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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Why, my dear mother, it is necessary, in order to make youradvice turn to account, that I should know beforehand what Ihave to distrust. The count never plays, he only drinks purewater tinged with a little sherry, and is so rich that hecannot, without intending to laugh at me, try to borrowmoney. What, then, have I to fear from him?"
2.  "Put it into my portfolio."
3.  "We are forbidden to shed your blood."
4.  There was more than benevolence in this action; there wascourage; the south was aflame, and to assist, even on hisdeath-bed, the father of so dangerous a Bonapartist asDantes, was stigmatized as a crime.
5.  "In the court are orange-trees in pots, turf, and clumps offlowers."
6.  "Were they alone?"


1.  "Do as you please; but, first of all, pray have a servant,father. I will not have you left alone so long. I have somesmuggled coffee and most capital tobacco, in a small chestin the hold, which you shall have to-morrow. But, hush, herecomes somebody."
2.  "And then?"
3.  Madame de Villefort now took her part in the conversationand added, -- "We thought this news would possess aninterest for you, sir, who have always entertained a greataffection for Valentine; it therefore only now remains forus to tell you the name of the young man for whom she isdestined. It is one of the most desirable connections whichcould possibly be formed; he possesses fortune, a high rankin society, and every personal qualification likely torender Valentine supremely happy, -- his name, moreover,cannot be wholly unknown to you. It is M. Franz de Quesnel,Baron d'Epinay."
4.  "You must be aware, at all events, that it is impossible forme to understand motives before they are explained to me;but one thing at least is clear, which is, that you declineallying yourself with my family."
5.  "Or of wisdom, my dear baron -- or of wisdom," said LouisXVIII., laughing; "the greatest captains of antiquity amusedthemselves by casting pebbles into the ocean -- seePlutarch's life of Scipio Africanus."
6.  "Above us all, sir," was Monte Cristo's response, in a toneand with an emphasis so deep that Villefort involuntarilyshuddered. "I have my pride for men -- serpents always readyto threaten every one who would pass without crushing themunder foot. But I lay aside that pride before God, who hastaken me from nothing to make me what I am."


1.  "Your excellency is the travelling companion of theviscount?"
2.  "No doubt; but in the meantime?"
3.  "The young girl, much astonished, raised her head to look athim, but his face was so gloomy and terrible that her wordsfroze to her lips. As Luigi spoke thus, he left her. Teresafollowed him with her eyes into the darkness as long as shecould, and when he had quite disappeared, she went into thehouse with a sigh.
4.  "It is the sort of malady which we call monomania," said thedoctor.
5.   "Not at all! Let us recall the exact facts. You met him at adinner party at my house, and you introduced yourself at hishouse; that is a totally different affair."
6.  "Ah," said he, "I hear a human voice." Edmond had not heardany one speak save his jailer for four or five years; and ajailer is no man to a prisoner -- he is a living door, abarrier of flesh and blood adding strength to restraints ofoak and iron.


1.  "Did you ever hear," he replied, "of the Old Man of theMountain, who attempted to assassinate Philip Augustus?"
2.  "What proofs do you require?"
3.  "If I have been your friend, Morcerf, your present manner ofspeaking would almost lead me to forget that I ever borethat title. But wait a moment, do not let us get angry, orat least not yet. You are irritated and vexed -- tell me howthis Fernand is related to you?"
4、  "Still," said Barrois, with the freedom and fidelity of anold servant, "if M. Noirtier asks for a notary, I suppose hereally wishes for a notary; therefore I shall go at once andfetch one." Barrois acknowledged no master but Noirtier, andnever allowed his desires in any way to be contradicted.
5、  "Shall you have time?"




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      "I follow you." Monte Cristo entered the tower, which wasdivided into three stories. The tower contained implements,such as spades, rakes, watering-pots, hung against the wall;this was all the furniture. The second was the man'sconventional abode, or rather sleeping-place; it contained afew poor articles of household furniture -- a bed, a table,two chairs, a stone pitcher -- and some dry herbs, hung upto the ceiling, which the count recognized as sweet pease,and of which the good man was preserving the seeds; he hadlabelled them with as much care as if he had been masterbotanist in the Jardin des Plantes.

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      "Yes, sir," replied the count; "l have sought to make of thehuman race, taken in the mass, what you practice every dayon individuals -- a physiological study. I have believed itwas much easier to descend from the whole to a part than toascend from a part to the whole. It is an algebraic axiom,which makes us proceed from a known to an unknown quantity,and not from an unknown to a known; but sit down, sir, I begof you."

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       "Wait an instant," said the host; "Number 3 has twostaircases, -- inside and outside."

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      "Yes, sir, that is the reason," said Villefort, shrugginghis shoulders.

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    {  "If we were to go together to Luigi Vampa, I am sure hewould not refuse you Albert's freedom."

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      At the beginning of this work, his servant, notwithstandingorders to the contrary, came to his room. "What do youwant?" asked he, with a more sorrowful than angry tone."Pardon me, sir," replied the valet; "you had forbidden meto disturb you, but the Count of Morcerf has called me."}

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      "I do not say that I did know it, and I do not say that Idid not know it. I merely tell you to look into my conductduring the last four years that we have ceased to be husbandand wife, and see whether it has not always been consistent.Some time after our rupture, you wished to study music,under the celebrated baritone who made such a successfulappearance at the Theatre Italien; at the same time I feltinclined to learn dancing of the danseuse who acquired sucha reputation in London. This cost me, on your account andmine, 100,000 francs. I said nothing, for we must have peacein the house; and 100,000 francs for a lady and gentleman tobe properly instructed in music and dancing are not toomuch. Well, you soon become tired of singing, and you take afancy to study diplomacy with the minister's secretary. Youunderstand, it signifies nothing to me so long as you payfor your lessons out of your own cashbox. But to-day I findyou are drawing on mine, and that your apprenticeship maycost me 700,000 francs per month. Stop there, madame, forthis cannot last. Either the diplomatist must give hislessons gratis, and I will tolerate him, or he must neverset his foot again in my house; -- do you understand,madame?"

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      "Fortune has been kind to you, then? Your tilbury, yourgroom, your clothes, are not then hired? Good, so much thebetter," said Caderousse, his eyes sparkling with avarice.

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       "`Are you mad, uncle?' (he called me by this name when hewas in good humor); `do you think I am going to change thelife I lead for your mode of existence -- my agreeableindolence for the hard and precarious toil you impose onyourself, exposed to the bitter frost at night, and thescorching heat by day, compelled to conceal yourself, andwhen you are perceived, receive a volley of bullets, all toearn a paltry sum? Why, I have as much money as I want;mother Assunta always furnishes me when I ask for it! Yousee that I should be a fool to accept your offer.' Thearguments, and his audacity, perfectly stupefied me.Benedetto rejoined his associates, and I saw him from adistance point me out to them as a fool."

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    {  We remember that the Abbe Busoni remained alone withNoirtier in the chamber of death, and that the old man andthe priest were the sole guardians of the young girl's body.Perhaps it was the Christian exhortations of the abbe,perhaps his kind charity, perhaps his persuasive words,which had restored the courage of Noirtier, for ever sincehe had conversed with the priest his violent despair hadyielded to a calm resignation which surprised all who knewhis excessive affection for Valentine. M. de Villefort hadnot seen his father since the morning of the death. Thewhole establishment had been changed; another valet wasengaged for himself, a new servant for Noirtier, two womenhad entered Madame de Villefort's service, -- in fact,everywhere, to the concierge and coachmen, new faces werepresented to the different masters of the house, thuswidening the division which had always existed between themembers of the same family.

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      "I never once doubted your doing so." Monte Cristo chosethis moment for re-entering the drawing-room. On hearing thesound of his footsteps, the two men threw themselves in eachother's arms, and while they were in the midst of thisembrace, the count entered. "Well, marquis," said MonteCristo, "you appear to be in no way disappointed in the sonwhom your good fortune has restored to you."