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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is the deed of sale ready?"
2.  "They are all here," said Caderousse, briskly. He fetchedfrom an old secretary a sheet of white paper and pen andink. "Here," said Caderousse, "draw me all that on thepaper, my boy." Andrea took the pen with an imperceptiblesmile and began. "The house, as I said, is between the courtand the garden; in this way, do you see?" Andrea drew thegarden, the court and the house.
3.  "No."
4.  "A marchioness?"
5.  From the imperfect means Franz had of judging, he could onlycome to one conclusion, -- that the person whom he was thuswatching certainly belonged to no inferior station of life.Some few minutes had elapsed, and the stranger began to showmanifest signs of impatience, when a slight noise was heardoutside the aperture in the roof, and almost immediately adark shadow seemed to obstruct the flood of light that hadentered it, and the figure of a man was clearly seen gazingwith eager scrutiny on the immense space beneath him; then,as his eye caught sight of him in the mantle, he grasped afloating mass of thickly matted boughs, and glided down bytheir help to within three or four feet of the ground, andthen leaped lightly on his feet. The man who had performedthis daring act with so much indifference wore theTranstevere costume. "I beg your excellency's pardon forkeeping you waiting," said the man, in the Roman dialect,"but I don't think I'm many minutes after my time, teno'clock his just struck on the Lateran."
6.  "Who, then, urged you to write? Tell me."


1.  "No," said the count, "I was making a suit."
2.  "I do not know; it depends on circumstances which depend oncertain arrangements."
3.  "Does your excellency wish for a receipt?" said the major,at the same time slipping the money into the inner pocket ofhis coat.
4.  "What is it?" asked the count, impatiently.
5.  We saw in a preceding chapter how Madame Danglars wentformally to announce to Madame de Villefort the approachingmarriage of Eugenie Danglars and M. Andrea Cavalcanti. Thisannouncement, which implied or appeared to imply, theapproval of all the persons concerned in this momentousaffair, had been preceded by a scene to which our readersmust be admitted. We beg them to take one step backward, andto transport themselves, the morning of that day of greatcatastrophes, into the showy, gilded salon we have beforeshown them, and which was the pride of its owner, BaronDanglars. In this room, at about ten o'clock in the morning,the banker himself had been walking to and fro for someminutes thoughtfully and in evident uneasiness, watchingboth doors, and listening to every sound. When his patiencewas exhausted, he called his valet. "Etienne," said he, "seewhy Mademoiselle Eugenie has asked me to meet her in thedrawing-room, and why she makes me wait so long."
6.  "First, madame, who are you?"


1.  "And what did you do with the child?" asked Monte Cristo."It was an embarrassing load for a man seeking to escape."
2.  "`I, El-Kobbir, a slave-merchant, and purveyor of the haremof his highness, acknowledge having received fortransmission to the sublime emperor, from the French lord,the Count of Monte Cristo, an emerald valued at eighthundred thousand francs; as the ransom of a young Christianslave of eleven years of age, named Haidee, the acknowledgeddaughter of the late lord Ali Tepelini, pasha of Yanina, andof Vasiliki, his favorite; she having been sold to me sevenyears previously, with her mother, who had died on arrivingat Constantinople, by a French colonel in the service of theVizier Ali Tepelini, named Fernand Mondego. Theabove-mentioned purchase was made on his highness's account,whose mandate I had, for the sum of four hundred thousandfrancs.
3.  "What is it you want, dear grandpapa?" said Valentine, andshe endeavored to recall to mind all the things which hewould be likely to need; and as the ideas presentedthemselves to her mind, she repeated them aloud, then, --finding that all her efforts elicited nothing but a constant"No," -- she said, "Come, since this plan does not answer, Iwill have recourse to another." She then recited all theletters of the alphabet from A down to N. When she arrivedat that letter the paralytic made her understand that shehad spoken the initial letter of the thing he wanted. "Ah,"said Valentine, "the thing you desire begins with the letterN; it is with N that we have to do, then. Well, let me see,what can you want that begins with N? Na -- Ne -- Ni -- No"--
4.  "But wherefore are you here?"
5.   "Gentlemen," said Morrel, reading all that passed throughthe minds of the witnesses to the scene, "I know what I amsaying, and you know as well as I do what I am about to say-- Valentine has been assassinated!" Villefort hung hishead, d'Avrigny approached nearer, and Noirtier said "Yes"with his eyes. "Now, sir," continued Morrel, "in these daysno one can disappear by violent means without some inquiriesbeing made as to the cause of her disappearance, even wereshe not a young, beautiful, and adorable creature likeValentine. Mr. Procureur," said Morrel with increasingvehemence, "no mercy is allowed; I denounce the crime; it isyour place to seek the assassin." The young man's implacableeyes interrogated Villefort, who, on his side, glanced fromNoirtier to d'Avrigny. But instead of finding sympathy inthe eyes of the doctor and his father, he only saw anexpression as inflexible as that of Maximilian. "Yes,"indicated the old man.
6.  "I cannot be mistaken; there are your horses! The veryanimals we were speaking of, harnessed to the count'scarriage!"


1.  "What a bad calculator you are!" exclaimed Danglars, callingto his assistance all his philosophy and dissimulation. "Ihave made money at the same time by speculations which havesucceeded. I have made up the loss of blood by nutrition. Ilost a battle in Spain, I have been defeated in Trieste, butmy naval army in India will have taken some galleons, and myMexican pioneers will have discovered some mine."
2.  "Then sell out -- sell out, marquis, or you will lose itall."
3.  "'Tis well," resumed the king. "And now, gentlemen," hecontinued, turning towards M. de Blacas and the minister ofpolice, "I have no further occasion for you, and you mayretire; what now remains to do is in the department of theminister of war."
4、  "The fact is, that you have inspired not only the pontificalgovernment, but also the neighboring states, with suchextreme fear, that they are glad of all opportunity ofmaking an example."
5、  "In the entire political world, of which you are one of theleaders."




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      The inn-keeper turned to Franz with an air that seemed tosay, "Your friend is decidedly mad."

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      "I am going, sir; and I do not hesitate to say that noprayers will be more fervent than mine." D'Avrigny took thepriest's hand, and without meeting Villefort, who wasengaged in his study, they reached Valentine's room, whichon the following night was to be occupied by theundertakers. On entering the room, Noirtier's eyes met thoseof the abbe, and no doubt he read some particular expressionin them, for he remained in the room. D'Avrigny recommendedthe attention of the priest to the living as well as to thedead, and the abbe promised to devote his prayers toValentine and his attentions to Noirtier. In order,doubtless, that he might not be disturbed while fulfillinghis sacred mission, the priest rose as soon as d'Avrignydeparted, and not only bolted the door through which thedoctor had just left, but also that leading to Madame deVillefort's room.

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       "No; but strongly recommends M. de Villefort, and begs me topresent him to your majesty."

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      "No, sir; Madame de Villefort sent for him half an hour ago;he went into her room, and has not been down-stairs since."A cold perspiration burst out on Villefort's brow; his legstrembled, and his thoughts flew about madly in his brainlike the wheels of a disordered watch. "In Madame deVillefort's room?" he murmured and slowly returned, with onehand wiping his forehead, and with the other supportinghimself against the wall. To enter the room he must againsee the body of his unfortunate wife. To call Edward he mustreawaken the echo of that room which now appeared like asepulchre; to speak seemed like violating the silence of thetomb. His tongue was paralyzed in his mouth.

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    {  "And you sit there, tearing your hair, instead of seeking toremedy your condition; I did not think that was the way ofyour people."

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      "But you understand that if the young man should want a fewthousands more" --}

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      "You have never heard his name?"

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      "Be it so!" said Villefort, raising his arms to heaven.

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       "But," continued Morcerf, "a propos of Danglars, -- we havestrangely wandered from the subject. We were speaking of asuitable habitation for the Count of Monte Cristo. Come,gentlemen, let us all propose some place. Where shall welodge this new guest in our great capital?"

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    {  "Diamond!" exclaimed La Carconte, rising and descending tothe chamber with a tolerably firm step; "what diamond areyou talking about?"

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      Dantes heard joyfully the key grate in the lock; he listeneduntil the sound of steps died away, and then, hastilydisplacing his bed, saw by the faint light that penetratedinto his cell, that he had labored uselessly the previousevening in attacking the stone instead of removing theplaster that surrounded it.