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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yassah," assented the negro, nodding his head.
2.  It is but fair to say that this thought had occurred to himseveral times before he acted upon it.The poker room which he first invaded was over a saloon in WestStreet, near one of the ferries. He had been there before.Several games were going. These he watched for a time andnoticed that the pots were quite large for the ante involved.
3.  He slipped his arm about her waist, and she could not find theheart to draw away. With his free hand he seized upon herfingers. A breath of soft spring wind went bounding over theroad, rolling some brown twigs of the previous autumn before it.The horse paced leisurely on, unguided.
4.  Drouet abandoned his claim and was seen no more. Of Hurstwood'sdeath she was not even aware. A slow, black boat setting outfrom the pier at Twenty-seventh Street upon its weekly errandbore, with many others, his nameless body to the Potter's Field.
5.  "Good-night," said the little actress, tenderly.
6.  Going over to Carrie, he said:


1.  "An old acquaintance of mine that I ran into just as I was comingup from the station," explained Drouet. "She used to be quite abeauty."
2.  The music ceased and he arose, taking a standing position beforeher, as if to rest himself.
3.  "No, no, Mr. Bamberger," said the director, approaching, "notthat way. 'A pickpocket--well?' so. That's the idea."
4.  "With your family?"
5.  "I guess they've gone out," he said apologetically to theindividual who was hiding his red face in a loose tarpaulinraincoat.
6.  "Oh, I can't," said Carrie. "I'll be there Friday. Would youmind lending me the twenty-five dollars you spoke of?"


1.  He looked rather worsted in thought as he stood before her.
2.  "The part of Katisha, the country maid, in 'The Wives of Abdul'at the Broadway, heretofore played by Inez Carew, will behereafter filled by Carrie Madenda, one of the cleverest membersof the chorus."
3.  In his weary and hungry state, he should never have come here.The contrast was too sharp. Even he was recalled keenly tobetter things."What's the use?" he thought. "It's all up with me. I'll quitthis."
4.  "Yes, indeed," said the manager.
5.   "He could go along," said Carrie.
6.  "I have the promise of something."


1.  The real bitterness of this thing was added when Mrs. Vance didcall. It was on one of her shopping rounds. Making her way upthe commonplace hall, she knocked at Carrie's door. To hersubsequent and agonising distress, Carrie was out. Hurstwoodopened the door, half-thinking that the knock was Carrie's. Foronce, he was taken honestly aback. The lost voice of youth andpride spoke in him.
2.  "Oh, are you?" exclaimed the other, upon whom the name was notwithout its proper effect.
3.  "No," said the person addressed. "What was it?""Made quite a curtain address at Hooley's last night. Betterlook it up."
4、  "Well, line up here. I'll see what I can do. I haven't a centmyself."
5、  "Have you ever worked at anything before?" he inquired.




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      He was about to cross to a little red-and-white striped bar whichwas fastened up beside a door when a voice greeted himfamiliarly. Instantly his heart sank."Why, hello, George, old man!" said the voice. "What are youdoing down here?"

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      "I've been out home," she said.

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       "You see there's nothing to it much," he said, smilingly.

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      He had raised his eyes solemnly and was looking into her own. Heassumed that he had struck a deep chord. Now was a slight chanceto say a word in his own behalf. He leaned over quietly andcontinued his steady gaze. He felt the critical character of theperiod. She endeavoured to stir, but it was useless. The wholestrength of a man's nature was working. He had good cause tourge him on. He looked and looked, and the longer the situationlasted the more difficult it became. The little shop-girl wasgetting into deep water. She was letting her few supports floataway from her.

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    {  Drouet imagined that he must have misunderstood his friend. Hedid not attach particular importance to the information, afterall.

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      Curiously, this stirred Hurstwood to further effort.}

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      Carrie accepted this as basis for hope--it was a sort of salve toher conscience, a pleasant way out. Under the circumstances,things would be righted. Her actions would be justified.She really was not enamoured of Drouet. She was more clever thanhe. In a dim way, she was beginning to see where he lacked. Ifit had not been for this, if she had not been able to measure andjudge him in a way, she would have been worse off than she was.She would have adored him. She would have been utterly wretchedin her fear of not gaining his affection, of losing his interest,of being swept away and left without an anchorage. As it was,she wavered a little, slightly anxious, at first, to gain himcompletely, but later feeling at ease in waiting. She was notexactly sure what she thought of him--what she wanted to do.

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      "We did want a salesman," said the man. "I don't know as it'sanything you'd care to take hold of, though."

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       "I believe I'll turn in," said the man.

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    {  Hurstwood had gone, at Drouet's invitation, to meet a new baggageof fine clothes and pretty features. He entered, expecting toindulge in an evening of lightsome frolic, and then lose track ofthe newcomer forever. Instead he found a woman whose youth andbeauty attracted him. In the mild light of Carrie's eye wasnothing of the calculation of the mistress. In the diffidentmanner was nothing of the art of the courtesan. He saw at oncethat a mistake had been made, that some difficult conditions hadpushed this troubled creature into his presence, and his interestwas enlisted. Here sympathy sprang to the rescue, but it was notunmixed with selfishness. He wanted to win Carrie because hethought her fate mingled with his was better than if it wereunited with Drouet's. He envied the drummer his conquest as hehad never envied any man in all the course of his experience.

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      "Well, I want to know about it," she reiterated.