important thing has happenedin the last three days, and that is that nothing has happened. I getreports almost hourly from the government, and it is certain thatnowhere in Europe is there any sign of trouble. Now, if this letterwere loose- no, it can't be loose- but if it isn't loose, where can itbe? Who has it? Why is it held back? That's the question that beats inmy brain like a hammer. Was it, indeed, a coincidence that Lucasshould meet his death on the night when the letter disappeared? Didthe letter ever reach him? If so, why is it not among his papers?Did this mad wife of his carry it off with her? If so, is it in herhouse in Paris? How could I search for it without the French policehaving their suspicions aroused? It is a case, my dear Watson, wherethe law is as dangerous to us as the criminals are. Every man's handis against us, and yet the interests at stake are colossal. Should Ibring it to a successful conclusion, it will certainly represent thecrowning glory of my career. Ah, here is my latest from the front!" Heglanced hurriedly at the note which had been handed in. "Halloa!Lestrade seems to have observed something of interest. Put on yourhat, Watson, and we will stroll down together to Westminster."It was my first visit to the scene of the crime- a high, dingy,narrow-chested house, prim, formal, and solid, like the centurywhich gave it birth. Lestrade's bulldog features gazed out at usfrom the front window, and he greeted us warmly when a big constablehad opened the door and let us in. The room into which we were shownwas that in which the crime had been committed, but no trace of it nowremained save an ugly, irregular stain upon the carpet. This carpetwas a small square drugget in the centre of the room, surrounded bya broad expanse of beautiful, old-fashioned wood-flooring in squareblocks, highly polished. Over the fireplace was a magnificent trophyof weapons, one of which had been used on that tragic night. In thewindow was a sumptuous writing-desk, and every detail of theapartment, the pictures, the rugs, and the hangings, all pointed toa taste which was luxurious to the verge of effeminacy."Seen the Paris news?' asked Lestrade.

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       "'His who is gone.'

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    {  "I think that the strange creature in the kitchen may account forit. The man was a primitive savage from the backwoods of San Pedro,and this was his fetish. When his companion and he had fled to someprearranged retreat- already occupied, no doubt by a confederate-the companion had persuaded him to leave so compromising an article offurniture. But the mulatto's heart was with it, and he was driven backto it next day, when, on reconnoitring through the window, he foundpoliceman Walters in possession. He waited three days longer, and thenhis piety or his superstition drove him to try once more. InspectorBaynes, who, with his usual astuteness, had minimized the incidentbefore me, had really recognized its importance and had left a trapinto which the creature walked. Any other point, Watson?""The torn bird, the pail of blood, the charred bones, all themystery of that weird kitchen?"

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      "Good heavens! have you nothing to add?" cried Soames.