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2.  "Well, he is variable. I'll say that for him."
3.  I think I stood stunned for some moments. Then I have a confusedrecollection of snatching at a paper, of the remonstrance of theman, whom I had not paid, and, finally, of standing in the doorwayof a chemist's shop while I turned up the fateful paragraph. Thiswas how it ran:
4.  "Nothing of the kind."
5.  "Well, that is what we are here to find out. It has nothing whateverto do with our client, so far as I can read the situation. It issomething connected with the man he murdered- the man who may havebeen his confederate in crime. There is some guilty secret in theroom. That is how I read it. At first I thought our friend mighthave something in his collection more valuable than he knew- somethingworth the attention of a big criminal. But the fact that RodgerPrescott of evil memory inhabited these rooms points to some deeperreason. Well, Watson, we can but possess our souls in patience and seewhat the hour may bring."
6.  "One moment, Gregson," said Holmes. "I rather fancy that this ladymay be as anxious to give us information as we can be to get it. Youunderstand, madam, that your husband will be arrested and tried forthe death of the man who lies before us? What you say may be used inevidence. But if you think that he has acted from motives which arenot criminal, and which he would wish to have known, then you cannotserve him better than by telling us the whole story."


1.  "But not where such large interests are at stake?"
2.  "I was a little startled at the nature of the child's amusement, butthe father's laughter made me think that perhaps he was joking."'My sole duties, then,' I asked, 'are to take charge of a singlechild?'
3.  "Did Miss Dunbar admit writing it?"
4.  "Yes, Mr. Holmes, I teach music."
5.  "Is this not rather premature?"
6.  "It was a dog-grate, Mr. Holmes, and he overpitched it. I pickedthis out unburned from the back of it."


1.  "You arouse my curiosity," said I. "But why did you say just nowthat there were very particular reasons why I should study this case?""Because it was the first in which I was ever engaged."I had often endeavoured to elicit from my companion what had firstturned his mind in the direction of criminal research, but had nevercaught him before in a communicative humour. Now he sat forward in hisarmchair and spread out the documents upon his knees. Then he lithis pipe and sat for some time smoking and turning them over."You never heard me talk of Victor Trevor?" he asked. "He was theonly friend I made during the two years I was at college. I wasnever a very sociable fellow, Watson, always rather fond of mopingin my rooms and working out my own little methods of thought, sothat I never mixed much with the men of my year. Bar fencing andboxing I had few athletic tastes, and then my line of study wasquite distinct from that of the other fellows, so that we had nopoints of contact at all. Trevor was the only man I knew, and thatonly through the accident of his bull terrier freezing on to myankle one morning as I went down to chapel.
2.  "Yes, yes, you had better go. Now, Mr. Holmes, what have you tosay?"
3.  "A monkey, then?'
4.  "But has this impediment been removed?"
5.   "You are sure of it?"
6.  "Good God! It is incredible!"


1.  Holmes smiled.
2.  "I assure you that it was all a mystery to him as it is to you andto all of us. He had already put all his knowledge at the disposalof the police. Naturally he had no doubt that Cadogan West was guilty.But all the rest was inconceivable."
3.  "When evening came I felt that it would be an imprudence to leave soprecious a thing in the office behind me. Bankers' safes had beenforced before now, and why should not mine be? If so, how terriblewould be the position in which I should find myself! I determined,therefore, that for the next few days I would always carry the casebackward and forward with me, so that it might never be really outof my reach. With this intention, I called a cab and drove out to myhouse at Streatham, carrying the jewel with me. I did not breathefreely until I had taken it upstairs and locked it in the bureau of mydressing-room.
4、  "He'll be here when he promised," said I, "and not an instant sooneror later."
5、  "We must use what time we have," said Holmes "Watson, would you havethe kindness to take the paper and to read the paragraph in question?"Underneath the vigorous headlines which our client had quoted, Iread the following suggestive narrative:




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      It was, then, with considerable surprise that I received atelegram from Holmes last Tuesday- he has never been known to writewhere a telegram would serve- in the following terms:

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      "But what did he want?"

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       "That should be helpful, Watson," he remarked as we took our seatsin the Woolwich train. "We certainly owe Brother Mycroft a debt forhaving introduced us to what promises to be a really very remarkablecase."

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      "What about the Hall lake and the chance of a pike?" said Holmes.The face of the innkeeper clouded.

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    {  "Yes, sir, he wrote an answer."

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      "On the contrary, this is the right side."}

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      Our courtly friend had appeared in answer to a previous summons. Helistened with the deepest attention to Holmes's account of what hadoccurred.

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      "There we have it at last, Watson! British government- Woolwich.Arsenal- technical papers- Brother Mycroft, the chain is complete. Buthere he comes, if I am not mistaken, to speak for himself."A moment later the tall and portly form of Mycroft Holmes wasushered into the room. Heavily built and massive, there was asuggestion of uncouth physical inertia in the figure, but above thisunwieldy frame there was perched a head so masterful in its brow, soalert in its steel-gray, deep-set eyes, so firm in its lips, and sosubtle in its play of expression, that after the first glance oneforgot the gross body and remembered only the dominant mind.At his heels came our old friend Lestrade, of Scotland Yard- thinand austere. The gravity of both their faces foretold some weightyquest. The detective shook hands without a word. Mycroft Holmesstruggled out of his overcoat and subsided into an armchair."A most annoying business, Sherlock," said he. "I extremelydislike altering my habits, but the powers that be would take nodenial. In the present state of Siam it is most awkward that Ishould be away from the office. But it is a real crisis. I havenever seen the Prime Minister so upset. As to the Admiralty- it isbuzzing like an overturned bee-hive. Have you read up the case?""We have just done so. What were the technical papers?""Ah, there's the point! Fortunately, it has not come out. Thepress would be furious if it did. The papers which this wretched youthhad in his pocket were the plans of the Bruce-Partington submarine."Mycroft Holmes spoke with a solemnity which showed his sense ofthe importance of the subject. His brother and I sat expectant."Surely you have heard of it? I thought everyone had heard of it.""Only as a name."

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       It was a wild morning in October, and I observed as I was dressinghow the last remaining leaves were being whirled from the solitaryplane tree which graces the yard behind our house. I descended tobreakfast prepared to find my companion in depressed spirits, for,like all great artists, he was easily impressed by his surroundings.On the contrary, I found that he had nearly finished his meal, andthat his mood was particularly bright and joyous, with that somewhatsinister cheerfulness which was characteristic of his lighter moments."You have a case, Holmes?" I remarked.

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    {  "Where did you get it?"

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      "Who knows? The matter is certainly obscure. If I can't find whatthey are after, I must approach the matter from the other end andtry to get at the principal. Did this house-agent man give anyaddress?"