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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is your horse tired?"
2.  The young man uttered a groan, but appeared resigned.
3.  "Master Edward is not down-stairs, sir," replied the valet.
4.  "May I ask what that was?" said the Englishman with anexpression of curiosity, which a close observer would havebeen astonished at discovering in his phlegmaticcountenance.
5.  "And for pirates?"
6.  "And what does Mademoiselle d'Armilly say to you for robbingher of her pupil?"


1.  "I swear to you, on my honor," said he, "to await yourdecision respecting the course I am to pursue with M.d'Epinay."
2.  "Ah? -- who has betrayed me?"
3.  "`Who and where is he?' -- `He is here.'
4.  "Well, suppose you were to alter a signal, and substituteanother?"
5.  "Whom do you mean by they?"
6.  "Oh, I made no allusion of that kind," replied Morrel.


1.  Towards the beginning of the year 1838, two young menbelonging to the first society of Paris, the Vicomte Albertde Morcerf and the Baron Franz d'Epinay, were at Florence.They had agreed to see the Carnival at Rome that year, andthat Franz, who for the last three or four years hadinhabited Italy, should act as cicerone to Albert. As it isno inconsiderable affair to spend the Carnival at Rome,especially when you have no great desire to sleep on thePiazza del Popolo, or the Campo Vaccino, they wrote toSignor Pastrini, the proprietor of the Hotel de Londres,Piazza di Spagna, to reserve comfortable apartments forthem. Signor Pastrini replied that he had only two rooms anda parlor on the third floor, which he offered at the lowcharge of a louis per diem. They accepted his offer; butwishing to make the best use of the time that was left,Albert started for Naples. As for Franz, he remained atFlorence, and after having passed a few days in exploringthe paradise of the Cascine, and spending two or threeevenings at the houses of the Florentine nobility, he took afancy into his head (having already visited Corsica, thecradle of Bonaparte) to visit Elba, the waiting-place ofNapoleon.
2.  "Do you think you are engaged with a pygmy like yourself?"said Bertuccio, in so calm a tone, and with so steadfast alook, that Andrea was moved to the very soul. "Do you thinkyou have to do with galley-slaves, or novices in the world?Benedetto, you are fallen into terrible hands; they areready to open for you -- make use of them. Do not play withthe thunderbolt they have laid aside for a moment, but whichthey can take up again instantly, if you attempt tointercept their movements."
3.  "My dear," said Madame de Villefort, who had just enteredthe room, "perhaps you exaggerate the evil."
4.  "I think so, also," replied Albert; "and I very much fearyou will go alone to the Duke of Bracciano's ball." Franzand Albert had received that morning an invitation from thecelebrated Roman banker. "Take care, Albert," said Franz."All the nobility of Rome will be present, and if your fairincognita belong to the higher class of society, she must gothere."
5.   "Really, madame, this is a scruple which naturally mustoccur to a pure mind like yours, but which would easilyyield before sound reasoning. The bad side of human thoughtwill always be defined by the paradox of Jean JacquesRousseau, -- you remember, -- the mandarin who is killedfive hundred leagues off by raising the tip of the finger.Man's whole life passes in doing these things, and hisintellect is exhausted by reflecting on them. You will findvery few persons who will go and brutally thrust a knife inthe heart of a fellow-creature, or will administer to him,in order to remove him from the surface of the globe onwhich we move with life and animation, that quantity ofarsenic of which we just now talked. Such a thing is reallyout of rule -- eccentric or stupid. To attain such a point,the blood must be heated to thirty-six degrees, the pulsebe, at least, at ninety, and the feelings excited beyond theordinary limit. But suppose one pass, as is permissible inphilology, from the word itself to its softened synonym,then, instead of committing an ignoble assassination youmake an `elimination;' you merely and simply remove fromyour path the individual who is in your way, and thatwithout shock or violence, without the display of thesufferings which, in the case of becoming a punishment, makea martyr of the victim, and a butcher, in every sense of theword, of him who inflicts them. Then there will be no blood,no groans, no convulsions, and above all, no consciousnessof that horrid and compromising moment of accomplishing theact, -- then one escapes the clutch of the human law, whichsays, `Do not disturb society!' This is the mode in whichthey manage these things, and succeed in Eastern climes,where there are grave and phlegmatic persons who care verylittle for the questions of time in conjunctures ofimportance."
6.  "Where you please," returned Monte Cristo, "since I knownothing at all of it."


1.  "Ah," exclaimed Madame Danglars, alarmed, "what is theremore to hear?"
2.  "Why?" asked Monte Cristo.
3.  "Yes. Did not the messenger say your father's safetydepended upon it?"
4、  "But you, Mademoiselle de Villefort, -- you, who arenecessary to M. Noirtier's happiness" --
5、  "Yes. It may be worn at Via Reggio; but that costume,however elegant in itself, has long been out of fashion inParis."




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      In matters of speculation, however, though "man proposes,""money disposes." From some such difficulty the newly namedstreet died almost in birth, and the purchaser of thekitchen-garden, having paid a high price for it, and beingquite unable to find any one willing to take his bargain offhis hands without a considerable loss, yet still clinging tothe belief that at some future day he should obtain a sumfor it that would repay him, not only for his past outlay,but also the interest upon the capital locked up in his newacquisition, contented himself with letting the groundtemporarily to some market-gardeners, at a yearly rental of500 francs. And so, as we have said, the iron gate leadinginto the kitchen-garden had been closed up and left to therust, which bade fair before long to eat off its hinges,while to prevent the ignoble glances of the diggers anddelvers of the ground from presuming to sully thearistocratic enclosure belonging to the mansion, the gatehad been boarded up to a height of six feet. True, theplanks were not so closely adjusted but that a hasty peepmight be obtained through their interstices; but the strictdecorum and rigid propriety of the inhabitants of the houseleft no grounds for apprehending that advantage would betaken of that circumstance.

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      "And Fernand?"

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      "Cocles, pay two hundred francs to each of these goodfellows," said Morrel. "At another time," added be, "Ishould have said, Give them, besides, two hundred francsover as a present; but times are changed, and the littlemoney that remains to me is not my own."

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    {  "Ah, good-evening, my dear M. Caderousse," said MonteCristo; "what are you doing here, at such an hour?"

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      "But no," said Valentine, -- "no, I tell you it is all past,and it was nothing. Now, let me tell you some news; Eugenieis to be married in a week, and in three days there is to bea grand feast, a betrothal festival. We are all invited, myfather, Madame de Villefort, and I -- at least, I understoodit so."}

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      "Stop! You are in a shocking hurry to be off -- you forgetone of my guests. Lean a little to the left. Stay! look atM. Andrea Cavalcanti, the young man in a black coat, lookingat Murillo's Madonna; now he is turning." This timeBertuccio would have uttered an exclamation, had not a lookfrom Monte Cristo silenced him. "Benedetto?" he muttered;"fatality!"

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      "Ah, you see" --

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       "Certainly; it will only cost you a discount of 5,000 or6,000 francs." The receiver started back. "Ma foi," he said,"I prefer waiting till to-morrow. What a proposition!"

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    {  "Doctor," cried Villefort, "alas, doctor, how often hasman's justice been deceived by those fatal words. I know notwhy, but I feel that this crime" --

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      "To make a lunatic asylum of it, similar to that founded bythe Count of Pisani at Palermo. Do you know about thatinstitution?"