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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What? you have been to sea?"
2.  "And how shall I be dressed?" demanded Andrea.
3.  "Upon a hundred francs!"
4.  "What? That French officer" --
5.  "Ah," interrupted Morcerf, laughing, "Beauchamp, Beauchamp,keep that for the Corsaire or the Charivari, but spare myfuture father-in-law before me." Then, turning to MonteCristo, "You just now spoke his name as if you knew thebaron?"
6.  "Well, well, said the count, "who told you that?"


1.  * The performance of the civil marriage.
2.  Edmond did not lose a word, but comprehended very little ofwhat was said. The voices soon ceased, and it seemed to himas if every one had left the cell. Still he dared not toenter, as they might have left some turnkey to watch thedead. He remained, therefore, mute and motionless, hardlyventuring to breathe. At the end of an hour, he heard afaint noise, which increased. It was the governor whoreturned, followed by the doctor and other attendants. Therewas a moment's silence, -- it was evident that the doctorwas examining the dead body. The inquiries soon commenced.
3.  At the moment Caderousse quitted his sentry-like watchbefore the door, the road on which he so eagerly strainedhis sight was void and lonely as a desert at mid-day. Thereit lay stretching out into one interminable line of dust andsand, with its sides bordered by tall, meagre trees,altogether presenting so uninviting an appearance, that noone in his senses could have imagined that any traveller, atliberty to regulate his hours for journeying, would chooseto expose himself in such a formidable Sahara. Nevertheless,had Caderousse but retained his post a few minutes longer,he might have caught a dim outline of something approachingfrom the direction of Bellegarde; as the moving object drewnearer, he would easily have perceived that it consisted ofa man and horse, between whom the kindest and most amiableunderstanding appeared to exist. The horse was of Hungarianbreed, and ambled along at an easy pace. His rider was apriest, dressed in black, and wearing a three-cornered hat;and, spite of the ardent rays of a noonday sun, the paircame on with a fair degree of rapidity.
4.  "You had your portfolio with you, then? Now, how could asailor find room in his pocket for a portfolio large enoughto contain an official letter?"
5.  "Indeed."
6.  "He knew so well, that from that moment he shut himself inhis house, and never went out unattended, seeking me highand low. Fortunately, I was so well concealed that he couldnot find me. Then he became alarmed, and dared not stay anylonger at Nimes, so he solicited a change of residence, and,as he was in reality very influential, he was nominated toVersailles. But, as you know, a Corsican who has sworn toavenge himself cares not for distance, so his carriage, fastas it went, was never above half a day's journey before me,who followed him on foot. The most important thing was, notto kill him only -- for I had an opportunity of doing so ahundred times -- but to kill him without being discovered --at least, without being arrested. I no longer belonged tomyself, for I had my sister-in-law to protect and providefor. For three months I watched M. de Villefort, for threemonths he took not a step out-of-doors without my followinghim. At length I discovered that he went mysteriously toAuteuil. I followed him thither, and I saw him enter thehouse where we now are, only, instead of entering by thegreat door that looks into the street, he came on horseback,or in his carriage, left the one or the other at the littleinn, and entered by the gate you see there." Monte Cristomade a sign with his head to show that he could discern inthe darkness the door to which Bertuccio alluded. "As I hadnothing more to do at Versailles, I went to Auteuil, andgained all the information I could. If I wished to surprisehim, it was evident this was the spot to lie in wait forhim. The house belonged, as the concierge informed yourexcellency, to M. de Saint-Meran, Villefort's father-in-law.M. de Saint-Meran lived at Marseilles, so that this countryhouse was useless to him, and it was reported to be let to ayoung widow, known only by the name of `the baroness.'


1.  "Well, in the Champs Elysees there resides a very richgentleman."
2.  "Oh, by the house of Fenzi, one of the best in Florence."
3.  "Whom do you mean?"
4.  "Go on, my dear duke, go on -- I listen."
5.   "My father has been a Jacobin more than anything else," saidVillefort, carried by his emotion beyond the bounds ofprudence; "and the senator's robe, which Napoleon cast onhis shoulders, only served to disguise the old man withoutin any degree changing him. When my father conspired, it wasnot for the emperor, it was against the Bourbons; for M.Noirtier possessed this peculiarity, he never projected anyUtopian schemes which could never be realized, but strovefor possibilities, and he applied to the realization ofthese possibilities the terrible theories of The Mountain,-- theories that never shrank from any means that weredeemed necessary to bring about the desired result."
6.  "The best thing I can do will be to certify the truth of thecontents of your petition." And, sitting down, Villefortwrote the certificate at the bottom.


1.  "No, your excellency."
2.  "However," continued Faria, seeing that the inspector wasabout to depart, "it is not absolutely necessary for us tobe alone; the governor can be present."
3.  "Valentine," he answered, "during my long watch over you,all I have observed has been what people visited you, whatnourishment was prepared, and what beverage was served;then, when the latter appeared dangerous to me, I entered,as I have now done, and substituted, in the place of thepoison, a healthful draught; which, instead of producing thedeath intended, caused life to circulate in your veins."
4、  "And her name is -- "
5、  "With being an agent of the Bonapartist faction!" Many ofour readers may be able to recollect how formidable such anaccusation became in the period at which our story is dated.




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      "He is more than that," replied Chateau-Renaud; "he is oneof the most extraordinary men I ever saw in my life. Are youcoming, Morrel?"

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      "M. de Villefort!" cried the king, "is the messenger's nameM. de Villefort?"

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       This time he could not blame Dantes. He was wrong to leaveit there, but the jailer was wrong not to have looked beforehim.

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      "Have you shown this letter to any one?" asked Villefort,becoming still more pale.

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    {  "It is not worth while."

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      "No," interrupted Mercedes, "but I have seen him whom Iloved on the point of murdering my son." Mercedes utteredthese words with such deep anguish, with an accent of suchintense despair, that Monte Cristo could not restrain a sob.The lion was daunted; the avenger was conquered. "What doyou ask of me?" said he, -- "your son's life? Well, he shalllive!" Mercedes uttered a cry which made the tears startfrom Monte Cristo's eyes; but these tears disappeared almostinstantaneously, for, doubtless, God had sent some angel tocollect them -- far more precious were they in his eyes thanthe richest pearls of Guzerat and Ophir.}

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      "You will, then, come on Saturday?"

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      "Who will give it to you -- your prince?"

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       "It is an unheard-of fatality. I draw upon him for 600,000francs, my bills are returned unpaid, and, more than that, Ihold bills of exchange signed by him to the value of 400,000francs, payable at his correspondent's in Paris at the endof this month. To-day is the 30th. I present them; but mycorrespondent has disappeared. This, with my Spanishaffairs, made a pretty end to the month."

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    {  "At whose house you robbed and murdered, did you not?"

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