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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, and it is that" --
2.  "Your Italian prince?"
3.  "And your majesty has employed the son of such a man?"
4.  "A delay would save my honor, and consequently my life."
5.  "I knew that," said Monte Cristo; "she has been dead theseten years."
6.  "And moreover, it kills," said Beauchamp.


1.  "Unfortunately," said Monte Cristo, "one's title to amillionaire does not last for life, like that of baron, peerof France, or Academician; for example, the millionairesFranck & Poulmann, of Frankfort, who have just becomebankrupts."
2.  "I said a million," replied Danglars, with the confidence ofignorance.
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Whereabouts downstairs?"
5.  "I know it, sir; a young man, who still adheres to my fallenfortunes, passes a part of his time in a belvidere at thetop of the house, in hopes of being the first to announcegood news to me; he has informed me of the arrival of thisship."
6.  As he thus reflected, he felt the sensation we havedescribed, and which had hitherto been unknown to him, arisein his bosom, and fill him with vague apprehensions. It isthus that a wounded man trembles instinctively at theapproach of the finger to his wound until it be healed, butVillefort's was one of those that never close, or if theydo, only close to reopen more agonizing than ever. If atthis moment the sweet voice of Renee had sounded in his earspleading for mercy, or the fair Mercedes had entered andsaid, "In the name of God, I conjure you to restore me myaffianced husband," his cold and trembling hands would havesigned his release; but no voice broke the stillness of thechamber, and the door was opened only by Villefort's valet,who came to tell him that the travelling carriage was inreadiness.


1.  "Yes," replied Caderousse.
2.  "Your grandmamma has just arrived, Valentine," said M. deVillefort.
3.  "Sincerely, madame."
4.  "I do not quite understand you," replied Franz; "prayexplain your meaning, for you excite my curiosity to thehighest pitch."
5.   "Let us go the same way; we will stop at La Reserve, and wecan drink a glass of La Malgue, whilst we wait for news."
6.  "At the sight of papers of all sorts, -- titles, contracts,parchments, which were kept in the archives of the family,all descending from the poisoned cardinal, I in my turnexamined the immense bundles of documents, like twentyservitors, stewards, secretaries before me; but in spite ofthe most exhaustive researches, I found -- nothing. Yet Ihad read, I had even written a precise history of the Borgiafamily, for the sole purpose of assuring myself whether anyincrease of fortune had occurred to them on the death of theCardinal Caesar Spada; but could only trace the acquisitionof the property of the Cardinal Rospigliosi, his companionin misfortune.


1.  "On a level with the floor."
2.  An ironical smile passed over Albert's lips. Mercedes saw itand with the double instinct of woman and mother guessedall; but as she was prudent and strong-minded she concealedboth her sorrows and her fears. Albert was silent; aninstant after, the countess resumed: "You came to inquireafter my health; I will candidly acknowledge that I am notwell. You should install yourself here, and cheer mysolitude. I do not wish to be left alone."
3.  "I give you my oath that I will not."
4、  "Surely," answered Danglars, "one cannot be held responsiblefor every chance arrow shot into the air."
5、  "I wish you would try and find me a situation with him asgrandfather, since he holds the money-chest!"




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      "Now, just tell me who the devil should know in France thatthe officer Fernand and the Count of Morcerf are one and thesame person? and who cares now about Yanina, which was takenas long ago as the year 1822 or 1823?"

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      "Well, well," returned M. Morrel, "we shall see. But nowhasten on board, I will join you there ere long." So saying,the worthy shipowner quitted the two allies, and proceededin the direction of the Palais de Justice.

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       "Well, then" --

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      "He is calling you," said the count; "he to whom you haveconfided your destiny -- he from whom death would haveseparated you, calls you to him. Happily, I vanquisheddeath. Henceforth, Valentine, you will never again beseparated on earth, since he has rushed into death to findyou. Without me, you would both have died. May God accept myatonement in the preservation of these two existences!"

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    {  "That M. Danglars speculates, whereas he never does."

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      "No, I did not know it."}

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      "Good," said the brigadier. "I will take charge of theinside one. Are the carbines loaded?"

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      "The apparent reason, at least," said Madame de Villefort.

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    {  "Well, well, said the count, "who told you that?"

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      "We are forbidden to shed your blood."