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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The path has been cut halfway round the fall to afford a completeview, but it ends abruptly, and the traveller has to return as hecame. We had turned to do so, when we saw a Swiss lad come runningalong it with a letter in his hand. It bore the mark of the hotelwhich we had just left and was addressed to me by the landlord. Itappeared that within a very few minutes of our leaving, an Englishlady had arrived who was in the last stage of consumption. She hadwintered at Davos Platz and was journeying now to join her friendsat Lucerne, when a sudden hemorrhage had overtaken her. It was thoughtthat she could hardly live a few hours, but it would be a greatconsolation to her to see an English doctor, and, if I would onlyreturn, etc. The good Steiler assured me in a postscript that he wouldhimself look upon my compliance as a very great favour, since the ladyabsolutely refused to see a Swiss physician, and he could not but feelthat he was incurring a great responsibility.
2.  "'That's not quite good enough,' answered Forbes. 'We have reason tobelieve that you have taken a paper of importance from the ForeignOffice, and that you ran in here to dispose of it. You must comeback with us to Scotland Yard to be searched.'
3.  "Then I will ask Sir James to step this way. He is at present in thecarriage outside the door. Meanwhile, Colonel Emsworth, we may perhapsassemble in your study, where I could give the necessaryexplanations."
4.  1891
5.  "`Not so many as you might think,' he answered. `You see itis really confined to Londoners, and to grown men. This Americanhad started from London when he was young, and he wanted to do theold town a good turn. Then, again, I have heard it is no use yourapplying if your hair is light red, or dark red, or anything butreal bright, blazing, fiery red. Now, if you cared to apply, Mr.Wilson, you would just walk in; but perhaps it would hardly beworth your while to put yourself out of the way for the sake of afew hundred pounds.'
6.  "The key!" ejaculated Phelps.


1.  "But the under side is as stained as the upper. It must have lefta mark."
2.  "Most devoted."
3.  "It is bad, Mr. Holmes, very bad! Have you heard of the death of thechief?"
4.  "How did the burglar know no one would hear it? How dared he pull ata bellrope in that reckless fashion?"
5.  "But he might be a bachelor."
6.  Mr. Soames was somewhat overwhelmed by this flood of information. "Ican follow the other points," said he, "but really, in this matterof the length-"


1.  We did so, and at the end of a few hundred yards lost the tracksas we emerged from the boggy portion of the moor. Following the pathbackwards, we picked out another spot, where a spring trickledacross it. Here, once again, was the mark of the bicycle, thoughnearly obliterated by the hoofs of cows. After that there was no sign,but the path ran right on into Ragged Shaw, the wood which backed onto the school. From this wood the cycle must have emerged. Holmessat down on a boulder and rested his chin in his hands. I had smokedtwo cigarettes before he moved.
2.  "`And what are they worth?' I asked.
3.  "How long is it?"
4.  "So there you have my tragedy. I hoped against hope, but it wasnot until I had reached home that the terrible signs which you seeupon my face told me that I had not escaped. What was I to do? I wasin this lonely house. We had two servants whom we could utterly trust.There was a house where I could live. Under pledge of secrecy, Mr.Kent, who is a surgeon, was prepared to stay with me. It seemed simpleenough on those lines. The alternative was a dreadful one- segregationfor life among strangers with never a hope of release. But absolutesecrecy was necessary, or even in this quiet countryside there wouldhave been an outcry, and I should have been dragged to my horribledoom. Even you, Jimmie- even you had to be kept in the dark. Why myfather has relented I cannot imagine."
5.   "Whom do you suspect?"
6.  "Equally childish. You are in the habit of doing up your boots ina certain way. I see them on this occasion fastened with anelaborate double bow, which is not your usual method of tying them.You have, therefore, had them off. Who has tied them? A bootmaker-or the boy at the bath. It is unlikely that it is the bootmaker, sinceyour boots are nearly new. Well, what remains? The bath. Absurd, is itnot? But, for all that, the Turkish bath has served a purpose.""What is that?"


1.  "My dear fellow, you shall keep watch in the street. I'll do thecriminal part. It's not a time to stick at trifles. Think of Mycroft'snote, of the Admiralty, the Cabinet, the exalted person who waitsfor news. We are bound to go."
2.  "Have you heard the news, sir?" he gasped. "At the Cunningham's,sir!"
3.  Holmes rose and tossed the end of his cigarette into the grate. "Ihave been very obtuse, Watson," said he. "When in your report you saidthat you had seen the cyclist as you thought arrange his necktie inthe shrubbery, that alone should have told me all. However, we maycongratulate ourselves upon a curious and, in some respects, aunique case. I perceive three of the county constabulary in the drive,and I am glad to see that the little ostler is able to keep pacewith them, so it is likely that neither he nor the interestingbridegroom will be permanently damaged by their morning'sadventures. I think, Watson, that in your medical capacity, youmight wait upon Miss Smith and tell her that if she is sufficientlyrecovered, we shall be happy to escort her to her mother's home. Ifshe is not quite convalescent you will find that a hint that we wereabout to telegraph to a young electrician in the Midlands wouldprobably complete the cure. As to you, Mr. Carruthers, I think thatyou have done what you could to make amends for your share in anevil plot. There is my card, sir, and if my evidence can be of help inyour trial, it shall be at your disposal."
4、  He had rung loudly at the door of a great dark house in the centreof Poultney Square. It was opened immediately, and the figure of atall woman was outlined against the dim-lit hall.
5、  "Capital! Between your brandy and your bandage, I feel a new man.I was very weak, but I have had a good deal to go through.""Perhaps you had better not speak of the matter. It is evidentlytrying to your nerves."




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      "Yes, from Horsham."

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      "I have jotted down the more essential ones upon this sheet ofpaper, together with a few addresses which you will find of service.The actual official guardian of the papers is the famous governmentexpert, Sir James Walter, whose decorations and sub-titles fill twolines of a book of reference. He has grown gray in the service, is agentleman, a favoured guest in the most exalted houses, and, aboveall, a man whose patriotism is beyond suspicion. He is one of twowho have a key of the safe. I may add that the papers were undoubtedlyin the office during working hours on Monday, and that Sir Jamesleft for London about three o'clock taking his key with him. He was atthe house of Admiral Sinclair at Barclay Square during the whole ofthe evening when this incident occurred."

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      "My father is dead, Mr. Holmes. He was James Smith, who conductedthe orchestra at the old Imperial Theatre. My mother and I were leftwithout a relation in the world except one uncle, Ralph Smith, whowent to Africa twenty-five years ago, and we have never had a wordfrom him since. When father died, we were left very poor, but oneday we were told that there was an advertisement in the Times,inquiring for our whereabouts. You can imagine how excited we were,for we thought that someone had left us a fortune. We went at onceto the lawyer whose name was given in the paper. There we, met twogentlemen, Mr. Carruthers and Mr. Woodley, who were home on a visitfrom South Africa. They said that my uncle was a friend of theirs,that he had died some months before in great poverty inJohannesburg, and that he had asked them with his last breath tohunt up his relations, and see that they were in no want. It seemedstrange to us that Uncle Ralph, who took no notice of us when he wasalive, should be so careful to look after us when he was dead, but Mr.Carruthers explained that the reason was that my uncle had justheard of the death of his brother, and so felt responsible for ourfate."

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    {  "'Certainly,' said I. 'It's all your own.'

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      "And it did, though they hardly found upon the mud-bank what theyhad feared to find. It was Neville St. Clair's coat, and not NevilleSt. Clair, which lay uncovered as the tide receded. And what do youthink they found in the pockets?"

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       "Well, well, we have made a beginning. I should not expect any freshdevelopments until next Tuesday. In the meantime we can only keep intouch with friend Bennett and enjoy, the amnenities of this charmingtown."

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    {  "He's a beauty, isn't he?" said the inspector.

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      "I should be very glad now to go upstairs," said he. "I shallprobably wish to go over the outside of the house again. Perhaps I hadbetter take a look at the lower windows before I go up."He walked swiftly round from one to the other, pausing only at thelarge one which looked from the hall onto the stable lane. This heopened and made a very careful examination of the sill with hispowerful magnifying lens. "Now we shall go upstairs," said he at last.The banker's dressing-room was a plainly furnished little chamber,with a gray carpet, a large bureau, and a long mirror. Holmes wentto the bureau first and looked hard at the lock.