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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Chapter XLIV
2.  "I suppose you have to have some friends before you can get in,"she added, disconsolately.
3.  "S-s-t," said the other girl, bending over her work. The first,silenced, instantly assumed a solemn face. The foreman passedslowly along, eyeing each worker distinctly. The moment he wasgone, the conversation was resumed again.
4.  Carrie instantly brightened up, thinking he had meant it as arebuke.
5.  "Explain," said Mr. Bamberger feebly. He had the part of Ray,Laura's lover, the society individual who was to waver in histhoughts of marrying her, upon finding that she was a waif and anobody by birth.
6.  "Certainly," replied Carrie.


1.  She said good-bye with feigned indifference. What matter couldit make? Still, the coach seemed lorn.
2.  "Come off the car, pardner," said one of the men in a voice meantto be conciliatory. "You don't want to take the bread out ofanother man's mouth, do you?"
3.  Once during the day, when he sat near the radiator, hunched upand reading, she passed through, and seeing him, wrinkled herbrows. In the front room, where it was not so warm, she sat bythe window and cried. This was the life cut out for her, was it?To live cooped up in a small flat with some one who was out ofwork, idle, and indifferent to her. She was merely a servant tohim now, nothing more.
4.  Some half dozen men, standing on the corner, flung taunts andjeers after the speeding car.
5.  If ever there was dressiness it was here. It was thepersonification of the old term spick and span.
6.  "On the trolley lines?" said Carrie, astonished.


1.  A nervous, comely-dressed little girl stepped out. Carrietrembled for her out of the fulness of her own sympathies andfear.
2.  For her part, Carrie had experienced a world of fancy and feelingsince she had left him, the night before. She had listened toDrouet's enthusiastic maunderings with much regard for that partwhich concerned herself, with very little for that which affectedhis own gain. She kept him at such lengths as she could, becauseher thoughts were with her own triumph. She felt Hurstwood'spassion as a delightful background to her own achievement, andshe wondered what he would have to say. She was sorry for him,too, with that peculiar sorrow which finds somethingcomplimentary to itself in the misery of another. She was nowexperiencing the first shades of feeling of that subtle changewhich removes one out of the ranks of the suppliants into thelines of the dispensers of charity. She was, all in all,exceedingly happy.
3.  "Well," he said, "did you get along all right?"
4.  "Ah, you scab, you!" yelled the crowd. "You coward! Steal aman's job, will you? Rob the poor, will you, you thief? We'll getyou yet, now. Wait."
5.   As the first half-hour waned, certain characters appeared. Hereand there in the passing crowds one might see, now and then, aloiterer edging interestedly near. A slouchy figure crossed theopposite corner and glanced furtively in his direction. Anothercame down Fifth Avenue to the corner of Twenty-sixth Street, tooka general survey, and hobbled off again. Two or three noticeableBowery types edged along the Fifth Avenue side of Madison Square,but did not venture over. The soldier, in his cape overcoat,walked a short line of ten feet at his corner, to and fro,indifferently whistling.
6.  "Say, Harry," Hurstwood said to him one evening, as the latterstood at the bar drinking before wending his belated wayhomeward, "you can help the boys out, I guess."


1.  "Start your machine," he said, "start your machine. Don't keepthe line waiting."
2.  "I should say, turn to the dramatic field. You have so muchsympathy and such a melodious voice. Make them valuable toothers. It will make your powers endure."
3.  When he had finished it, he stood holding it in his hands. Theaudacity of the thing took his breath. It roused his ire also--the deepest element of revolt in him. His first impulse was towrite but four words in reply--"Go to the devil!"--but hecompromised by telling the boy that there would be no reply.Then he sat down in his chair and gazed without seeing,contemplating the result of his work. What would she do aboutthat? The confounded wretch! Was she going to try to bulldoze himinto submission? He would go up there and have it out with her,that's what he would do. She was carrying things with too high ahand. These were his first thoughts.
4、  "Perhaps I shall," she returned.
5、  He gave her credit for feelings superior to Drouet at the firstglance.




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      On this trip he enjoyed himself thoroughly, and when it was overhe was sorry to get back. He was not willingly a prevaricator,and hated thoroughly to make explanations concerning it. Thewhole incident was glossed over with general remarks, but Mrs.Hurstwood gave the subject considerable thought. She drove outmore, dressed better, and attended theatres freely to make up forit.

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      Carrie picked out the new abode because of its newness and brightwood-work. It was one of the very new ones supplied with steamheat, which was a great advantage. The stationary range, hot andcold water, dumb-waiter, speaking tubes, and call-bell for thejanitor pleased her very much. She had enough of the instinctsof a housewife to take great satisfaction in these things.

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       "Do you ever go to the Gansevoort Market over here?"

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      Hurstwood hearkened without much mental comment. These talkersseemed scared to him. Their gabbling was feverish--things saidto quiet their own minds. He looked out into the yard andwaited.

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    {  "You must not say that," she said, weakly.

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      "Well, I won't," said the little girl, who had a resource in heradmirers. "I went once and I didn't have anything at the end ofthe season."}

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      Now a critic called to get up one of those tinsel interviewswhich shine with clever observations, show up the wit of critics,display the folly of celebrities, and divert the public. Heliked Carrie, and said so, publicly--adding, however, that shewas merely pretty, good-natured, and lucky. This cut like aknife. The "Herald," getting up an entertainment for the benefitof its free ice fund, did her the honour to beg her to appearalong with celebrities for nothing. She was visited by a youngauthor, who had a play which he thought she could produce. Alas,she could not judge. It hurt her to think it. Then she foundshe must put her money in the bank for safety, and so moving,finally reached the place where it struck her that the door tolife's perfect enjoyment was not open.

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      "When will we be married?" she asked, diffidently, forgetting inher difficult situation that she had hoped he took her to beDrouet's wife.

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       Then he called to a young woman who was already of the company:

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    {  Carrie's countenance fell.

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      On Friday Carrie remembered her appointment with Hurstwood, andthe passing of the hour when she should, by all right of promise,have been in his company served to keep the calamity which hadbefallen her exceedingly fresh and clear. In her nervousness andstress of mind she felt it necessary to act, and consequently puton a brown street dress, and at eleven o'clock started to visitthe business portion once again. She must look for work.