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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Then you accept his offer?" said the host.
2.  "Because to-morrow, Haidee, you will be free; you will thenassume your proper position in society, for I will not allowmy destiny to overshadow yours. Daughter of a prince, Irestore to you the riches and name of your father."
3.  "No."
4.  "Be easy on that score, M. Morrel; but do you think we shallbe permitted to see our poor Edmond?"
5.  Their number was formidable, now that he had begun to fear,and yet these names, powerful though they were, had oftencaused him to smile with the same kind of satisfactionexperienced by a traveller who from the summit of a mountainbeholds at his feet the craggy eminences, the almostimpassable paths, and the fearful chasms, through which hehas so perilously climbed. When he had run over all thesenames in his memory, again read and studied them, commentingmeanwhile upon his lists, he shook his head.
6.  Again the abbe looked at him, then mournfully shook hishead; but in accordance with Dantes' request, he began tospeak of other matters. The elder prisoner was one of thosepersons whose conversation, like that of all who haveexperienced many trials, contained many useful and importanthints as well as sound information; but it was neveregotistical, for the unfortunate man never alluded to hisown sorrows. Dantes listened with admiring attention to allhe said; some of his remarks corresponded with what healready knew, or applied to the sort of knowledge hisnautical life had enabled him to acquire. A part of the goodabbe's words, however, were wholly incomprehensible to him;but, like the aurora which guides the navigator in northernlatitudes, opened new vistas to the inquiring mind of thelistener, and gave fantastic glimpses of new horizons,enabling him justly to estimate the delight an intellectualmind would have in following one so richly gifted as Fariaalong the heights of truth, where he was so much at home.


1.  "Come, do not affect indifference, but confess you werepleased to have it."
2.  "I am glad to be reassured on that point. Apropos, when doyou aspect M. d'Epinay?"
3.  "And yet you will let me perish with hunger?"
4.  "No politics, Caderousse. And now that you have all youwant, and that we understand each other, jump down from thetilbury and disappear."
5.  "Oh, it must not be called suffering; I feel a generaluneasiness, that is all. I have lost my appetite, and mystomach feels as if it were struggling to get accustomed tosomething." Noirtier did not lose a word of what Valentinesaid. "And what treatment do you adopt for this singularcomplaint?"
6.  "Certainly, my dear sir."


1.  "And did you also discover a bitter taste?"
2.  "I came to tell you."
3.  "Well, then, Signor Aladdin," replied the singularamphitryon, "you heard our repast announced, will you nowtake the trouble to enter the dining-room, your humbleservant going first to show the way?" At these words, movingaside the tapestry, Sinbad preceded his guest. Franz nowlooked upon another scene of enchantment; the table wassplendidly covered, and once convinced of this importantpoint he cast his eyes around him. The dining-room wasscarcely less striking than the room he had just left; itwas entirely of marble, with antique bas-reliefs ofpriceless value; and at the four corners of this apartment,which was oblong, were four magnificent statues, havingbaskets in their hands. These baskets contained fourpyramids of most splendid fruit; there were Sicilypine-apples, pomegranates from Malaga, oranges from theBalearic Isles, peaches from France, and dates from Tunis.The supper consisted of a roast pheasant garnished withCorsican blackbirds; a boar's ham with jelly, a quarter of akid with tartar sauce, a glorious turbot, and a giganticlobster. Between these large dishes were smaller onescontaining various dainties. The dishes were of silver, andthe plates of Japanese china.
4.  "La Carconte went to a cupboard, and returned with an oldleathern pocket-book and a bag. From the former she tooksome greasy letters, and put in their place the bank-notes,and from the bag took two or three crowns of six livreseach, which, in all probability, formed the entire fortuneof the miserable couple. `There,' said Caderousse; `and now,although you have wronged us of perhaps 10,000 francs, willyou have your supper with us? I invite you with good-will.'-- `Thank you,' replied the jeweller, `it must be gettinglate, and I must return to Beaucaire -- my wife will begetting uneasy.' He drew out his watch, and exclaimed,`Morbleu, nearly nine o'clock -- why, I shall not get backto Beaucaire before midnight! Good-night, my friends. If theAbbe Busoni should by any accident return, think of me.' --`In another week you will have left Beaucaire.' remarkedCaderousse, `for the fair ends in a few days.' -- `True, butthat makes no difference. Write to me at Paris, to M.Joannes, in the Palais Royal, arcade Pierre, No. 45. I willmake the journey on purpose to see him, if it is worthwhile.' At this moment there was a tremendous clap ofthunder, accompanied by a flash of lightning so vivid, thatit quite eclipsed the light of the lamp.
5.   "In 1807, a month before I was arrested, and a fortnightafter the death of the Count of Spada, on the 25th ofDecember (you will see presently how the date became fixedin my memory), I was reading, for the thousandth time, thepapers I was arranging, for the palace was sold to astranger, and I was going to leave Rome and settle atFlorence, intending to take with me twelve thousand francs Ipossessed, my library, and the famous breviary, when, tiredwith my constant labor at the same thing, and overcome by aheavy dinner I had eaten, my head dropped on my hands, and Ifell asleep about three o'clock in the afternoon. I awoke asthe clock was striking six. I raised my head; I was in utterdarkness. I rang for a light, but as no one came, Idetermined to find one for myself. It was indeed butanticipating the simple manners which I should soon be underthe necessity of adopting. I took a wax-candle in one hand,and with the other groped about for a piece of paper (mymatch-box being empty), with which I proposed to get a lightfrom the small flame still playing on the embers. Fearing,however, to make use of any valuable piece of paper, Ihesitated for a moment, then recollected that I had seen inthe famous breviary, which was on the table beside me, anold paper quite yellow with age, and which had served as amarker for centuries, kept there by the request of theheirs. I felt for it, found it, twisted it up together, andputting it into the expiring flame, set light to it.
6.  "And you will pay" --


1.  "He comes possibly from the Holy Land, and one of hisancestors possessed Calvary, as the Mortemarts did the DeadSea."
2.  M. de Blacas pondered deeply between the confident monarchand the truthful minister. Villefort, who did not choose toreveal the whole secret, lest another should reap all thebenefit of the disclosure, had yet communicated enough tocause him the greatest uneasiness.
3.  "Did I know anything about it, when it was all done when Iwas down there?"
4、  Haidee became pale, and lifting her transparent hands toheaven, exclaimed in a voice stifled with tears, "Then youleave me, my lord?"
5、  "Shall we make a positive appointment for a particular dayand hour?" inquired the count; "only let me warn you that Iam proverbial for my punctilious exactitude in keeping myengagements."




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      "Well, go on." Signor Pastrini turned toward Franz, whoseemed to him the more reasonable of the two; we must do himjustice, -- he had had a great many Frenchmen in his house,but had never been able to comprehend them. "Excellency,"said he gravely, addressing Franz, "if you look upon me as aliar, it is useless for me to say anything; it was for yourinterest I" --

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      "Then make yourself quite easy. M. Danglars would givedouble that sum to attain the same end."

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       "What happened to him?" asked the owner, with an air ofconsiderable resignation. "What happened to the worthycaptain?"

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      "Oh, yes -- yes, I do, sir; it is the pede claudo of theancients. I know all that, for it is with the justice of allcountries especially that I have occupied myself -- it iswith the criminal procedure of all nations that I havecompared natural justice, and I must say, sir, that it isthe law of primitive nations, that is, the law ofretaliation, that I have most frequently found to beaccording to the law of God."

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    {  "Wait a moment -- no threats, if you please, M. FernandMondego, Vicomte de Morcerf; I never allow them from myenemies, and therefore shall not put up with them from myfriends. You insist on my contradicting the article relatingto General Fernand, an article with which, I assure you onmy word of honor, I had nothing whatever to do?"

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      "Yes," said Debray, "but then Ostia is only a few leaguesfrom Rome."}

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      Dantes ran down the rocks at the risk of being himselfdashed to pieces; he listened, he groped about, but he heardand saw nothing -- the cries had ceased, and the tempestcontinued to rage. By degrees the wind abated, vast grayclouds rolled towards the west, and the blue firmamentappeared studded with bright stars. Soon a red streak becamevisible in the horizon, the waves whitened, a light playedover them, and gilded their foaming crests with gold. It wasday.

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      "No, Valentine, I assure you such is not the case. I wasobserving you both when you were walking in the garden, and,on my honor, without at all wishing to depreciate the beautyof Mademoiselle Danglars, I cannot understand how any mancan really love her."

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       "Oh, I shall not," cried Franz.

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    {  "`How,' do you ask? When we parted at the Pont du Var, youtold me you were going to travel through Piedmont andTuscany; but instead of that, you come to Paris."

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      "Mercedes," said Caderousse eagerly.