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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Still more; as soon as Monsieur had left and disappeared roundthe corner of the street, Monsieur Bonacieux took his hat, shuthis door, and set off at a quick pace in an opposite direction.""It seems you are right, Planchet; all this appears to be alittle mysterious; and be assured that we will not pay him ourrent until the matter shall be categorically explained to us.""Monsieur jests, but Monsieur will see."
2.  "No; for perhaps they were too high-placed for anyone todare look for them where they were. The Palace of Justicewould not be burned down for everybody, monseigneur.""You think, then, that the fire at the Palace of Justice wasnot caused by chance?" asked Richelieu, in the tone withwhich he would have put a question of no importance."I, monseigneur?" replied Milady. "I think nothing; I quotea fact, that is all. Only I say that if I were named Madamede Montpensier, or the Queen Marie de Medicis, I should useless precautions than I take, being simply called MiladyClarik."
3.  "Here," said she, "here is a ring of great value, as I have beenassured. It came from my brother, the King of Spain. It ismine, and I am at liberty to dispose of it. Take this ring;raise money with it, and let your husband set out.""In an hour you shall be obeyed."
4.  "You shall not pass."
5.  "Well!" cried he, throwing his sword upon the bed, "this man mustbe the devil in person; he has disappeared like a phantom, like a shade, like a specter.""Do you believe in apparitions?" asked Athos of Porthos."I never believe in anything I have not seen, and as I never haveseen apparitions, I don't believe in them."
6.  And Lord de Winter ranged himself by the side of D'Artagnan, leaving theplace free for another accuser.


1.  "The doubles the offense," said Porthos, disengaging his arm fromthat of the procurator's wife; "for if you are rich, MadameCoquenard, then there is no excuse for your refusal.""When I said rich," replied the procurator's wife, who saw thatshe had gone too far, "you must not take the word literally. Iam not precisely rich, though I am pretty well off.""Hold, madame," said Porthos, "let us say no more upon thesubject, I beg of you. You have misunderstood me, all sympathyis extinct between us."
2.  "And what will she do now?" asked the young man.
3.  In a quarter of an hour he returned, accompanied by a tall man, masked,and wrapped in a large red cloak.
4.  "Meantime, night came on rapidly, and with night my terrorsincreased. I did not know but I had better remain where I wasseated. It appeared that I was surrounded with unknown dangersinto which I was about to fall at every instant. Although I hadeaten nothing since the evening before, my fears prevented myfeeling hunger.
5.  Yours affectionate
6.  "I go to London? Go to! You jest! I have no business inLondon."


1.  "Let me act as I please, Felton, let me act as I please," saidMilady, elated. "Every soldier must be ambitious, must he not?You are a lieutenant? Well, you will follow me to the grave withthe rank of captain."
2.  D'Artagnan comprehended their irresolution.
3.  Ten paces from the door the cardinal made a sign to hisesquire and the three Musketeers to halt. A saddled horsewas fastened to the window shutter. The cardinal knockedthree times, and in a peculiar manner.
4.  "But another thing."
5.   "Yes."
6.  Madame, Until the present moment I could not believe that itwas to me your first two letters were addressed, so unworthydid I feel myself of such an honor; besides, I was soseriously indisposed that I could not in any case havereplied to them.


1.  D'Artagnan went out first, as had been agreed upon. Then, inorder that he might have nothing to reproach himself with, hedirected his steps, for the last time, toward the residences ofhis three friends. No news had been received of them; only aletter, all perfumed and of an elegant writing in smallcharacters, had come for Aramis. D'Artagnan took charge of it.Ten minutes afterward Planchet joined him at the stables of theHotel des Gardes. D'Artagnan, in order that there might be notime lost, had saddled his horse himself.
2.  "I love him? I detest him! An idiot, who held the life ofLord de Winter in his bands and did not kill him, by which Imissed three hundred thousand livres' income."
3.  "Porthos, you are as vain as Narcissus; I plainly tell you so,"replied Aramis. "You know I hate moralizing, except when it isdone by Athos. As to you, good sir, you wear too magnificent abaldric to be strong on that head. I will be an abbe if it suitsme. In the meanwhile I am a Musketeer; in that quality I saywhat I please, and at this moment it pleases me to say that youweary me."
4、  "But this is tyranny!" cried one of them, in very good French,though with a foreign accent, "that this madman will not allowthese good people access to their own wine! Nonsense, let usbreak open the door, and if he is too far gone in his madness,well, we will kill him!"
5、  "Well, then, I wish that order of which you are bearer, seeingthat I have not one of my own and must have one.""You jest, I presume."




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      The novice let her speak, then seeing that she paused, she said, "Don'tyou know a gentleman named Athos?"

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      "Perhaps yes, perhaps no."

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       "Eight hundred livres."

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      "Still, then, I am a prisoner," said Milady, looking around her,and bringing back her eyes with a most gracious smile to theyoung officer; "but I feel assured it will not be for long,"added she. "My own conscience and your politeness, sir, are theguarantees of that."

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    {  "Oh, yes," said Kitty, clapping her hands, "very willing.""Well, then, come here, my dear," said D'Artagnan,establishing himself in an easy chair; "come, and let metell you that you are the prettiest SOUBRETTE I ever saw!"And he did tell her so much, and so well, that the poorgirl, who asked nothing better than to believe him, didbelieve him. Nevertheless, to D'Artagnan's great

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      It was useless to try to keep pace on foot with a carriagedrawn by two powerful horses. D'Artagnan therefore returnedto the Rue Ferou.}

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      M. de Treville, accompanied by the four young fellows, directedhis course toward the Louvre; but to the great astonishment ofthe captain of the Musketeers, he was informed that the king hadgone stag hunting in the forest of St. Germain. M. de Trevillerequired this intelligence to be repeated to him twice, and eachtime his companions saw his brow become darker.

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      "'Come,' said the wretch, 'is not peace much better than such awar as that? I will restore you to liberty this moment; I willproclaim you a piece of immaculate virtue; I will name you theLucretia of England.'

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       "Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I commit the corpse of thispoor devil to your care. Let him be interred in holyground. He committed a crime, it is true; but he repentedof it."

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    {  "Now, gentlemen," said Athos, when he had ascertained there were fivechambers free in the hotel, "let everyone retire to his own apartment.D'Artagnan needs to be alone, to weep and to sleep. I take charge ofeverything; be easy."

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      Athos stretched out his hand toward her.