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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  For answer Holmes pushed back the frill of black lace whichfringed the hand that lay upon our visitor's knee. Five little lividspots, the marks of four fingers and a thumb, were printed upon thewhite wrist.
2.  "I had a friend once called Maudsley, who went to the bad, andhas just been serving his time in PentonvilIe. One day he had metme, and fell into talk about the ways of thieves, and how theycould get rid of what they stole. I knew that he would be true tome, for I knew one or two things about him; so I made up my mindto go right on to Kilburn, where he lived, and take him into myconfidence. He would show me how to turn the stone into money.But how to get to him in safety? I thought of the agonies I hadgone through in coming from the hotel. I might at any moment beseized and searched, and there would be the stone in my waistcoatpocket. I was leaning against the wall at the time and looking atthe geese which were waddling about round my feet, and suddenly anidea came into my head which showed me how I could beat the bestdetective that ever lived.
3.  "He has, has he? I'll do him down a thick 'un for that if I swingfor it."
4.  "Perhaps they have not heard yet of all that happened here duringthe night?"
5.  "You make too much of a trifle," said I. "May I ask how you knew whoI was?"
6.  "The head is surely clear enough and the tail we should seeto-morrow. Did you notice nothing curious about that advertisement?""I saw that the word 'plough' was misspelt."


1.  A drive of an hour brought us to the picture-dealer's establishment.He was a small, stout man with a red face and a peppery manner."Yes, sir. On my very counter, sir," said he. "What we pay rates andtaxes for I don't know, when any ruffian can come in and break one'sgoods. Yes, sir, it was I who sold Dr. Barnicot his two statues.Disgraceful, sir! A Nihilist plot- that's what I make it. No one butan anarchist would go about breaking statues. Red republicans-that's what I call 'em. Who did I get the statues from? I don't seewhat that has to do with it. Well, if you really want to know, I gotthem from Gelder & Co., in Church Street, Stepney. They are awell-known house in the trade, and have been this twenty years. Howmany had I? Three- two and one are three- two of Dr. Barnicot's, andone smashed in broad daylight on my own counter. Do I know thatphotograph? No, I don't. Yes, I do, though. Why, it's Beppo. He wasa kind of Italian piece-work man, who made himself useful in the shop.He could carve a bit, and gild and frame, and do odd jobs. Thefellow left me last week, and I've heard nothing of him since. No, Idon't know where he came from nor where he went to. I had nothingagainst him while he was here. He was gone two days before the bustwas smashed."
2.  "What have you against him?"
3.  "When he was gone I unlocked my bureau, made sure that my treasurewas safe, and locked it again. Then I started to go round the house tosee that all was secure-a duty which I usually leave to Mary but whichI thought it well to perform myself that night. As I came down thestairs I saw Mary herself at the side window of the hail, which sheclosed and fastened as I approached.
4.  Dr. Sterndale raised his giant figure, bowed gravely, and walkedfrom the arbour. Holmes lit his pipe and handed me his pouch."Some fumes which are not poisonous would be a welcome change," saidhe. "I think you must agree, Watson, that it is not a case in which weare called upon to interfere. Our investigation has beenindependent, and our action shall be so also. You would not denouncethe man?"
5.  "Naturally."
6.  Colonel Walter died in prison towards the end of the second yearof his sentence. As to Holmes, he returned refreshed to hismonograph upon the Polyphonic Motets of Lassus, which has since beenprinted for private circulation, and is said by experts to be the lastword upon the subject. Some weeks afterwards I learned incidentallythat my friend spent a day at Windsor, whence he returned with aremarkably fine emerald tie-pin. When I asked him if he had bought it,he answered that it was a present from a certain gracious lady inwhose interests he had once been fortunate enough to carry out a smallcommission. He said no more; but I fancy that I could guess at thatlady's august name, and I have little doubt that the emerald pinwill forever recall to my friend's memory the adventure of theBruce-Partington plans.


1.  "It's a police matter, Mr. Holmes" she cried. "I'll have no moreof it. He shall pack out of there with his baggage. I would havegone straight up and told him so, only I thought it was but fair toyou to take your opinion first. But I'm at the end of my patience, andwhen it comes to knocking my old man about-"
2.  I had just finished my tea when he returned, evidently inexcellent spirits, swinging an old elastic-sided boot in his hand.He chucked it down into a corner and helped himself to a cup of tea."I only looked in as I passed," said he. "I am going right on.""Where to?"
3.  "Because, my dear Watson, I had the strongest possible reason forwishing certain people to think that I was there when I was reallyelsewhere."
4.  "'I cannot, Jack, I cannot,' she cried.
5.   "And you thought the rooms were watched?"
6.  "None at all. You are most welcome. The place will, of course, heshut up, but Mrs. Saunders is in the basement up to four o'clock andwould let you in with her key."


1.  "And on Monday he made no remarks before leaving you?"
2.  "No, but you have now," said Holmes. "Now, sir, you must see thatafter Bannister's words your position is hopeless, and that youronly chance lies in a frank confession."
3.  "How was that?"
4、  "Consider," I said, "all the essential gaps in your case. On themorning of the crime he can surely prove an alibi. He had been withhis scholars till the last moment, and within a few minutes ofMcPherson's appearance he came upon us from behind. Then bear inmind the absolute impossibility that he could singlehanded haveinflicted this outrage upon a man quite as strong as himself. Finally,there is this question of the instrument with which these injurieswere inflicted."
5、  "Mercer is since your time," said Holmes. "He is my generalutility man who looks up routine business. It was important to knowsomething of the man with whom our professor was so secretlycorresponding. His nationality connects up with the Prague visit.""Thank goodness that something connects with something," said I. "Atpresent we seem to be faced by a long series of inexplicable incidentswith no bearing upon each other. For example, what possible connectioncan there be between an angry wolfhound and a visit to Bohemia, oreither of them with a man crawling down a passage at night? As to yourdates, that is the biggest mystification of all."




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      "The butcher's?"

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      "You never shall know."

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      "Exactly!" Holmes had become very serious. "When does this ladtend to the furnace?"

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    {  "So now, my dear fellow, you see exactly how we stand and why itis I want you. It is perfectly plain that after the ladies parted fromthis man he followed them at a distance, that he saw the quarrelbetween husband and wife through the window, that he rushed in, andthat the creature which he carried in his box got loose. That is allvery certain. But he is the only person in this world who can tellus exactly what happened in that room."

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      A lath-and-plaster partition had been run across the passage sixfeet from the end, with a door cunningly concealed in it. It was litwithin by slits under the eaves. A few articles of furniture and asupply of food and water were within, together with a number ofbooks and papers.}

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      "Her health, Mr. Holmes. She seems to be wasting away. And there'ssomething terrible on her mind. 'Murder!' she cries. 'Murder!' Andonce I heard her: 'You cruel beast! You monster!' she cried. It was inthe night, and it fair rang through the house and sent the shiversthrough me. So I went to her in the morning. 'Mrs. Ronder,' I says,'if you have anything that is troubling your soul, there's theclergy,' I says, 'and there's the police. Between them you shouldget some help.' 'For God's sake, not the police!' says she, 'and theclergy can't change what is past. And yet,' she says, 'it would easemy mind if someone knew the truth before I died.' 'Well,' says I,'if you won't have the regulars, there is this detective man what weread about'- beggin' your pardon, Mr. Holmes. And she, she fair jumpedat it. 'That's the man,' says she. 'I wonder I never thought of itbefore. Bring him here, Mrs. Merrilow, and if he won't come, tellhim I am the wife of Ronder's wild beast show. Say that, and givehim the name Abbas Parva. Here it is as she wrote it, Abbas Parva.'That will bring him if he's the man I think he is.'"

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      The face of our unpleasant little visitor turned as white as hisneckcloth.

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       "Do you mean to say that anyone holding these three papers, andwithout the seven others, could construct a Bruce-Partingtonsubmarine?"

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    {  "For heaven's sake, Holmes," he said hoarsely; "if you can see thetruth in this matter, do not keep me in suspense. How do I stand? Whatshall I do? I care nothing as to how you have found your facts so longas you have really got them."

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      "Good God! Why did you not call in a doctor?"