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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  This time there was no longer any doubt; it was at the Traitor'sCross that lesser criminals were executed. Bonacieux hadflattered himself in believing himself worthy of St. Paul or ofthe Place de Greve; it was at the Traitor's Cross that hisjourney and his destiny were about to end! He could not yet seethat dreadful cross, but he felt somehow as if it were coming tomeet him. When he was within twenty paces of it, he heard anoise of people and the carriage stopped. This was more thanpoor Bonacieux could endure, depressed as he was by thesuccessive emotions which he had experienced; he uttered a feeblegroan which night have been taken for the last sigh of a dyingman, and fainted.
2.  "Really," said Athos to them, "you are not men but children,to let a woman terrify you so! And what does it amount to,after all? To be imprisoned. Well, but we should be takenout of prison; Madame Bonacieux was released. To bedecapitated? Why, every day in the trenches we gocheerfully to expose ourselves to worse than that--for abullet may break a leg, and I am convinced a surgeon wouldgive us more pain in cutting off a thigh than an executionerin cutting off a head. Wait quietly, then; in two hours, infour, in six hours at latest, Planchet will be here. Hepromised to be here, and I have very great faith inPlanchet, who appears to me to be a very good lad.""But if he does not come?" said D'Artagnan.
3.  "Now," said Felton, "we are safe."
4.  Four shots replied to them almost instantaneously, but muchbetter aimed than those of the aggressors; three soldiersfell dead, and one of the pioneers was wounded.
5.  "Oh, my God, my God!" cried Mme. Bonacieux. "Can it be bad news?""I fear it."
6.  "But what does this note contain?"


1.  "Well done, Planchet! you are the king of lackeys. Now jumponto your horse, and let us overtake the carriage."This did not take long. At the end of five minutes theyperceived the carriage drawn up by the roadside; a cavalier,richly dressed, was close to the door.
2.  "Because, while you were talking with him, I watched you withoutlistening to you; and, monsieur, his countenance changed colortwo or three times!"
3.  Beyond the fortifications through which Athos had made a breachin order to get out, and which were composed of fagots, planks,and empty casks, heaped up according to all the rules of thestrategic art, they found, swimming in puddles of oil and wine,the bones and fragments of all the hams they had eaten; while aheap of broken bottles filled the whole left-hand corner of thecellar, and a tun, the cock of which was left running, wasyielding, by this means, the last drop of its blood. "The imageof devastation and death," as the ancient poet says, "reigned asover a field of battle."
4.  "On the contrary, gentlemen, we would assist you if it werenecessary."
5.  "Yes, she of whom you told me one day at Amiens."Athos uttered a groan, and let his head sink on his hands."This is a woman of twenty-six or twenty-eight years.""Fair," said Athos, "is she not?"
6.  "Milady will tell you."


1.  "Believe me," continued Treville, "in enterprises of this kind,in order that one may arrive, four must set out.""Ah, you are right, monsieur," said D'Artagnan; "but you knowAthos, Porthos, and Aramis, and you know if I can dispose ofthem."
2.  "Thank you," said the cardinal, biting his lips with anger."Athos, then, went to pay a visit to one of his friends absent atthe time," continued Treville, "to a young Bearnais, a cadet inhis Majesty's Guards, the company of Monsieur Dessessart, butscarcely had he arrived at his friend's and taken up a book,while waiting his return, when a mixed crowd of bailiffs andsoldiers came and laid siege to the house, broke open severaldoors--"
3.  "Then you don't believe me?"
4.  "I say, monsieur, that chance has rendered me master of asecret--"
5.   "Then if through excess of love I have rendered myselfculpable toward you, you will pardon me?"
6.  "What?"


1.  "A small vessel with an English crew, whose captain is on myside, awaits you at the mouth of Charente, at fort of thePoint. He will set sail tomorrow morning."
2.  The queen made a curtsy, less from etiquette than because herknees were sinking under her. The king went away enchanted."I am lost," murmured the queen, "lost!--for the cardinal knowsall, and it is he who urges on the king, who as yet knows nothingbut will soon know everything. I am lost! My God, my God, myGod!"
3.  "And I, also," said D'Artagnan, "I also. I shall alwayslove you; be sure of that. But now answer me. I attachgreat importance to the question I am about to put to you.Did you never hear talk of a young woman who was carried offone night?"
4、  "I found my knife where I had placed it, under my pillow, andwhile feigning to sleep, my hand grasped the handle of itconvulsively.
5、  "You believed me to be dead, did you not, as I believed youto be? And the name of Athos as well concealed the Comte dela Fere, as the name Milady Clarik concealed Anne de Breuil.Was it not so you were called when your honored brothermarried us? Our position is truly a strange one," continuedAthos, laughing. "We have only lived up to the present timebecause we believed each other dead, and because aremembrance is less oppressive than a living creature,though a remembrance is sometimes devouring."




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      "Marie Michon."

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      "And so, connoisseurs in wine as we are, we have sent yousome Anjou wine?" said Porthos.

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       The door opened; two guards received Bonacieux in their arms fromthe officer who supported him. They carried him through analley, up a flight of stairs, and deposited him in anantechamber.

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      "If he persists--" His Eminence made a pause, and resumed:"If he persists--well, then I shall hope for one of thoseevents which change the destinies of states."

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    {  "To London."

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      "Yes, a forgery; it is a snare to prevent your making any resistancewhen they come to fetch you."}

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      "You will see," continued Aramis, "that it breathesirreproachable passion. And so, my friends, we return to Paris?Bravo! I am ready. We are going to rejoin that good fellow,Porthos. So much the better. You can't think how I have missedhim, the great simpleton. To see him so self-satisfiedreconciles me with myself. He would not sell his horse; not fora kingdom! I think I can see him now, mounted upon his superbanimal and seated in his handsome saddle. I am sure he will looklike the Great Mogul!"

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      "Perhaps so. At all events, it is best that he should follow usto Athos's."

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       "Keep your secret, young man, and tell me what you wish.""I wish you to obtain for me, from Monsieur Dessessart, leave ofabsence for fifteen days."

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    {  "No; for I put it in execution that very minute.""And the consequence?" said D'Artagnan, in great anxiety."I threw, and I lost."

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      "And how do you know there is a young woman whom I love, andthat I believed that woman dead?" asked D'Artagnan."By that letter which my comrade has in his pocket.""You see, then," said D'Artagnan, "that I must have thatletter. So no more delay, no more hesitation; or elsewhatever may be my repugnance to soiling my sword a secondtime with the blood of a wretch like you, I swear by myfaith as an honest man--" and at these words D'Artagnan madeso fierce a gesture that the wounded man sprang up."Stop, stop!" cried he, regaining strength by force ofterror. "I will go--I will go!"