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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Because I feel that if you were only to touch me with thetip of your finger the fit would return."
2.  "Yes, you; it would not be astonishing."
3.  "Ah, indeed?" said Monte Cristo.
4.  "No," he replied, "only hark how he sighs! Come, come,Fernand," said Caderousse, "hold up your head, and answerus. It's not polite not to reply to friends who ask news ofyour health."
5.  "And you would be pleased to have, instead of this terraceof twenty feet, an enclosure of two acres?"
6.  "In that case," replied the abbe, "he should be rich,happy."


1.  "But you may have excited jealousy. You are about to becomecaptain at nineteen -- an elevated post; you are about tomarry a pretty girl, who loves you; and these two pieces ofgood fortune may have excited the envy of some one."
2.  "Where is Fernand?" inquired Caderousse.
3.  "Good-by, for the present," replied the count, walking upontiptoe towards the library door, and smiling with anexpression so sad and paternal that the young girl's heartwas filled with gratitude. Before closing the door he turnedaround once more, and said, "Not a movement -- not a word;let them think you asleep, or perhaps you may be killedbefore I have the power of helping you." And with thisfearful injunction the count disappeared through the door,which noiselessly closed after him.
4.  "Hush, do not mention these things," said Danglars; then,approaching Monte Cristo, he added, "especially before youngM. Cavalcanti;" after which he smiled, and turned towardsthe young man in question. Albert had left the count tospeak to his mother, Danglars to converse with youngCavalcanti; Monte Cristo was for an instant alone. Meanwhilethe heat became excessive. The footmen were hasteningthrough the rooms with waiters loaded with ices. MonteCristo wiped the perspiration from his forehead, but drewback when the waiter was presented to him; he took norefreshment. Madame de Morcerf did not lose sight of MonteCristo; she saw that he took nothing, and even noticed hisgesture of refusal.
5.  "Unless you are blind, or have never been outside theharbor, you must know."
6.  "Yes."


1.  "And in half an hour," said Maximilian in a gloomy voice,"our name is dishonored!"
2.  "Nothing can be easier than to comply with your excellency'swish," said the landlord, opening the door of the chamber;"I have caused one to be placed on the landing, close byyour apartment." Then, taking the tablet from the wall, hehanded it to Franz, who read as follows: --
3.  "They may if they like, but we will not."
4.  "Here are two hundred," said Andrea; and he placed ten goldlouis in the hand of Caderousse.
5.   "Yes," returned Dantes, holding out his hand, "I thank youagain."
6.  "Well, well," returned M. Morrel, "we shall see. But nowhasten on board, I will join you there ere long." So saying,the worthy shipowner quitted the two allies, and proceededin the direction of the Palais de Justice.


1.  "With this needle," said the abbe, as, opening his raggedvestments, he showed Dantes a long, sharp fish-bone, with asmall perforated eye for the thread, a small portion ofwhich still remained in it. "I once thought," continuedFaria, "of removing these iron bars, and letting myself downfrom the window, which, as you see, is somewhat wider thanyours, although I should have enlarged it still morepreparatory to my flight; however, I discovered that Ishould merely have dropped into a sort of inner court, and Itherefore renounced the project altogether as too full ofrisk and danger. Nevertheless, I carefully preserved myladder against one of those unforeseen opportunities ofwhich I spoke just now, and which sudden chance frequentlybrings about." While affecting to be deeply engaged inexamining the ladder, the mind of Dantes was, in fact,busily occupied by the idea that a person so intelligent,ingenious, and clear-sighted as the abbe might probably beable to solve the dark mystery of his own misfortunes, wherehe himself could see nothing.
2.  "I rave?" said Morrel; "well, then, I appeal to M. d'Avrignyhimself. Ask him, sir, if he recollects the words he utteredin the garden of this house on the night of Madame deSaint-Meran's death. You thought yourselves alone, andtalked about that tragical death, and the fatality youmentioned then is the same which has caused the murder ofValentine." Villefort and d'Avrigny exchanged looks. "Yes,yes," continued Morrel; "recall the scene, for the words youthought were only given to silence and solitude fell into myears. Certainly, after witnessing the culpable indolencemanifested by M. de Villefort towards his own relations, Iought to have denounced him to the authorities; then Ishould not have been an accomplice to thy death, as I nowam, sweet, beloved Valentine; but the accomplice shallbecome the avenger. This fourth murder is apparent to all,and if thy father abandon thee, Valentine, it is I, and Iswear it, that shall pursue the assassin." And this time, asthough nature had at least taken compassion on the vigorousframe, nearly bursting with its own strength, the words ofMorrel were stifled in his throat; his breast heaved; thetears, so long rebellious, gushed from his eyes; and hethrew himself weeping on his knees by the side of the bed.
3.  "You?"
4、  "It is for you," replied a gendarme.
5、  "Come," said Madame Danglars, "leave music and compliments,and let us go and take tea."




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      "So much the better for the dogs," said Monte Cristo.

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      "And what did you think of this fine story, eavesdropper?"said Monte Cristo; "did you credit it?"

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       "Yes, monsieur, a most excellent sister."

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      After continuing some time in profound meditation, the youngman suddenly exclaimed, "I have found what you were insearch of!"

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    {  "But you will not make me your confidant, Maximilian?" saidthe count, in a tone which showed how gladly he would havebeen admitted to the secret.

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      "Yes," said the physician, "I repeat it; she is still alive,and I am astonished at it."}

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      "Nay, madame, the law is frequently powerless to effectthis; all it can do is to avenge the wrong done."

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      "Do you prefer I should seek M. d'Epinay?"

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       "And you have seen this cavern, Morcerf?" asked Beauchamp.

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    {  "`You will sell this diamond; you will divide the money intofive equal parts, and give an equal portion to these goodfriends, the only persons who have loved me upon earth.'"

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      "I do not mean that for you, Blacas," continued LouisXVIII.; "for if you have discovered nothing, at least youhave had the good sense to persevere in your suspicions. Anyother than yourself would have considered the disclosure ofM. de Villefort insignificant, or else dictated by venalambition," These words were an allusion to the sentimentswhich the minister of police had uttered with so muchconfidence an hour before.