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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I begin to think so, Mr. Holmes, but when I thought of all theprecaution I had taken to shield this girl- for I loved her, Mr.Holmes, and it is the only time that ever I knew what love was- itfairly drove me mad to think that she was in the power of the greatestbrute and bully in South Africa- a man whose name is a holy terrorfrom Kimberley to Johannesburg. Why, Mr. Holmes, you'll hardly believeit, but ever since that girl has been in my employment I never oncelet her go past this house, where I knew rascals were lurking, withoutfollowing her on my bicycle, to see that she came to no harm. I keptmy distance from her, and I wore a beard, so that she should notrecognize me, for she is a good and high-spirited girl, and shewouldn't have stayed in my employment long if she had thought that Iwas following her about the country roads."
2.  "'Well, Sarah found that she could not make a living in Liverpool,so she went back, as I understand, to live with her sister in Croydon,and things jogged on much the same as ever at home. And then came thislast week and all the misery and ruin.
3.  "When my father took over the Horsham property, he, at myrequest, made a careful examination of the attic, which had beenalways locked up. We found the brass box there, although itscontents had been destroyed. On the inside of the cover was apaper label, with the initials of K. K. K. repeated upon it, and`Letters, memoranda, receipts, and a register' written beneath.These, we presume, indicated the nature of the papers which hadbeen destroyed by Colonel Openshaw. For the rest, there wasnothing of much importance in the attic save a great manyscattered papers and note-books bearing upon my uncle's life inAmerica. Some of them were of the war time and showed that he haddone his duty well and had borne the repute of a brave soldier.Others were of a date during the reconstruction of the Southernstates, and were mostly concerned with politics, for he hadevidently taken a strong part in opposing the carpet-bagpoliticians who had been sent down from the North.
4.  "'"I've not had my 'poIogy," said he sulkily, glancing in mydirection.
5.  "'Ah, that is a question that will take some time to answer.' Andwith that I sketched out to him the whole long chain of surmise and ofproof which I had constructed. The twilight had closed in and the moonwas shining brightly in the sky before my narrative was finished."'And how was it then that Charles did not get his crown when hereturned?' asked Musgrave, pushing back the relic into its linen bag."'Ah, there you lay your finger upon the one point which we shallprobably never be able to clear up. It is likely that the Musgrave whoheld the secret died in the interval, and by some oversight leftthis guide to his descendant without explaining the meaning of it.From that day to this it has been handed down from father to son,until at last it came within reach of a man who tore its secret out ofit and lost his life in the venture.'
6.  "'Well, matters went from bad to worse with us, and this animalHudson became more and more intrusive, until at last, on his makingsome insolent reply to my father in my presence one day, I took him bythe shoulders and turned him out of the room. He slunk away with alivid face and two venomous eyes which uttered more threats than histongue could do. I don't know what passed between the poor dad and himafter that, but the dad came to me next day and asked me whether Iwould mind apologizing to Hudson. I refused, as you can imagine, andasked my father how he could allow such a wretch to take suchliberties with himself and his household.


1.  "I mean to find her," said Sherlock Holmes. "I'm going throughthis house till I do find her."
2.  "My dear Mycroft, I should be delighted."
3.  "'Only that the papers were in the back drawer of the Japanesecabinet.'
4.  "I never said so. You were aware of it. You spoke with her. Yourecognized her. You aided her to escape."
5.  "Too intensely, Mr. Holmes. That was the ruin of him. You rememberhim as he was- debonair and splendid. You did not see the moody,morose, brooding creature into which he developed. His heart wasbroken. In a single month I seemed to see my gallant boy turn into aworn-out cynical man."
6.  "It is a small point, Count Sylvius, but perhaps you would kindlygive me my prefix when you address me. You can understand that, withmy, routine of work, I should find myself on familiar terms withhalf the rogues' gallery, and you will agree that exceptions areinvidious."


1.  "What the devil do you mean? Once again I ask you, where is yourwarrant?" shouted the furious Peters, his big red face glaring overthe farther end of the coffin.
2.  "I had always heard, sir, that you were a very intelligent man,"said he. "I could take you round now if you have the time.""Unfortunately, I have not. But these specimens are so well labelledand classified that they hardly need your personal explanation. If Ishould be able to look in to-morrow, I presume that there would beno objection to my glancing over them?"
3.  "Good. You could keep up an intelligent conversation on thesubject?"
4.  "I cannot tell."
5.   "No, no, my dear Watson. The more deeply sunk impression is, ofcourse, the hind wheel, upon which the weight rests. You perceiveseveral places where it has passed across and obliterated the moreshallow mark of the front one. It was undoubtedly heading away fromthe school. It may or may not be connected with our inquiry, but wewill follow it backwards before we go any farther."
6.  "You know how the matter stands?"


1.  "Did this man Bannister know?"
2.  "It is what I hoped, Mr. Holmes. There is an excellent train attwo from Victoria if you could come."
3.  "It's one or the other."
4、  "About the same."
5、  "I suppose you are within your rights- and maybe doing your duty- inasking such a question, Mr. Holmes."




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      "A greater distance to travel."

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      It was as well for him that I did so, for he took little care forhis own safety when his mind was once absorbed by a problem, so thatmore than once my revolver had been a good friend in need. Ireminded him of the fact.

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       "It must stop here, however," said Bradstreet. "If the police are tohush this thing up, there must be no more of Hugh Boone.""I have sworn it by the most solemn oaths which a man can take.""In that case I think that it is probable that no further stepsmay be taken. But if you are found again, then all must come out. I amsure, Mr. Holmes, that we are very much indebted to you for havingcleared the matter up. I wish I knew how you reach your results.""I reached this one," said my friend, "by sitting upon fivepillows and consuming an ounce of shag. I think, Watson, that if wedrive to Baker Street we shall just be in time for breakfast."-THE END-

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      "Exactly! Well, Watson, you have done all that a good friendcould. You can now disappear from the scene."

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      "Oh, you mean the little problem of the Grosvenor Square furniturevan. That is quite cleared up now-though, indeed, it was obviousfrom the first. Pray give me the results of your newspaperselections."}

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      "I suppose that none of these securities have been found among theproperty of the dead man?"

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       Come at once if convenient- if inconvenient come all the same.S.H.

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    {  Holmes bent over this grotesque frieze for some minutes, and thensuddenly sprang to his feet with an exclamation of surprise anddismay. His face was haggard with anxiety.

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      "There is no exit?"