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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Villefort dictated a petition, in which, from an excellentintention, no doubt, Dantes' patriotic services wereexaggerated, and he was made out one of the most activeagents of Napoleon's return. It was evident that at thesight of this document the minister would instantly releasehim. The petition finished, Villefort read it aloud.
2.  "You are mistaken, for I have made a vow never to return toAfrica."
3.  "Mr. Inspector," continued the governor, "I can tell you thestory as well as he, for it has been dinned in my ears forthe last four or five years."
4.  "These are all so many empty words, my dear sir," saidMorcerf: "they might satisfy a new acquaintance, but theComte de Morcerf does not rank in that list; and when a manlike him comes to another, recalls to him his plighted word,and this man fails to redeem the pledge, he has at least aright to exact from him a good reason for so doing."Danglars was a coward, but did not wish to appear so; he waspiqued at the tone which Morcerf had just assumed. "I am notwithout a good reason for my conduct," replied the banker.
5.  "Never mind that," returned the sailor, "I know theirvessel."
6.  "What for? Why, to converse with him, of course. Have youreally no desire to meet him?"


1.  "I am not aware of it," said Albert, smiling sorrowfully.Beauchamp turned to look at some paintings. "But," continuedMonte Cristo, "you are not in your usual spirits?"
2.  "And had you been captain, should you have retained him inhis employment?"
3.  "Yes."
4.  "A lesson?"
5.  "I am he whom you sold and dishonored -- I am he whosebetrothed you prostituted -- I am he upon whom you trampledthat you might raise yourself to fortune -- I am he whosefather you condemned to die of hunger -- I am he whom youalso condemned to starvation, and who yet forgives you,because he hopes to be forgiven -- I am Edmond Dantes!"Danglars uttered a cry, and fell prostrate. "Rise," said thecount, "your life is safe; the same good fortune has nothappened to your accomplices -- one is mad, the other dead.Keep the 50,000 francs you have left -- I give them to you.The 5,000,000 you stole from the hospitals has been restoredto them by an unknown hand. And now eat and drink; I willentertain you to-night. Vampa, when this man is satisfied,let him be free." Danglars remained prostrate while thecount withdrew; when he raised his head he saw disappearingdown the passage nothing but a shadow, before which thebandits bowed. According to the count's directions, Danglarswas waited on by Vampa, who brought him the best wine andfruits of Italy; then, having conducted him to the road, andpointed to the post-chaise, left him leaning against a tree.He remained there all night, not knowing where he was. Whendaylight dawned he saw that he was near a stream; he wasthirsty, and dragged himself towards it. As he stooped downto drink, he saw that his hair had become entirely white.
6.  "Well, renew these bills up to the 5th of September; and onthe 5th of September at eleven o'clock (the hand of theclock pointed to eleven), I shall come to receive themoney."


1.  "Why," replied he, "I think it just possible Dantes may havebeen detected with some trifling article on board shipconsidered here as contraband."
2.  "The truth."
3.  "The deuce you say!" replied the marquis, "let us lose notime, then!"
4.  Then gloom settled heavily upon him. Dantes was a man ofgreat simplicity of thought, and without education; he couldnot, therefore, in the solitude of his dungeon, traverse inmental vision the history of the ages, bring to life thenations that had perished, and rebuild the ancient cities sovast and stupendous in the light of the imagination, andthat pass before the eye glowing with celestial colors inMartin's Babylonian pictures. He could not do this, he whosepast life was so short, whose present so melancholy, and hisfuture so doubtful. Nineteen years of light to reflect uponin eternal darkness! No distraction could come to his aid;his energetic spirit, that would have exalted in thusrevisiting the past, was imprisoned like an eagle in a cage.He clung to one idea -- that of his happiness, destroyed,without apparent cause, by an unheard-of fatality; heconsidered and reconsidered this idea, devoured it (so tospeak), as the implacable Ugolino devours the skull ofArchbishop Roger in the Inferno of Dante.
5.   "The young man himself is acting blindfolded, and knows notthe true cause, which is known only to God and to me; but Igive you my word, Morrel, that God, who does know it, willbe on our side."
6.  "The deuce! I hope he does not bring our breakfast withhim."


1.  "Why do you ask me now?"
2.  "The physician may be mistaken!" exclaimed Dantes. "And asfor your poor arm, what difference will that make? I cantake you on my shoulders, and swim for both of us."
3.  "Of having conspired to aid the emperor's return."
4、  "No," replied the countess, "it was certainly empty duringthe first act;" then, resuming the subject of their previousconversation, she said, "And so you really believe it wasyour mysterious Count of Monte Cristo that gained theprize?"
5、  "It is not exactly that, sir," said the notary, "which makesme uneasy, but the difficulty will be in wording histhoughts and intentions, so as to be able to get hisanswers."




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      The men he beheld saw him undoubtedly, for their cries werecarried to his ears by the wind. Above the splintered mast asail rent to tatters was waving; suddenly the ropes thatstill held it gave way, and it disappeared in the darknessof the night like a vast sea-bird. At the same moment aviolent crash was heard, and cries of distress. Dantes fromhis rocky perch saw the shattered vessel, and among thefragments the floating forms of the hapless sailors. Thenall was dark again.

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       "We were having a confidential conversation," returnedValentine; "she was owning to me her repugnance to themarriage with M. de Morcerf; and I, on the other hand, wasconfessing to her how wretched it made me to think ofmarrying M. d'Epinay."

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      "Morrel," said the count, "have you ever seen me fire apistol?"

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    {  "Listen, if you please, till I have finished speaking,"replied Monte Cristo. "You receive 1,500 francs per annumfor your services here -- more than many a brave subaltern,who continually risks his life for his country, obtains. Youlive in a manner far superior to many clerks who work tentimes harder than you do for their money. Then, thoughyourself a servant, you have other servants to wait uponyou, take care of your clothes, and see that your linen isduly prepared for you. Again, you make a profit upon eacharticle you purchase for my toilet, amounting in the courseof a year to a sum equalling your wages."

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      "My father -- I will know who my father is," said theobstinate youth; "I will perish if I must, but I will knowit. What does scandal signify to me? What possessions, whatreputation, what `pull,' as Beauchamp says, -- have I? Yougreat people always lose something by scandal,notwithstanding your millions. Come, who is my father?"}

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      "Certainly, your excellency; I saw her put to sea the sameevening we quitted Marseilles."

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      "How have I deceived you?"

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       The next morning Franz woke first, and instantly rang thebell. The sound had not yet died away when Signor Pastrinihimself entered.

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    {  "Indeed, your excellency, I had very considerable difficultyin obtaining them, and, as it is, they have cost an enormousprice."

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      "Why," exclaimed Dantes, with astonishment, "do you possessany?"