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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Happy? Who can answer for that? Happiness or unhappiness isthe secret known but to one's self and the walls -- wallshave ears but no tongue; but if a large fortune produceshappiness, Danglars is happy."
2.  There had been no prisoners confined in the Chateau d'Ifsince the revolution of July; it was only inhabited by aguard, kept there for the prevention of smuggling. Aconcierge waited at the door to exhibit to visitors thismonument of curiosity, once a scene of terror. The countinquired whether any of the ancient jailers were stillthere; but they had all been pensioned, or had passed on tosome other employment. The concierge who attended him hadonly been there since 1830. He visited his own dungeon. Heagain beheld the dull light vainly endeavoring to penetratethe narrow opening. His eyes rested upon the spot where hadstood his bed, since then removed, and behind the bed thenew stones indicated where the breach made by the Abbe Fariahad been. Monte Cristo felt his limbs tremble; he seatedhimself upon a log of wood.
3.  "That is admirable!" said Eugenie with sovereign contempt,smoothing her gloves out one upon the other.
4.  "Of me? I will engage to say that before a week is past thedoor will be closed against me."
5.  (Signed)
6.  "Didn't I say that your police were good for nothing?"


1.  "Shall you go, then, Albert?" asked Franz.
2.  "Your excellency has given me a louis on account."
3.  "Therefore," said Monte Cristo feigning to mistake hismeaning -- "therefore I will not, for another instant,retard the pleasure of your meeting. Are you prepared toembrace your worthy father?"
4.  "For my part, dear mother." interposed Renee, "I trust yourwishes will not prosper, and that Providence will onlypermit petty offenders, poor debtors, and miserable cheatsto fall into M. de Villefort's hands, -- then I shall becontented."
5.  Thus, at length, by one of the unexpected strokes of fortunewhich sometimes befall those who have for a long time beenthe victims of an evil destiny, Dantes was about to securethe opportunity he wished for, by simple and natural means,and land on the island without incurring any suspicion. Onenight more and he would be on his way.
6.  "You accept my proposal?"


1.  "Well, then, I must be contented to imagine it."
2.  "The fate," replied he, smiling, "of those who buriedAlaric."
3.  "Of course -- of course," said the prisoners; -- "any onecan see he's a gentleman!"
4.  "But the strangest part of the story is," resumed the abbe,"that Dantes, even in his dying moments, swore by hiscrucified Redeemer, that he was utterly ignorant of thecause of his detention."
5.   "Oh, yes, yes, I thank you with all my heart," saidValentine; "and if you doubt the sincerity of my gratitude,oh, then, ask Haidee! ask my beloved sister Haidee, who eversince our departure from France, has caused me to waitpatiently for this happy day, while talking to me of you."
6.  "I do not understand you."


1.  A tremor of suppressed rage shook the whole frame of thecount, and making a violent effort over himself, he said: "Ihave a right to insist on your giving me an explanation. Isit Madame de Morcerf who has displeased you? Is it myfortune which you find insufficient? Is it because myopinions differ from yours?"
2.  "I think I have discovered my father."
3.  This was all the visitor wished to ascertain, or, rather,
4、  Chapter 37The Catacombs of Saint Sebastian.
5、  "Did you doubt it!"




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      "Oh, that coat is not his own idea; it is the Republic's,which deputed David* to devise a uniform for theAcademicians."

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      "Yes, yes, yes," motioned the invalid.

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       When he believed that the right moment had arrived, he tookthe knife, pried open the teeth, which offered lessresistance than before, counted one after the other twelvedrops, and watched; the phial contained, perhaps, twice asmuch more. He waited ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, halfan hour, -- no change took place. Trembling, his hair erect,his brow bathed with perspiration, he counted the seconds bythe beating of his heart. Then he thought it was time tomake the last trial, and he put the phial to the purple lipsof Faria, and without having occasion to force open hisjaws, which had remained extended, he poured the whole ofthe liquid down his throat.

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      "Oh," replied the wretched woman, mournfully shaking herhead, "the prosperity of which you speak, and which, fromthe bottom of my heart, I pray God in his mercy to granthim, I can never enjoy. The bitter cup of adversity has beendrained by me to the very dregs, and I feel that the graveis not far distant. You have acted kindly, count, inbringing me back to the place where I have enjoyed so muchbliss. I ought to meet death on the same spot wherehappiness was once all my own."

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    {  "Sir, you have distracted me; I shall be fined."

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      "You admit that you would fight, then? Well, if so, why doyou object to my doing so?"}

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      "Now, speaking without any exaggeration, is your motherreally so very much averse to this marriage?"

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      Dantes dug away the earth carefully, and detected, orfancied he detected, the ingenious artifice. He attackedthis wall, cemented by the hand of time, with his pickaxe.After ten minutes' labor the wall gave way, and a hole largeenough to insert the arm was opened. Dantes went and cut thestrongest olive-tree he could find, stripped off itsbranches, inserted it in the hole, and used it as a lever.But the rock was too heavy, and too firmly wedged, to bemoved by any one man, were he Hercules himself. Dantes sawthat he must attack the wedge. But how? He cast his eyesaround, and saw the horn full of powder which his friendJacopo had left him. He smiled; the infernal invention wouldserve him for this purpose. With the aid of his pickaxe,Dantes, after the manner of a labor-saving pioneer, dug amine between the upper rock and the one that supported it,filled it with powder, then made a match by rolling hishandkerchief in saltpetre. He lighted it and retired. Theexplosion soon followed; the upper rock was lifted from itsbase by the terrific force of the powder; the lower one flewinto pieces; thousands of insects escaped from the apertureDantes had previously formed, and a huge snake, like theguardian demon of the treasure, rolled himself along indarkening coils, and disappeared.

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       "That's why you want to purchase my English horse," saidDebray, "you think he will bear the cold better."

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    {  "Oh, heavens!"

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      "Yes, sir," replied the abbe; "and you are the person whomM. de Boville, formerly an inspector of prisons, sends to mefrom the prefect of police?"