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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The other had been silent all this time, but I had observed that hismore controlled excitement was even greater than the obtrusive emotionof the clergyman. He sat with a pale, drawn face, his anxious gazefixed upon Holmes, and his thin hands clasped convulsively together.His pale lips quivered as he listened to the dreadful experience whichhad befallen his family, and his dark eyes seemed to reflect somethingof the horror of the scene.
2.  "Yes," I said, "it is morally justifiable so long as our object isto take no articles save those which are used for an illegal purpose."Exactly. Since it is morally justifiable, I have only to considerthe question of personal risk. Surely a gentleman should not laymuch stress upon this, when a lady is in most desperate need of hishelp?"
3.  MY DEAR WATSON [it said]:
4.  "I come to a part of my story now in which I should wish to beparticularly so. I am not a very heavy sleeper, and the anxiety inmy mind tended, no doubt, to make me even less so than usual. Abouttwo in the morning, then, I was awakened by some sound in the house.It had ceased ere I was wide awake, but it had left an impressionbehind it as though a window had gently closed somewhere. I laylistening with all my ears. Suddenly, to my horror, there was adistinct sound of footsteps moving softly in the next room. Islipped out of bed, an palpitating with fear, and peeped round thecorner of my dressing-room door.
5.  "Very possibly! very possibly!" cried Mr. Pinner with a ghastlysmile. "Yes, I have no doubt that we shall be able to do something foryou. What is your particular line, Mr. Harris?"
6.  "No, sir."


1.  .
2.  I was aware that by anything of interest, Holmes meant anything ofcriminal interest. There was the news of a revolution, of a possiblewar, and of an impending change of government; but these did notcome within the horizon of my companion. I could see nothingrecorded in the shape of crime which was not commonplace and futile.Holmes groaned and resumed his restless meanderings.
3.  "Well, we shall set about explaining it. When once your point ofview is changed, the very thing which was so damning becomes a clue tothe truth. For example, there is this revolver. Miss Dunbardisclaims all knowledge of it. On our new theory she is speaking truthwhen she says so. Therefore, it was placed in her wardrobe. Who placedit there? Someone who wished to incriminate her. Was not that personthe actual criminal? You see how we come at once upon a mostfruitful line of inquiry."
4.  "It is simpler to deal direct," said Holmes.
5.  "The Duke, then?"
6.  "My dear Holmes!"


1.  "There is one flaw in your narrative, Sir Robert," he said atlast. "Your bets on the race, and therefore your hopes for the future,would hold good even if your creditors seized your estate.""The horse would be part of the estate. What do they care for mybets? As likely as not they would not run him at all. My chiefcrediter is, unhappily, my most bitter enemy- a rascally fellow, SamBrewer, whom I was once compelled to horsewhip on Newmarket Heath.Do you suppose that he would try to save me?"
2.  As we drove up to the porticoed front door, I observed in front ofit, beside the tennis lawn, the black tool-house and the pedestalledsundial with which we had such strange associations. A dapper littleman, with a quick, alert manner and a waxed moustache, had justdescended from a high dog-cart. He introduced himself as InspectorMartin, of the Norfolk Constabulary, and he was considerablyastonished when he heard the name of my companion.
3.  It was a small pyramid of black, putty-like stuff, exactly likethe one upon the table of the study. Holmes held it out on his openpalm in the glare of the electric light.
4.  "It could only have been at meal-time, or else at the hours when Iwould be in the schoolroom with the children."
5.   "Well?"
6.  "Mr. Holmes talks of signals," said Gregson. "I expect, as usual, heknows a good deal that we don't."


1.  "What I cannot understand," said I, "is why they should havespared you when they found you lying fainting in the garden. Perhapsthe villain was softened by the woman's entreaties."
2.  "'And New Zealand consolidated?'
3.  "None."
4、  "That is so. He called last Tuesday."
5、  Nov. 21st.




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      "I understand," said Holmes, "that you left your key in the door?""Yes, sir."

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      "Oh, Susan! Language!"

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       "It's a common enough lash. But I don't know why it should be tied.""That is not quite so common, is it? Ah, me! it's a wicked world,and when a clever man turns his brains to crime it is the worst ofall. I think that I have seen enough now, Miss Stoner, and with yourpermission we shall walk out upon the lawn."

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      "It goes to the housekeeper's room."

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    {  "Ask Mrs. Mason to bring baby down," said Ferguson. The boy went offwith a curious, shambling gait which told my surgical eyes that he wassuffering from a weak spine. Presently he returned, and behind himcame a tall, gaunt woman bearing in her arms a very beautiful child,dark-eyed, golden-haired, a wonderful mixture of the Saxon and theLatin. Ferguson was evidently devoted to it, for he took it into hisarms and fondled it most tenderly.

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      He was a large man with rounded shoulders, a massive head, anda broad, intelligent face, sloping down to a pointed beard ofgrizzled brown. A touch of red in nose and cheeks, with a slighttremor of his extended hand, recalled Holmes's surmise as to hishabits. His rusty black frock-coat was buttoned right up infront, with the collar turned up, and his lank wrists protrudedfrom his sleeves without a sign of cuff or shirt. He spoke in aslow staccato fashion, choosing his words with care, and gave theimpression generally of a man of learning and letters who had hadill-usage at the hands of fortune.}

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      "Mr. Holmes," said Hopkins, "I do not know how to express mygratitude. Even now I do not understand how you attained this result.""Simply by having the good fortune to get the right clue from thebeginning. It is very possible if I had known about this notebook itmight have led away my thoughts, as it did yours. But all I heardpointed in the one direction. The amazing strength, the skill in theuse of the harpoon, the rum and water, the sealskin tobacco-pouch withthe coarse tobacco-all these pointed to a seaman, and one who had beena whaler. I was convinced that the initials 'P.C.' upon the pouch werea coincidence, and not those of Peter Carey, since he seldom smoked,and no pipe was found in his cabin. You remember that I askedwhether whisky and brandy were in the cabin. You said they were. Howmany landsmen are there who would drink rum when they could getthese other spirits? Yes, I was certain it was a seaman.""And how did you find him?"

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      "I bowed.

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       "For a mixture of the modern and the mediaeval, if the practical andof the wildly fanciful, I think this is surely the limit," said he."What do you make of it, Watson?"

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    {  We have had some dramatic entrances and exits upon our small stageat Baker Street, but I cannot recollect anything more sudden andstartling than the first appearance of Thorneycroft Huxtable, M.A.,Ph.D., etc. His card, which seemed too small to carry the weight ofhis academic distinctions, preceded him by a few seconds, and thenhe entered himself- so large, so pompous, and so dignified that he wasthe very embodiment of self-possession and solidity. And yet his firstaction, when the door had closed behind him, was to stagger againstthe table, whence he slipped down upon the floor, and there was thatmajestic figure prostrate and insensible upon our bearskin hearthrug.We had sprung to our feet, and for a few moments we stared in silentamazement at this ponderous piece of wreckage, which told of somesudden and fatal storm far out on the ocean of life. Then Holmeshurried with a cushion for his head, and I with brandy for his lips.The heavy, white face was seamed with lines of trouble, the hangingpouches under the closed eyes were leaden in colour, the loose mouthdrooped dolorously at the corners, the rolling chins were unshaven.Collar and shirt bore the grime of a long journey, and the hairbristled unkempt from the well-shaped head. It was a sorely strickenman who lay before us.

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      Holmes shook his head mournfully.