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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well."
2.  "Take this pen and paper, and write what I dictate."
3.  "Do not be alarmed," said Beauchamp; "he will meet you. Myonly fear is that he will be too strong for you."
4.  "And what is your deduction from this compensation, sir?"inquired Monte Cristo.
5.  Debray mechanically stopped and looked at the baroness,whose face became covered with blushes. "Read," she said.
6.  "I never joke with bankers," said Monte Cristo in a freezingmanner, which repelled impertinence; and he turned to thedoor, just as the valet de chambre announced, -- "M. deBoville, receiver-general of the charities."


1.  "I am sure I have, and you shall judge for yourself; butfirst listen to the history of this paper."
2.  "Sire," said Villefort, "the usurper is detested in thesouth; and it seems to me that if he ventured into thesouth, it would be easy to raise Languedoc and Provenceagainst him."
3.  "Why, that which Dantes left at Porto-Ferrajo."
4.  "No doubt; but unfortunately for the prisoners, the AbbeFaria had an attack of catalepsy, and died."
5.  There was nothing else left for Franz to do but to take uphis hat, open the door of the box, and offer the countesshis arm. It was quite evident, by her manner, that heruneasiness was not feigned; and Franz himself could notresist a feeling of superstitious dread -- so much thestronger in him, as it arose from a variety of corroborativerecollections, while the terror of the countess sprang froman instinctive belief, originally created in her mind by thewild tales she had listened to till she believed themtruths. Franz could even feel her arm tremble as he assistedher into the carriage. Upon arriving at her hotel, Franzperceived that she had deceived him when she spoke ofexpecting company; on the contrary, her own return beforethe appointed hour seemed greatly to astonish the servants."Excuse my little subterfuge," said the countess, in replyto her companion's half-reproachful observation on thesubject; "but that horrid man had made me feel quiteuncomfortable, and I longed to be alone, that I mightcompose my startled mind." Franz essayed to smile. "Nay,"said she, "do not smile; it ill accords with the expressionof your countenance, and I am sure it does not spring fromyour heart. however, promise me one thing."
6.  "Ah," asked the countess, "who is out in the streets of Romeat this hour, unless it be to go to a ball?"


1.  "I do not know; he is no longer in my hands," repliedVillefort.
2.  "I have already told you," answered the abbe, "that I loathethe idea of shedding blood."
3.  "Grenoble will open her gates to him with enthusiasm -- allLyons will hasten to welcome him. Believe me, we are as wellinformed as you, and our police are as good as your own.Would you like a proof of it? well, you wished to concealyour journey from me, and yet I knew of your arrival half anhour after you had passed the barrier. You gave yourdirection to no one but your postilion, yet I have youraddress, and in proof I am here the very instant you aregoing to sit at table. Ring, then, if you please, for asecond knife, fork, and plate, and we will dine together."
4.  "That will do -- that will do, Monsieur Bertuccio; sparethese gentlemen all such domestic arrangements. You have thewindow, that is sufficient. Give orders to the coachman; andbe in readiness on the stairs to conduct us to it." Thesteward bowed, and was about to quit the room. "Ah,"continued the count, "be good enough to ask Pastrini if hehas received the tavoletta, and if he can send us an accountof the execution."
5.   "Oh," cried Morrel, almost tempted to throw himself on hisknees before Noirtier and Valentine, and to adore them astwo superior beings, "what have I ever done in my life tomerit such unbounded happiness?"
6.  "What is the matter?" asked M. d'Avrigny, at the foot of thestairs, it being the hour he usually visited her.


1.  "Oh, I am a Christian," cried Dantes, guessing instinctivelythat this man meant to abandon him. "I swear to you by himwho died for us that naught shall induce me to breathe onesyllable to my jailers; but I conjure you do not abandon me.If you do, I swear to you, for I have got to the end of mystrength, that I will dash my brains out against the wall,and you will have my death to reproach yourself with."
2.  "Fernand."
3.  "They lost her?"
4、  "Monsieur Franz is his friend, you know."
5、  "Of what use would it be? Shut the dungeon as if he werealive -- that is all." Then the steps retreated, and thevoices died away in the distance; the noise of the door,with its creaking hinges and bolts ceased, and a silencemore sombre than that of solitude ensued, -- the silence ofdeath, which was all-pervasive, and struck its icy chill tothe very soul of Dantes. Then he raised the flag-stonecautiously with his head, and looked carefully around thechamber. It was empty, and Dantes emerged from the tunnel.




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      "I agree with you entirely, sir; but all that even you knowwith respect to the French code, I know, not only inreference to that code, but as regards the codes of allnations. The English, Turkish, Japanese, Hindu laws, are asfamiliar to me as the French laws, and thus I was right,when I said to you, that relatively (you know thateverything is relative, sir) -- that relatively to what Ihave done, you have very little to do; but that relativelyto all I have learned, you have yet a great deal to learn."

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      "Go on, then, for I see I shall not get to the Chamber thismorning, and I must make up for it."

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       As he said this, the man came towards Edmond, who heard aheavy metallic substance laid down beside him, and at thesame moment a cord was fastened round his feet with suddenand painful violence.

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      "For Andrea Rondolo?" asked Franz.

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    {  "What," he stammered, "do you mean to keep that money?Excuse me, excuse me, but I owe this money to the charityfund, -- a deposit which I promised to pay this morning."

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      "Yes. After giving me the plan of this house, doubtlesshoping I should kill the count and he thus become his heir,or that the count would kill me and I should be out of hisway, he waylaid me, and has murdered me."}

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      "Why, what can have happened?" he exclaimed, "what has thusdisturbed you? Is M. de Saint-Meran with you?"

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      ...ar Spada."

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       The priest gazed on the person addressing him with a longand searching gaze -- there even seemed a disposition on hispart to court a similar scrutiny on the part of theinn-keeper; then, observing in the countenance of the latterno other expression than extreme surprise at his own want ofattention to an inquiry so courteously worded, he deemed itas well to terminate this dumb show, and therefore said,speaking with a strong Italian accent, "You are, I presume,M. Caderousse?"

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    {  "Has the Corsican ogre broken loose?" cried a third.

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      "Come," said the count mildly, "do not entertain theprejudices of ordinary men, Morrel! Acknowledge, that ifAlbert is brave, he cannot be a coward; he must then havehad some reason for acting as he did this morning, andconfess that his conduct is more heroic than otherwise."