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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "They've never published my picture."
2.  "Oh, very well," said Carrie, scarcely believing her ears.
3.  "And yet they do say," said Carrie, "that no one is ever happy."
4.  Carrie related the incidents of the rehearsal, warming up as sheproceeded.
5.  On the first morning it rained she found that she had noumbrella. Minnie loaned her one of hers, which was worn andfaded. There was the kind of vanity in Carrie that troubled atthis. She went to one of the great department stores and boughtherself one, using a dollar and a quarter of her small store topay for it.
6.  "I am," said Carrie, softly.


1.  "You talk easy," he said. "A season family ticket costs onehundred and fifty dollars."
2.  "Well, now, just how much money would it take to buy a halfinterest here?" said Hurstwood, who saw seven hundred dollars ashis limit.
3.  "That's too bad," he said, stepping away and adjusting his vestafter his slight bending over. "I was thinking we might go to ashow to-night."
4.  "No, just feeling a little ill."
5.  "You didn't lose any time, did you?" he remarked, smiling alittle.
6.  Mrs. Hanson, after the first greetings were over, gave Carrie thebaby and proceeded to get supper. Her husband asked a fewquestions and sat down to read the evening paper. He was asilent man, American born, of a Swede father, and now employed asa cleaner of refrigerator cars at the stock-yards. To him thepresence or absence of his wife's sister was a matter ofindifference. Her personal appearance did not affect him one wayor the other. His one observation to the point was concerningthe chances of work in Chicago.


1.  "You are to use this room, Miss Madenda," said one of the stagelackeys.
2.  "I won't," said Carrie, who was, nevertheless, complying againsther will. "Let me go," she said. "How dare you?" and largetears began to gather in her eyes.
3.  "All right," he said, "but you'll hear me out, won't you? Afterall you have said about loving me, you might hear me. I don'twant to do you any harm. I'll give you the money to go back withwhen you go. I merely want to tell you, Carrie. You can't stopme from loving you, whatever you may think."
4.  "Rhodes, Morgenthau and Scott--why, I know that house. over hereon Fifth Avenue, isn't it? They're a close-fisted concern. Whatmade you go there?"
5.   "Aw, let me go," she exclaimed angrily. "Duffer."
6.  At one o'clock he thought of eating, and went to a restaurant inMadison Square. There he pondered over places which he mightlook up. He was tired. It was blowing up grey again. Acrossthe way, through Madison Square Park, stood the great hotels,looking down upon a busy scene. He decided to go over to thelobby of one and sit a while. It was warm in there and bright.He had seen no one he knew at the Broadway Central. In alllikelihood he would encounter no one here. Finding a seat on oneof the red plush divans close to the great windows which look outon Broadway's busy rout, he sat musing. His state did not seemso bad in here. Sitting still and looking out, he could takesome slight consolation in the few hundred dollars he had in hispurse. He could forget, in a measure, the weariness of thestreet and his tiresome searches. Still, it was only escape froma severe to a less severe state. He was still gloomy anddisheartened. There, minutes seemed to go very slowly. An hourwas a long, long time in passing. It was filled for him withobservations and mental comments concerning the actual guests ofthe hotel, who passed in and out, and those more prosperouspedestrians whose good fortune showed in their clothes andspirits as they passed along Broadway, outside. It was nearlythe first time since he had arrived in the city that his leisureafforded him ample opportunity to contemplate this spectacle.Now, being, perforce, idle himself, he wondered at the activityof others. How gay were the youths he saw, how pretty the women.Such fine clothes they all wore. They were so intent upongetting somewhere. He saw coquettish glances cast by magnificentgirls. Ah, the money it required to train with such--how well heknew! How long it had been since he had had the opportunity to doso!


1.  "Wife with you?"
2.  "Why don't you come away?" he said, tenderly. "I will arrangefor you whatever--"
3.  Nevertheless, she was pleased to think he would ask. Her eyesbrightened, for if there was anything that enlisted hersympathies it was the art of the stage.True to his nature, Drouet clung to this idea as an easy way out.
4、  "Sure," he returned, pleasantly.
5、  "What's the matter with her?" asked Hanson, when she went intothe front room to get her hat.




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      "You didn't go into comedy-drama, after all?" he said,remembering her interest in that form of art.

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      "You mustn't look at me steadily then," she answered, mindful ofthe power of his eyes.

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       "Why not?"

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    {  "I'm going to have a business of my own pretty soon," he observedin one place. "I can get backing for two hundred thousanddollars."

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      "The devil!" he said a dozen times in an hour.}

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      "No," said Carrie, whose feelings were already localised in thegreat Western city.

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      "What did you do that for, Carrie?" asked Minnie when she saw it.

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       A further enlargement of this chasm between them came when themanager, looking between the wings upon the brightly lightedstage where the chorus was going through some of its glitteringevolutions, said to the master of the ballet:

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    {  When she had closed the hall-door, she paused a moment andwondered what they would think. Some thought of the queerness ofher deed affected her. She went slowly down the stairs. Shelooked back up the lighted step, and then affected to stroll upthe street. When she reached the corner she quickened her pace.

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      "Yes. Sometimes you get a little more. This show doesn't payvery much."