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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "M. Beauchamp," announced the servant. "Come in, come in,"said Albert, rising and advancing to meet the young man."Here is Debray, who detests you without reading you, so hesays."
2.  "Nobody."
3.  "An H and an N, surmounted by a baron's coronet."
4.  "I cannot explain myself; but watch over him." Emmanuellooked around the room and caught sight of the pistols; hiseyes rested on the weapons, and he pointed to them. MonteCristo bent his head. Emmanuel went towards the pistols."Leave them," said Monte Cristo. Then walking towardsMorrel, he took his hand; the tumultuous agitation of theyoung man was succeeded by a profound stupor. Juliereturned, holding the silken purse in her hands, while tearsof joy rolled down her cheeks, like dewdrops on the rose.
5.  "Ah," said Andrea, "when may we hope for that pleasure?"
6.  "But why, Valentine, do you persist in anticipating theworst, -- why picture so gloomy a future?"


1.  "Nothing more simple," returned the count. "I had known thefamous Vampa for more than ten years. When he was quite achild, and only a shepherd, I gave him a few gold pieces forshowing me my way, and he, in order to repay me, gave me aponiard, the hilt of which he had carved with his own hand,and which you may have seen in my collection of arms. Inafter years, whether he had forgotten this interchange ofpresents, which ought to have cemented our friendship, orwhether he did not recollect me, he sought to take me, but,on the contrary, it was I who captured him and a dozen ofhis band. I might have handed him over to Roman justice,which is somewhat expeditious, and which would have beenparticularly so with him; but I did nothing of the sort -- Isuffered him and his band to depart."
2.  "Rue de la Fontaine."
3.  "Your excellency is mistaken; there are pirates, like thebandits who were believed to have been exterminated by PopeLeo XII., and who yet, every day, rob travellers at thegates of Rome. Has not your excellency heard that the Frenchcharge d'affaires was robbed six months ago within fivehundred paces of Velletri?"
4.  "We understand each other perfectly, then. Adieu, yourexcellency; depend upon me as firmly as I do upon you."
5.  "What is the matter, then, with this dear child? she hasjust left me, and she complained of being indisposed, but Idid not think seriously of it." The young woman with tearsin her eyes and every mark of affection of a true mother,approached Valentine and took her hand. D'Avrigny continuedto look at Noirtier; he saw the eyes of the old man dilateand become round, his cheeks turn pale and tremble; theperspiration stood in drops upon his forehead. "Ah," saidhe, involuntarily following Noirtier's eyes, which werefixed on Madame de Villefort, who repeated, -- "This poorchild would be better in bed. Come, Fanny, we will put herto bed." M. d'Avrigny, who saw that would be a means of hisremaining alone with Noirtier, expressed his opinion that itwas the best thing that could be done; but he forbade thatanything should be given to her except what he ordered.
6.  "Which?"


1.  "Father, I will," said Maximilian.
2.  Tuesday evening, at seven o'clock, descend from yourcarriage opposite the Via dei Pontefici, and follow theRoman peasant who snatches your torch from you. When youarrive at the first step of the church of San Giacomo, besure to fasten a knot of rose-colored ribbons to theshoulder of your harlequin costume, in order that you may berecognized. Until then you will not see me.
3.  "Not a word."
4.  "Have they any fortune?"
5.   Ali brought the box to his master, who examined the weaponswith a solicitude very natural to a man who is about tointrust his life to a little powder and shot. These werepistols of an especial pattern, which Monte Cristo had hadmade for target practice in his own room. A cap wassufficient to drive out the bullet, and from the adjoiningroom no one would have suspected that the count was, assportsmen would say, keeping his hand in. He was just takingone up and looking for the point to aim at on a little ironplate which served him as a target, when his study dooropened, and Baptistin entered. Before he had spoken a word,the count saw in the next room a veiled woman, who hadfollowed closely after Baptistin, and now, seeing the countwith a pistol in his hand and swords on the table, rushedin. Baptistin looked at his master, who made a sign to him,and he went out, closing the door after him. "Who are you,madame?" said the count to the veiled woman.
6.  "The Count of Monte Cristo!" said Danglars, more pale fromterror than he had been just before from hunger and misery.


1.  "I waited for him until this hour," replied Franz.
2.  "It seems to me," said Emmanuel, "that I see two young mendown there, who are evidently, waiting." Monte Cristo drewMorrel a step or two behind his brother-in-law."Maximilian," said he, "are your affections disengaged?"Morrel looked at Monte Cristo with astonishment. "I do notseek your confidence, my dear friend. I only ask you asimple question; answer it; -- that is all I require."
3.  One morning Albert was awakened by his valet de chambre, whoannounced Beauchamp. Albert rubbed his eyes, ordered hisservant to introduce him into the small smoking-room on theground-floor, dressed himself quickly, and went down. Hefound Beauchamp pacing the room; on perceiving him Beauchampstopped. "Your arrival here, without waiting my visit atyour house to-day, looks well, sir," said Albert. "Tell me,may I shake hands with you, saying, `Beauchamp, acknowledgeyou have injured me, and retain my friendship,' or must Isimply propose to you a choice of arms?"
4、  "Is my wife's fortune five hundred thousand livres?"
5、  He then took Peppino aside, gave him an order in a lowvoice, and Peppino went away, taking with him a torch,brought with them in the carriage. Five minutes elapsed,during which Franz saw the shepherd going along a narrowpath that led over the irregular and broken surface of theCampagna; and finally he disappeared in the midst of thetall red herbage, which seemed like the bristling mane of anenormous lion. "Now," said the count, "let us follow him."Franz and the count in their turn then advanced along thesame path, which, at the distance of a hundred paces, ledthem over a declivity to the bottom of a small valley. Theythen perceived two men conversing in the obscurity. "Oughtwe to go on?" asked Franz of the count; "or shall we waitawhile?"




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      "No; that his style of writing is very good."

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      "Pray, who may this famous Luigi Vampa be?" inquired Albert;"he may be very famous at Rome, but I can assure you he isquite unknown at Paris."

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       "By the governor's orders," said he, "conduct the prisonerto the tier beneath."

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      "Very well; and where is this house that I purchase?" askedthe count carelessly, addressing himself half to Bertuccio,half to the notary. The steward made a gesture thatsignified, "I do not know." The notary looked at the countwith astonishment. "What!" said he, "does not the count knowwhere the house he purchases is situated?"

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    {  The carriage entered by the Porto del Popolo, turned to theleft, and stopped at the Hotel d'Espagne. Old Pastrini, ourformer acquaintance, received the traveller at the door, hatin hand. The traveller alighted, ordered a good dinner, andinquired the address of the house of Thomson & French, whichwas immediately given to him, as it was one of the mostcelebrated in Rome. It was situated in the Via dei Banchi,near St. Peter's. In Rome, as everywhere else, the arrivalof a post-chaise is an event. Ten young descendants ofMarius and the Gracchi, barefooted and out at elbows, withone hand resting on the hip and the other gracefully curvedabove the head, stared at the traveller, the post-chaise,and the horses; to these were added about fifty littlevagabonds from the Papal States, who earned a pittance bydiving into the Tiber at high water from the bridge of St.Angelo. Now, as these street Arabs of Rome, more fortunatethan those of Paris, understand every language, moreespecially the French, they heard the traveller order anapartment, a dinner, and finally inquire the way to thehouse of Thomson & French. The result was that when thenew-comer left the hotel with the cicerone, a man detachedhimself from the rest of the idlers, and without having beenseen by the traveller, and appearing to excite no attentionfrom the guide, followed the stranger with as much skill asa Parisian police agent would have used.

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      Morrel examined the ledgers, opened the portfolio, andcounted the money. All his funds amounted to 6,000, or 8,000francs, his bills receivable up to the 5th to 4,000 or5,000, which, making the best of everything, gave him 14,000francs to meet debts amounting to 287,500 francs. He had noteven the means for making a possible settlement on account.However, when Morrel went down to his dinner, he appearedvery calm. This calmness was more alarming to the two womenthan the deepest dejection would have been. After dinnerMorrel usually went out and used to take his coffee at thePhocaean club, and read the Semaphore; this day he did notleave the house, but returned to his office.}

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      Dantes, as we have said, had traced the marks along therocks, and he had noticed that they led to a small creek.which was hidden like the bath of some ancient nymph. Thiscreek was sufficiently wide at its mouth, and deep in thecentre, to admit of the entrance of a small vessel of thelugger class, which would be perfectly concealed fromobservation.

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      "Oh, yes, indeed, madame," continued Monte Cristo, "thesecret dramas of the East begin with a love philtre and endwith a death potion -- begin with paradise and end with --hell. There are as many elixirs of every kind as there arecaprices and peculiarities in the physical and moral natureof humanity; and I will say further -- the art of thesechemists is capable with the utmost precision to accommodateand proportion the remedy and the bane to yearnings for loveor desires for vengeance."

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       "Then you will love me. If you are young, I will be yourcomrade; if you are old, I will be your son. I have a fatherwho is seventy if he yet lives; I only love him and a younggirl called Mercedes. My father has not yet forgotten me, Iam sure, but God alone knows if she loves me still; I shalllove you as I loved my father."

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    {  "My boy," said Caderousse sententiously, "one can talk whileeating. And then, you ungrateful being, you are not pleasedto see an old friend? I am weeping with joy." He was trulycrying, but it would have been difficult to say whether joyor the onions produced the greatest effect on the lachrymalglands of the old inn-keeper of the Pont-du-Gard. "Hold yourtongue, hypocrite," said Andrea; "you love me!"

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      "What are you saying to her?" said Morcerf in an undertone.