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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "One more question, Mr. Holmes. From an expression which myhusband dropped in the first shock of this disaster I understoodthat terrible public consequences might arise from the loss of thisdocument."
2.  "I should say it was. That was the real Shoscombe breed. There ain'ta better in England."
3.  My friend smiled and laid his hand upon my arm. "I think, Watson,that I shall resume that course of tobacco-poisoning which you have sooften and so justly condemned," said he. "With your permission,gentlemen, we will now return to our cottage, for I am not awarethat any new factor is likely to come to our notice here. I willturn the facts over in my mind, Mr. Tregennis, and should anythingoccur to me I will certainly communicate with you and the vicar. Inthe meantime I wish you both good-morning."
4.  "`What do you call purely nominal?'
5.  "Ah, that's a long story- rather a whimsical one, too. I don't thinkin all our explorations of human complexities we have ever come uponanything more singular. The fellow will be here presently forcross-examination, so I won't open the matter up till he comes. But,meanwhile, that's the name we want."
6.  eccentricities. It was only age which stood in the way."About this time a little mystery suddenly clouded the normalroutine of the professor's life. He did what he had never done before.He left home and gave no indication where he was going. He was awaya fortnight and returned looking rather travel-worn. He made noallusion to where he had been, although he was usually the frankest ofmen. It chanced, however, that our client here, Mr. Bennett,received a letter from a fellow-student in Prague, who said that hewas glad to have seen Professor Presbury there, although he had notbeen able to talk to him. Only in this way did his own household learnwhere he had been.


1.  "My Lord, she must have a nerve!"
2.  "Alice is her name. She is an American and came from California withher."
3.  "Told about the murder?"
4.  "That will do very nicely. Then perhaps I had better postpone myanalysis of the acetones, as we may need to be at our best in themorning."
5.  "Who was the criminal, then?"
6.  "And I have some business to do which will take some hours.This business at Coburg Square is serious."


1.  Holmes snorted his contempt.
2.  .
3.  "Such a remark is unworthy of you, Holmes. It shows me veryclearly the state of your own nerves. But if you have no confidence inme I would not intrude my services. Let me bring Sir Jasper Meek orPenrose Fisher, or any of the best men in London. But someone you musthave, and that is final. If you think that I am going to stand hereand see you die without either helping you myself or bringing anyoneelse to help you, then you have mistaken your man."
4.  "Look in here!" said Mr. Rucastle, showing me a slit between twoplanks. "Is he not a beauty?"
5.   "Yes, sir, we saw the chip on the ledge. I expect it's been doneby some passer-by."
6.  "Naturally, I made some inquiries about the man. I found that he hadbeen in command of a whaler which was due to return from the Arcticseas at the very time when my father was crossing to Norway. Theautumn of that year was a stormy one, and there was a longsuccession of southerly gales. My father's yacht may well have beenblown to the north, and there met by Captain Peter Carey's ship. Ifthat were so, what had become of my father? In any case, if I couldprove from Peter Carey's evidence how these securities came on themarket it would be a proof that my father had not sold them, andthat he had no view to personal profit when he took them."I came down to Sussex with the intention of seeing the captain, butit was at this moment that his terrible death occurred. I read atthe inquest a description of his cabin, in which it stated that theold logbooks of his vessel were preserved in it. It struck me thatif I could see what occurred in the month of August, 1883, on boardthe Sea Unicorn, I might settle the mystery of my father's fate. Itried last night to get at these logbooks, but was unable to openthe door. To-night I tried again and succeeded, but I find that thepages which deal with that month have been torn from the book. It wasat that moment I found myself a prisoner in your hands.""Is that all?" asked Hopkins.


1.  "We know where to lay our hands on this gentleman if he iswanted," said the sergeant majestically, "but you'll have to go, Mr.Holmes."
2.  "Listen, Holmes!" There was a sound as if he was shaking the dyingman, and it was all that I could do to hold myself quiet in myhiding-place. "You must hear me. You shall hear me. Do you remembera box- an ivory box? It came on Wednesday. You opened it- do youremember?"
3.  "Wait a little, Mr. Holder. We must come back to that. About thisgirl, Miss Holder. You saw her return by the kitchen door, I presume?""Yes; when I went to see if the door was fastened for the night Imet her slipping in. I saw the man, too, in the gloom.""Do you know him?"
4、  "I think I should like to sit quietly for a few minutes and think itout." He seated himself upon the stone ledge of the bridge, and Icould see his quick gray eyes darting their questioning glances inevery direction. Suddenly he sprang up again and ran across to theopposite parapet, whipped his lens from his pocket, and began toexamine the stonework.
5、  "Yes, sir. They must get it back, sir. Why, we had the PrimeMinister and the Home Secretary both sitting on that very sofa. Mr.Holmes was very nice to them. He soon put them at their ease andpromised he would do all he could. Then there is Lord Cantlemere-""Ah!"




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      "Exactly! There are certainly objections. But it is a formidablecase which they have to meet."

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      Again the gentle murmur.

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       It was a nice equipment for a respectable citizen to carry throughthe dim, fog-draped streets. I stowed them all discreetly away in myovercoat and drove straight to the address given. There sat myfriend at a little round table near the door of the garish Italianrestaurant.

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      "I have done the lawn and the bicycle shed," said, he. "I havealso had a rumble through the Ragged Shaw. Now, Watson, there is cocoaready in the next room. I must beg you to hurry, for we have a greatday before us."

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    {  "'I thought you might run short in the night-time, sir. It is bitterweather and these rooms are cold.'

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      I gave a start of astonishment. Accustomed as I was to Holmes'scurious faculties, this sudden intrusion into my most intimatethoughts was utterly inexplicable.}

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      "The Royal Munsters is, as you know, one of the most famous Irishregiments in the British Army. It did wonders both in the Crimea andthe Mutiny, and has since that time distinguished itself upon everypossible occasion. It was commanded up to Monday night by JamesBarclay, a gallant veteran, who started as a full private, wasraised to commissioned rank for his bravery at the time of the Mutiny,and so lived to command the regiment in which he had once carried amusket.

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      "Halloa! What's this?" said he.

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       disappointment and annoyance.

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    {  "But do you tell me that you never go out?" he said.

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      "Who is on duty?" asked Holmes.