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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Alas! ill - fortune leads me here, Where riot still grows louder; And 'mong thewitches gather'd here But two alone wear powder!Young Witch
2.  The way is broad, the way is long; What mad pursuit! What tumult wild!Scratches the besom and sticks the prong; Crush'd is the mother, and stifledthe child.
3.  Altmayer
4.  Mephistopheles
5.  Thanks for your fair salute.
6.  How! goes the fellow on a halting foot?


1.  Worldling
2.  Ay, neighbour! So let matters stand for me! There they may scatter oneanother's brains, And wild confusion round them see So here at home in quietall remains! Old Woman (to the Burghers' Daughters) Heyday! How smart!The fresh young blood! Who would not fall in love with you? Not quite soproud! 'Tis well and good! And what you wish, that I could help you to.Burgher's Daughter
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  Mephistopheles
5.  Margaret
6.  Mephistopheles (aside)


1.  Shall I yield, thing of flame, to thee? Faust, and thine equal, I am he!Spirit
2.  Faust (enters)
3.  Faust
4.  Chorus
5.   The world behold; Unceasingly roll'd, It riseth and falleth ever; It ringeth likeglass! How brittle, alas! 'Tis hollow, and resteth never. How bright the sphere,Still brighter here! Now living am I! Dear son, beware! Nor venture there!Thou too must die! It is of clay; 'Twill crumble away; There fragments lie.Mephistopheles
6.  I felt a shock, it went through every limb! A chair! I'm fainting! All thingsswim!


1.  Margaret (alone at her spinning wheel)
2.  Plan all things to achieve my end! Engage the attention of her friend! No milk- and - water devil be, And bring fresh jewels instantly!Mephistopheles
3.  A! tara lara da!
4、  Frosch
5、  My brother! God! what can this mean?




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      What, all my truth, my love forgotten quite? My weary drudgery by day andnight!

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       Altmayer (aside)

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      Chorus of Angels

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    {  The Hartz Mountains. District of Schierke and ElendFaust and Mephistopheles

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      Woe's me! well - nigh distraught I feel!}

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      How mean you, Sir?

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      No trinket! no love - token did he send! What every journeyman safe in hispouch will hoard There for remembrance fondly stored, And rather hungers,rather begs than spend!

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    {  Judex ergo cum sedebit, Quidquid latet adparebit, Nil inultum remanebit.Margaret

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      We, his true - hearted, With spices and myrrh, Embalmed the departed, Andswathed him with care; Here we conveyed Him, Our Master, so dear; Alas!Where we laid Him, The Christ is not here,