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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Fifty feet!" responded Dantes, almost terrified.
2.  "Oh, a mere nothing," said Monte Cristo. "The balance wouldcome to about that sum; but keep it, and we shall be quits."
3.  The night was one of feverish distraction, and in itsprogress visions good and evil passed through Dantes' mind.If he closed his eyes, he saw Cardinal Spada's letterwritten on the wall in characters of flame -- if he sleptfor a moment the wildest dreams haunted his brain. Heascended into grottos paved with emeralds, with panels ofrubies, and the roof glowing with diamond stalactites.Pearls fell drop by drop, as subterranean waters filter intheir caves. Edmond, amazed, wonderstruck, filled hispockets with the radiant gems and then returned to daylight,when be discovered that his prizes had all changed intocommon pebbles. He then endeavored to re-enter themarvellous grottos, but they had suddenly receded, and nowthe path became a labyrinth, and then the entrance vanished,and in vain did he tax his memory for the magic andmysterious word which opened the splendid caverns of AliBaba to the Arabian fisherman. All was useless, the treasuredisappeared, and had again reverted to the genii from whomfor a moment he had hoped to carry it off. The day came atlength, and was almost as feverish as the night had been,but it brought reason to the aid of imagination, and Danteswas then enabled to arrange a plan which had hitherto beenvague and unsettled in his brain. Night came, and with itthe preparation for departure, and these preparations servedto conceal Dantes' agitation. He had by degrees assumed suchauthority over his companions that he was almost like acommander on board; and as his orders were always clear,distinct, and easy of execution, his comrades obeyed himwith celerity and pleasure.
4.  "They denounced Edmond as a Bonapartist agent."
5.  "I did."
6.  "It was offered with good will," said Dantes.


1.  "Oh, the Champs Elysees? Ah, yes; we burn, as they say atthe game of pincette. The Champs Elysees? Come, let us talka little about my father."
2.  "I have already had the pleasure of meeting this gentlemanat Auteuil, at the house of the Count of Monte Cristo,"replied Madame de Villefort, turning away with markedcoldness of manner. This answer, and especially the tone inwhich it was uttered, chilled the heart of poor Morrel. Buta recompense was in store for him; turning around, he sawnear the door a beautiful fair face, whose large blue eyeswere, without any marked expression, fixed upon him, whilethe bouquet of myosotis was gently raised to her lips.
3.  "Father, your coolness makes me shudder."
4.  "Oh, that is charming," said Albert, "how I should like tohear my countrywomen called Mademoiselle Goodness,Mademoiselle Silence, Mademoiselle Christian Charity! Onlythink, then, if Mademoiselle Danglars, instead of beingcalled Claire-Marie-Eugenie, had been named MademoiselleChastity-Modesty-Innocence Danglars; what a fine effect thatwould have produced on the announcement of her marriage!"
5.  "Yes, and I am come to look for him; he is a friend ofmine."
6.  "I entreat you, doctor!"


1.  "Of course, you know you can do so. But what can be thematter? Your note of this morning has completely bewilderedme. This precipitation -- this unusual appointment. Come,ease me of my anxiety, or else frighten me at once."
2.  "What do they say?"
3.  "The vessel was very old to risk that," said the Englishman.
4.  "What?"
5.   "What is that?"
6.  "And writes me thence."


1.  "Alas, your excellency is right," replied Bertuccio, "andGod made this infant the instrument of our punishment. Neverdid a perverse nature declare itself more prematurely, andyet it was not owing to any fault in his bringing up. He wasa most lovely child, with large blue eyes, of that deepcolor that harmonizes so well with the blond complexion;only his hair, which was too light, gave his face a mostsingular expression, and added to the vivacity of his look,and the malice of his smile. Unfortunately, there is aproverb which says that `red is either altogether good oraltogether bad.' The proverb was but too correct as regardedBenedetto, and even in his infancy he manifested the worstdisposition. It is true that the indulgence of hisfoster-mother encouraged him. This child, for whom my poorsister would go to the town, five or six leagues off, topurchase the earliest fruits and the most temptingsweetmeats, preferred to Palma grapes or Genoese preserves,the chestnuts stolen from a neighbor's orchard, or the driedapples in his loft, when he could eat as well of the nutsand apples that grew in my garden. One day, when Benedettowas about five or six, our neighbor Vasilio, who, accordingto the custom of the country, never locked up his purse orhis valuables -- for, as your excellency knows, there are nothieves in Corsica -- complained that he had lost a louisout of his purse; we thought he must have made a mistake incounting his money, but he persisted in the accuracy of hisstatement. One day, Benedetto, who had been gone from thehouse since morning, to our great anxiety, did not returnuntil late in the evening, dragging a monkey after him,which he said he had found chained to the foot of a tree.For more than a month past, the mischievous child, who knewnot what to wish for, had taken it into his head to have amonkey. A boatman, who had passed by Rogliano, and who hadseveral of these animals, whose tricks had greatly divertedhim, had, doubtless, suggested this idea to him. `Monkeysare not found in our woods chained to trees,' said I;`confess how you obtained this animal.' Benedetto maintainedthe truth of what he had said, and accompanied it withdetails that did more honor to his imagination than to hisveracity. I became angry; he began to laugh, I threatened tostrike him, and he made two steps backwards. `You cannotbeat me,' said he; `you have no right, for you are not myfather.'
2.  "Patience," said the abbe, in a tone which made the dyingman shudder; "have patience!" Caderousse looked at him withamazement. "Besides," said the abbe, "God is merciful toall, as he has been to you; he is first a father, then ajudge."
3.  Dantes had been flung into the sea, and was dragged into itsdepths by a thirty-six pound shot tied to his feet. The seais the cemetery of the Chateau d'If.
4、  For a week since he had resolved to die, and during the fourdays that he had been carrying out his purpose, Edmond hadnot spoken to the attendant, had not answered him when heinquired what was the matter with him, and turned his faceto the wall when he looked too curiously at him; but now thejailer might hear the noise and put an end to it, and sodestroy a ray of something like hope that soothed his lastmoments.
5、  "There is no need to do that," said Franz, taking out histablets; "for I saw the account, and copied it down."




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      Having seen Jacopo fairly out of the harbor, Dantesproceeded to make his final adieus on board The YoungAmelia, distributing so liberal a gratuity among her crew asto secure for him the good wishes of all, and expressions ofcordial interest in all that concerned him. To the captainhe promised to write when he had made up his mind as to hisfuture plans. Then Dantes departed for Genoa. At the momentof his arrival a small yacht was under trial in the bay;this yacht had been built by order of an Englishman, who,having heard that the Genoese excelled all other buildersalong the shores of the Mediterranean in the construction offast-sailing vessels, was desirous of possessing a specimenof their skill; the price agreed upon between the Englishmanand the Genoese builder was forty thousand francs. Dantes,struck with the beauty and capability of the little vessel,applied to its owner to transfer it to him, offering sixtythousand francs, upon condition that he should be allowed totake immediate possession. The proposal was too advantageousto be refused, the more so as the person for whom the yachtwas intended had gone upon a tour through Switzerland, andwas not expected back in less than three weeks or a month,by which time the builder reckoned upon being able tocomplete another. A bargain was therefore struck. Dantes ledthe owner of the yacht to the dwelling of a Jew; retiredwith the latter for a few minutes to a small back parlor,and upon their return the Jew counted out to the shipbuilderthe sum of sixty thousand francs in bright gold pieces.

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      "You know his business here, then."

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       "Wait," said Monte Cristo, "I wish to take one final glancearound this room."

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      "Mademoiselle," replied Morrel with a bitter smile, "I amselfish -- you have already said so -- and as a selfish manI think not of what others would do in my situation, but ofwhat I intend doing myself. I think only that I have knownyou not a whole year. From the day I first saw you, all myhopes of happiness have been in securing your affection. Oneday you acknowledged that you loved me, and since that daymy hope of future happiness has rested on obtaining you, forto gain you would be life to me. Now, I think no more; I sayonly that fortune has turned against me -- I had thought togain heaven, and now I have lost it. It is an every-dayoccurrence for a gambler to lose not only what he possessesbut also what he has not." Morrel pronounced these wordswith perfect calmness; Valentine looked at him a moment withher large, scrutinizing eyes, endeavoring not to let Morreldiscover the grief which struggled in her heart. "But, in aword, what are you going to do?" asked she.

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    {  "I agree with you entirely, sir; but all that even you knowwith respect to the French code, I know, not only inreference to that code, but as regards the codes of allnations. The English, Turkish, Japanese, Hindu laws, are asfamiliar to me as the French laws, and thus I was right,when I said to you, that relatively (you know thateverything is relative, sir) -- that relatively to what Ihave done, you have very little to do; but that relativelyto all I have learned, you have yet a great deal to learn."

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      "Yes, yes; but let us go. I feel as though it would kill meto remain long near that dreadful man." So saying, Haideearose, and wrapping herself in her burnoose of whitecashmire embroidered with pearls and coral, she hastilyquitted the box at the moment when the curtain was risingupon the fourth act.}

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      "Wait a moment -- no threats, if you please, M. FernandMondego, Vicomte de Morcerf; I never allow them from myenemies, and therefore shall not put up with them from myfriends. You insist on my contradicting the article relatingto General Fernand, an article with which, I assure you onmy word of honor, I had nothing whatever to do?"

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      "Yes, to escort him into the capital. Really, my dearGerard, you are but a child; you think yourself wellinformed because the telegraph has told you, three daysafter the landing, `The usurper has landed at Cannes withseveral men. He is pursued.' But where is he? what is hedoing? You do not know at all, and in this way they willchase him to Paris, without drawing a trigger."

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    {  "On the contrary," replied the count, "did you not hear herdeclare that we were friends?" They re-entered thedrawing-room, which Valentine and Madame de Villefort hadjust quitted. It is perhaps needless to add that Morreldeparted almost at the same time.

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      "No," he cried, "they have not wounded, but perhaps theyhave robbed me!" and he thrust his hands into his pockets.They were untouched; the hundred louis he had reserved forhis journey from Rome to Venice were in his trousers pocket,and in that of his great-coat he found the little note-casecontaining his letter of credit for 5,050,000 francs."Singular bandits!" he exclaimed; "they have left me mypurse and pocket-book. As I was saying last night, theyintend me to be ransomed. Hallo, here is my watch! Let mesee what time it is." Danglars' watch, one of Breguet'srepeaters, which he had carefully wound up on the previousnight, struck half past five. Without this, Danglars wouldhave been quite ignorant of the time, for daylight did notreach his cell. Should he demand an explanation from thebandits, or should he wait patiently for them to propose it?The last alternative seemed the most prudent, so he waiteduntil twelve o'clock. During all this time a sentinel, whohad been relieved at eight o'clock, had been watching hisdoor. Danglars suddenly felt a strong inclination to see theperson who kept watch over him. He had noticed that a fewrays, not of daylight, but from a lamp, penetrated throughthe ill-joined planks of the door; he approached just as thebrigand was refreshing himself with a mouthful of brandy,which, owing to the leathern bottle containing it, sentforth an odor which was extremely unpleasant to Danglars."Faugh!" he exclaimed, retreating to the farther corner ofhis cell.