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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Now, gentlemen," said Athos, when he had ascertained there were fivechambers free in the hotel, "let everyone retire to his own apartment.D'Artagnan needs to be alone, to weep and to sleep. I take charge ofeverything; be easy."
2.  "If I am guilty, if I have committed the crimes you accuse me of,"shrieked Milady, "take me before a tribunal. You are not judges! Youcannot condemn me!"
3.  "My God, that's all. I shall be about again in a few days.""Why did you not have yourself conveyed to Paris? You must becruelly bored here."
4.  "Oh, I resolved that it should take place as soon as possible. Ihad no doubt he would return the following night. During the dayI had nothing to fear.
5.  Bazin gone, the mendicant cast a rapid glance around him inorder to be sure that nobody could either see or hear him,and opening his ragged vest, badly held together by aleather strap, he began to rip the upper part of hisdoublet, from which he drew a letter.
6.  "I say that love is a lottery in which he who wins, wins death!You are very fortunate to have lost, believe me, my dearD'Artagnan. And if I have any counsel to give, it is, alwayslose!"


1.  "This diamond does not come from an enemy, monsieur," repliedD'Artagnan, "it comes from the queen."
2.  Cries were soon heard, and then moans, which someone appeared tobe endeavoring to stifle. There were no questions."The devil!" said D'Artagnan to himself. "It seems like a woman!They search her; she resists; they use force--the scoundrels!"In spite of his prudence, D'Artagnan restrained himself withgreat difficulty from taking a part in the scene that was goingon below.
3.  "That it is only the Pope who is infallible, and that thisinfallibility does not extend to cardinals."
4.  "What! You cannot tell me? Surely you ought to be able to tellme better than any other person."
5.  "I, madame?" said Porthos, drawing himself up proudly; "how so?""The signs just now, and the holy water! But that must be aprincess, at least--that lady with her Negro boy and her maid!""My God! Madame, you are deceived," said Porthos; "she is simplya duchess."
6.  The interrogatories, preceded by a minute search operated uponthe persons arrested, were almost always framed thus: "Has MadameBonacieux sent anything to you for her husband, or any otherperson? Has Monsieur Bonacieux sent anything to you for hiswife, or for any other person? Has either of them confidedanything to you by word of mouth?"


1.  "Where we have orders to lead you."
2.  "You would, then, be tempted to believe," said the abbess, "that thisyoung person is innocent?"
3.  "Monsieur de Busigny," said Athos, "will you be so kind asto set your watch with mine, or permit me to regulate mineby yours?"
4.  "What?"
5.   D'Artagnan cast a glance around him. The little apartmentwas charming for its taste and neatness; but in spite ofhimself, his eyes were directed to that door which Kittysaid led to Milady's chamber.
6.  "The punishment of death," replied Lord de Winter."Messieurs Porthos and Aramis," repeated Athos, "you who are her judges,what is the sentence you pronounce upon this woman?""The punishment of death," replied the Musketeers, in a hollow voice.Milady uttered a frightful shriek, and dragged herself along severalpaces upon her knees toward her judges.


1.  "Whom do you suspect? Come, answer freely."
2.  "We wish to judge you according to your crime," said Athos; "you shallbe free to defend yourself. Justify yourself if you can. M.d'Artagnan, it is for you to accuse her first."
3.  "Then," continued he, "there is a horse for my lackey, andmy valise. As to my arms, it is useless to trouble youabout them; I have them."
4、  "On the contrary," replied Aramis, "your opinion will be veryvaluable. The question is this: Monsieur the Principal thinksthat my thesis ought to be dogmatic and didactic.""Your thesis! Are you then making a thesis?"
5、  "How, dear sister!" said Lord de Winter. "Did not yousentimentally inform me with that pretty mouth of yours, so cruelto me today, that you came to England solely for the pleasure ofseeing me at your ease, an enjoyment of which you told me you sosensibly felt the deprivation that you had risked everything forit--seasickness, tempest, captivity? Well, here I am; besatisfied. Besides, this time, my visit has a motive."Milady trembled; she thought Felton had told all. Perhaps neverin her life had this woman, who had experienced so many oppositeand powerful emotions, felt her heart beat so violently.She was seated. Lord de Winter took a chair, drew it toward her,and sat down close beside her. Then taking a paper out of hispocket, he unfolded it slowly.




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      She was struck, no doubt, with a superstitious idea; she conceived thatheaven denied its aid, and she remained in the attitude in which she hadfallen, her head drooping and her hands clasped.

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      "How is that?" cried Porthos and Aramis in a breath.As to Athos, faithful to his system of reticence, he contentedhimself with interrogating D'Artagnan by a look.

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       Milady asked some questions about the carriage. It was a chaise drawnby three horses, driven by a postillion; Rochefort's lackey wouldprecede it, as courier.

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      "Not so, for it is religious," replied Aramis; "it is theology inverse."

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    {  "A spent ball?"

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      Fortunately, the reader may remember, or may not remember--fortunately we have promised not to lose sight of him.The officers who arrested him conducted him straight to theBastille, where he passed trembling before a party of soldierswho were loading their muskets. Thence, introduced into a half-subterranean gallery, he became, on the part of those who hadbrought him, the object of the grossest insults and the harshesttreatment. The officers perceived that they had not to deal witha gentleman, and they treated him like a very peasant.At the end of half an hour or thereabouts, a clerk came to put anend to his tortures, but not to his anxiety, by giving the orderto conduct M. Bonacieux to the Chamber of Examination.Ordinarily, prisoners were interrogated in their cells; but theydid not do so with M. Bonacieux.}

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      All the way along D'Artagnan had been consulting with himselfwhether he should place confidence in M. de Treville, or whetherhe should only ask him to give him CARTE BLANCHE for some secretaffair. But M. de Treville had always been so thoroughly hisfriend, had always been so devoted to the king and queen, andhated the cardinal so cordially, that the young man resolved totell him everything.

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      "Here, Laporte," said Buckingham, "these are the only tokens I everreceived from her--this silver casket and these two letters. You willrestore them to her Majesty; and as a last memorial"--he looked roundfor some valuable object--"you will add--"

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       "Here, monsieur," said the cardinal to the young man. "I have takenfrom you one CARTE BLANCHE to give you another. The name is wanting inthis commission; you can write it yourself."

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    {  "I hope so, monsieur."

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      "The breakfast for these gentlemen is ready," said the host."Well, bring it," said Athos.