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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He looked around the square, and seeing the several large hotels,decided to go to one for dinner. He would get his papers andmake himself comfortable there.
2.  Hurstwood surprised himself with his fluency. By the natural lawwhich governs all effort, what he wrote reacted upon him. Hebegan to feel those subtleties which he could find words toexpress. With every expression came increased conception. Thoseinmost breathings which there found words took hold upon him. Hethought Carrie worthy of all the affection he could thereexpress.
3.  "She's not so inexperienced as she looks," he thought, andthereafter his respect and ardour were increased.
4.  "Where are you, Cad?" he said, using a pet name he had given her.
5.  "She was good-looking, wasn't she?" said the manager's companion,who had not caught all the details of the game he had played.
6.  "Don't what?" he asked. "What do you mean?"


1.  Carrie proceeded to get the "Clipper," and tried to find theagents by looking over it as she stood beside the stand. Thiscould not be done so easily. Thirteenth Street was a number ofblocks off, but she went back, carrying the precious paper andregretting the waste of time.
2.  "Oh, yes," said Mrs. Vance to Carrie, "we think we might as wellgive up the flat and store our things. We'll be gone for thesummer, and it would be a useless expense. I think we'll settlea little farther down town when we come back."
3.  "Well, do you intend to try and keep the money?"
4.  The next evening Carrie was called out, much as if for an error.
5.  "Why, how do you do, Mr. Hurstwood?" came from the firstindividual recognised.
6.  Nevertheless, wakened out of her melancholia and called to thedinner table, she changed her mind. A little food in the stomachdoes wonders. She went again, and in so doing temporarilyrecovered her equanimity. The great awakening blow had, however,been delivered. As often as she might recover from thesediscontented thoughts now, they would occur again. Time andrepetition--ah, the wonder of it! The dropping water and thesolid stone--how utterly it yields at last!


1.  It grew awfully dull sitting in the hotel lobby, and so at fourhe went home. He tried to put on a business air as he went in,but it was a feeble imitation. The rocking chair in the dining-room was comfortable. He sank into it gladly, with severalpapers he had bought, and began to read.
2.  "How are we going to pay it?" asked Carrie, astonished by thebill. "I can't do it."
3.  "Oh!" answered Carrie. "Why, certainly, dear. Why didn't youtell me before?"
4.  "What is it we're going to see?" asked Ames.
5.   "Well, I don't know," said Carrie, smiling.
6.  She did not hear this very well. Her heart was troubled by akind of terror. The fact that she was alone, away from home,rushing into a great sea of life and endeavour, began to tell.She could not help but feel a little choked for breath--a littlesick as her heart beat so fast. She half closed her eyes andtried to think it was nothing, that Columbia City was only alittle way off.


1.  "A man can make quite a strike writing a book," said Vance. "Inotice this fellow Ross is very much talked about." He waslooking at Carrie as he spoke.
2.  "Can you give me something to do?" said Carrie.
3.  Now she walked quite aimlessly for a time, turning here andthere, seeing one great company after another, but finding nocourage to prosecute her single inquiry. High noon came, and withit hunger. She hunted out an unassuming restaurant and entered,but was disturbed to find that the prices were exorbitant for thesize of her purse. A bowl of soup was all that she could afford,and, with this quickly eaten, she went out again. It restoredher strength somewhat and made her moderately bold to pursue thesearch.
4、  Nothing came of this until after the Brooklyn adventure ofHurstwood's and her success with the speaking part. Then shebegan to feel as if she must be free. She thought of leavingHurstwood and thus making him act for himself, but he haddeveloped such peculiar traits she feared he might resist anyeffort to throw him off. He might hunt her out at the show andhound her in that way. She did not wholly believe that he would,but he might. This, she knew, would be an embarrassing thing ifhe made himself conspicuous in any way. It troubled her greatly.
5、  "Can you always get in another show?"




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      "Is it very far?" asked Carrie."Not so very," said Hurstwood. He could hardly repress a smileat her simplicity. He wanted to explain and conciliate her, buthe also wanted to be well out of Chicago.

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      "Nothing of the kind," he answered. "I can't avoid businessrelations, and that's all there is to it."

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       "Do you?" said the girl. "They pay me fifteen, and you do morework than I do. I wouldn't stand it if I were you. They're justgiving you less because they think you don't know. You ought tobe making fifteen."

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      "Eddie Fahrway's got a new steam launch, and he wants me to comeup and see how it works."

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    {  Carrie soon found that while this drilling had some slightresemblance to the rehearsals as conducted at Avery Hall, theattitude of the manager was much more pronounced. She hadmarvelled at the insistence and superior airs of Mr. Millice, butthe individual conducting here had the same insistence, coupledwith almost brutal roughness. As the drilling proceeded, heseemed to wax exceedingly wroth over trifles, and to increase hislung power in proportion. It was very evident that he had agreat contempt for any assumption of dignity or innocence on thepart of these young women.

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      She put out her foot and looked at her shoe reflectively."I'll get a pair of shoes Saturday, anyhow; I don't care whathappens."}

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      It was when he returned from his disturbed stroll about thestreets, after receiving the decisive note from McGregor, Jamesand Hay, that Hurstwood found the letter Carrie had written himthat morning. He thrilled intensely as he noted the handwriting,and rapidly tore it open.

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      Carrie, however, was not to be reduced to the common level ofobservation which prevailed in the flat.

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       Drouet had not thought of that.

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    {  "Oh, it's as fine as it can be."

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      He turned on her such a storm of feeling that she wasoverwhelmed. For the moment all doubts were cleared away.