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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Bah," said Caderousse, "when you have access to countlessstores." One would have said Andrea anticipated hiscompanion's words, so did his eye flash like lightning, butit was but for a moment. "True," he replied, "and myprotector is very kind."
2.  "It is no nonsense; it is quite true. Cama, the pilot of theSaint Ferdinand, went in once, and he came back amazed,vowing that such treasures were only to be heard of in fairytales."
3.  "He is a Quaker then?"
4.  "I? do you not see that I reserve eighty francs for myself?A young man does not require luxuries; besides, I know whattravelling is."
5.  "That is another thing: he was recommended to me by a goodabbe, who may be deceived. Give him a direct invitation, butdo not ask me to present him. If he were afterwards to marryMademoiselle Danglars, you would accuse me of intrigue, andwould be challenging me, -- besides, I may not be theremyself."
6.  "No politics, Caderousse. And now that you have all youwant, and that we understand each other, jump down from thetilbury and disappear."


1.  "Willingly. Your Spanish wine is excellent. You see we werequite right to pacify that country."
2.  "Haidee," replied the count, "you know that you are now inFrance, and are free."
3.  "Admirable, sire; but my messenger is like the stag yourefer to, for he has posted two hundred and twenty leaguesin scarcely three days."
4.  "The people will rise."
5.  "Because I shall secure my housekeeper on the strength ofit."
6.  "What will happen then?"


1.  "Here, your excellency," said Peppino, taking the fowl fromthe young bandit and placing it on the worm-eaten table,which with the stool and the goat-skin bed formed the entirefurniture of the cell. Danglars asked for a knife and fork."Here, excellency," said Peppino, offering him a littleblunt knife and a boxwood fork. Danglars took the knife inone hand and the fork in the other, and was about to cut upthe fowl. "Pardon me, excellency," said Peppino, placing hishand on the banker's shoulder; "people pay here before theyeat. They might not be satisfied, and" --
2.  "Explain yourself."
3.  Danglars nodded, to signify that he was satisfied. To theworld and to his servants Danglars assumed the character ofthe good-natured man and the indulgent father. This was oneof his parts in the popular comedy he was performing, -- amake-up he had adopted and which suited him about as well asthe masks worn on the classic stage by paternal actors, whoseen from one side, were the image of geniality, and fromthe other showed lips drawn down in chronic ill-temper. Letus hasten to say that in private the genial side descendedto the level of the other, so that generally the indulgentman disappeared to give place to the brutal husband anddomineering father. "Why the devil does that foolish girl,who pretends to wish to speak to me, not come into my study?and why on earth does she want to speak to me at all?"
4.  "You alarm me," cried Franz. "I see that I shall not only goalone to the Duke of Bracciano's, but also return toFlorence alone."
5.   "I am free, then, sir?" cried Dantes joyfully.
6.  "What news?" exclaimed a general burst of voices.


1.  The Young Amelia had a very active crew, very obedient totheir captain, who lost as little time as possible. He hadscarcely been a week at Leghorn before the hold of hisvessel was filled with printed muslins, contraband cottons,English powder, and tobacco on which the excise hadforgotten to put its mark. The master was to get all thisout of Leghorn free of duties, and land it on the shores ofCorsica, where certain speculators undertook to forward thecargo to France. They sailed; Edmond was again cleaving theazure sea which had been the first horizon of his youth, andwhich he had so often dreamed of in prison. He left Gorgoneon his right and La Pianosa on his left, and went towardsthe country of Paoli and Napoleon. The next morning going ondeck, as he always did at an early hour, the patron foundDantes leaning against the bulwarks gazing with intenseearnestness at a pile of granite rocks, which the rising suntinged with rosy light. It was the Island of Monte Cristo.The Young Amelia left it three-quarters of a league to thelarboard, and kept on for Corsica.
2.  "You have seen that he would have thrown his glove in myface if Morrel, one of my friends, had not stopped him."
3.  "Why?" said Chateau-Renaud.
4、  "Particularly when they have still a full bottle beforethem," added Danglars. Fernand looked at them both with astupefied air, but did not say a word.
5、  "Shall we not set forth?" asked the sweet, silvery voice ofMercedes; "two o'clock has just struck, and you know we areexpected in a quarter of an hour."




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      "No, to-morrow; I shall not have time to day."

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      "Philosophy, M. Bertuccio," interrupted the Count; "you havedone a little of everything in your life."

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       "I used not to do so, but I really feel now almost obligedto have faith in them."

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      "I mean, because he wants petting. If you had seen at what apace he came -- like the wind!"

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    {  "Yes, his bodily faculties, for he can neither move norspeak, nevertheless he thinks, acts, and wills in the mannerI have described. I left him about five minutes ago, and heis now occupied in dictating his will to two notaries."

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      "You live badly on your thousand francs?"}

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      "Sir," said M. Beauchamp, "Albert was wrong, I acknowledge,to betray so much anger, and I come, on my own account, toapologize for him. And having done so, entirely on my ownaccount, be it understood, I would add that I believe youtoo gentlemanly to refuse giving him some explanationconcerning your connection with Yanina. Then I will add twowords about the young Greek girl." Monte Cristo motioned himto be silent. "Come," said he, laughing, "there are all myhopes about to be destroyed."

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      "Oh, well, I don't know; but I understand that she is goingto Italy. Madame Danglars asked me for letters ofrecommendation for the impresari; I gave her a few lines forthe director of the Valle Theatre, who is under someobligation to me. But what is the matter, Albert? you lookdull; are you, after all, unconsciously in love withMademoiselle Eugenie?"

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       "I will put another case to you," continued the count; "thatwhere society, attacked by the death of a person, avengesdeath by death. But are there not a thousand tortures bywhich a man may be made to suffer without society taking theleast cognizance of them, or offering him even theinsufficient means of vengeance, of which we have justspoken? Are there not crimes for which the impalement of theTurks, the augers of the Persians, the stake and the brandof the Iroquois Indians, are inadequate tortures, and whichare unpunished by society? Answer me, do not these crimesexist?"

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    {  "Your excellency," said the man, "you are fully persuaded ofmy entire devotion to you, are you not?"

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      "A visitor?" inquired Valentine, much agitated; "who is it?"