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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1Han said on his social media that he only designed the original version of the mascot, which is the ink painting, but didn't participate in the 3D model design. "Of course we believe the ugly stuff has nothing to do with you," Web users said, responding to the respected artist.
2.There were more than 8m Chinese tourist arrivals in the country last year — up 36 per cent year-on-year, said Mr Wang. The numbers had continued to increase even after Seoul announced the deployment of Thaad, he added.
3.Yes. Mrs May lost most of her authority with the bungled snap election. But the past few months have been kinder. Sealing a Brexit divorce deal has ensured short-term job security. So until Brexit is formally complete in 2019, or an appealing alternative emerges, the Conservative party will keep her where she is. Remainers and Leavers alike wish to avoid a civil war that would be sparked by moving against her. What was thought to be an unsustainable position is proving surprisingly sustainable.
4.China’s bid to close its own Asia-Pac deal
5.北京正努力在年底前完成《区域全面经济伙伴关系协定》(Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership,简称RCEP)。该协议长期以来被称为中国面对《跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》(Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement,简称TPP)的对策,以及代表了中国争取区域贸易霸权的努力。
6.Subdivided flats smaller than 100 square feet (9 square meters) can rent for 5 in the Asian city.


3.理查德沃特斯(Richard Waters)
4.Yes. With the US Federal Reserve likely to raise interest rates a few times in 2018, trading is likely to be choppy in emerging markets. Sometimes it may feel a bit like a rerun of the 2013 “taper tantrum”. However, average GDP growth will rise to 5 per cent, up from a forecast 4.7 per cent this year. This will mostly be because Russia and Brazil, which have stumbled, will bounce back.
5.But the UK courts may land a heavy blow on ride-hailing app Uber. In 2017, the California-based company failed to persuade an appeal judge that two of its London drivers are independent contractors. In 2018, the test case will go to the Court of Appeal and possibly to the Supreme Court. If Uber loses the case and is told to assume the responsibilities of an employer, the implications will ripple far and wide.
6.Carry out deleveraging in an active and prudent way.


1.Did I mention that LeBron James is a free agent this summer?
2.At the same time, college graduates' interest in further education has also dwindled, leading to an increase in students wanting employment from 71.2 percent last year to 75.6 percent this year. Nearly 30 percent of those graduates accepted offers from the internet industry, which is among the highest paying.
3.爱德华卢斯(Edward Luce)
4.Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei filed a notable 2,390 patents, which was the second-largest filing by a company globally, after Philips with 2,568 patents.
5. 《请以你的名字呼唤我 》
6.The demagogue’s campaign leads naturally to despotism — the tyranny of the majority that is a mask on the tyranny of one.


4、Michael Na表示,尽管韩国已经和中国签署了贸易协议,中国政府仍有足够多的其他方式惩罚韩国政府。




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    Domestic action movie "Wolf Warrior II" was top on the list and became the country's highest-grossing film ever, raking in 5.68 billion yuan in ticket sales.

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    {Blondie, 'Pollinator'

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    《请以你的名字呼唤我 》}

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    Against: Could the film be seen as a film of great performances, rather than a truly great piece of cinema

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    A new report released just last week confirmed that many of us are still using the word 'password' to access our accounts.