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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The stranger might have numbered sixty or sixty-five years;but a certain briskness and appearance of vigor in hismovements made it probable that he was aged more fromcaptivity than the course of time. He received theenthusiastic greeting of his young acquaintance with evidentpleasure, as though his chilled affections were rekindledand invigorated by his contact with one so warm and ardent.He thanked him with grateful cordiality for his kindlywelcome, although he must at that moment have been sufferingbitterly to find another dungeon where he had fondlyreckoned on discovering a means of regaining his liberty.
2.  "But you should have inquired for the woman; you should havetraced her."
3.  "Well, I was but four years old when one night I wassuddenly awakened by my mother. We were in the palace ofYanina; she snatched me from the cushions on which I wassleeping, and on opening my eyes I saw hers filled withtears. She took me away without speaking. When I saw herweeping I began to cry too. `Hush, child!' said she. Atother times in spite of maternal endearments or threats, Ihad with a child's caprice been accustomed to indulge myfeelings of sorrow or anger by crying as much as I feltinclined; but on this occasion there was an intonation ofsuch extreme terror in my mother's voice when she enjoinedme to silence, that I ceased crying as soon as her commandwas given. She bore me rapidly away.
4.  "Bring me a carafe of water," said the abbe.
5.  "Do you intend devoting it to charitable purposes, then?"pursued the notary.
6.  "It is very fortunate," she observed, "that such substancescould only be prepared by chemists; otherwise, all the worldwould be poisoning each other."


1.  "You -- you?" said the young man, looking fearfully aroundhim.
2.  "You heard it for the first time at Marseilles, twenty-threeyears ago, the day of your marriage with Mademoiselle deSaint-Meran. Refer to your papers."
3.  "Oh, certainly."
4.  "The best thing I can do will be to certify the truth of thecontents of your petition." And, sitting down, Villefortwrote the certificate at the bottom.
5.  "Reverend sir!"
6.  "May I, at least, return?" asked Morrel.


1.  "I mean that M. de Monte Cristo, digging underneath thesetrees, found neither skeleton nor chest, because neither ofthem was there!"
2.  "Well," said Villefort, "what is it? -- Who rang? -- Whoasked for me?"
3.  Dantes had tasted nothing, but he thought not of hunger atsuch a moment; he hastily swallowed a few drops of rum, andagain entered the cavern. The pickaxe that had seemed soheavy, was now like a feather in his grasp; he seized it,and attacked the wall. After several blows he perceived thatthe stones were not cemented, but had been merely placed oneupon the other, and covered with stucco; he inserted thepoint of his pickaxe, and using the handle as a lever, withjoy soon saw the stone turn as if on hinges, and fall at hisfeet. He had nothing more to do now, but with the iron toothof the pickaxe to draw the stones towards him one by one.The aperture was already sufficiently large for him toenter, but by waiting, he could still cling to hope, andretard the certainty of deception. At last, after renewedhesitation, Dantes entered the second grotto. The secondgrotto was lower and more gloomy than the first; the airthat could only enter by the newly formed opening had themephitic smell Dantes was surprised not to find in the outercavern. He waited in order to allow pure air to displace thefoul atmosphere, and then went on. At the left of theopening was a dark and deep angle. But to Dantes' eye therewas no darkness. He glanced around this second grotto; itwas, like the first, empty.
4.  "I shall do whatever they do at Paris, madame, if I have thegood fortune to find some one who will initiate me into theprevalent ideas of amusement."
5.   "A skilful preparation of my friend's the worthy AbbeAdelmonte, who taught me the use of it."
6.  "Where?"


1.  "Your excellencies are aware," responded the landlord,swelling with importance, "that the Count of Monte Cristo isliving on the same floor with yourselves!"
2.  "I do, indeed; and this I swear by the two beings most dearto me upon earth, -- my father and Mercedes."
3.  "Yes, since Madame de Morcerf invites me."
4、  "Decidedly; and were you my son or my brother I would refuseyou in the same way."
5、  "No, monsieur, and yet I recollect all things as clearly asif they had happened but then. I had a brother, an elderbrother, who was in the service of the emperor; he hadbecome lieutenant in a regiment composed entirely ofCorsicans. This brother was my only friend; we becameorphans -- I at five, he at eighteen. He brought me up as ifI had been his son, and in 1814 he married. When the emperorreturned from the Island of Elba, my brother instantlyjoined the army, was slightly wounded at Waterloo, andretired with the army beyond the Loire."




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      "Well, here is an opportunity made to your hand, and itwould be difficult to contrive a better. Have you acarriage?"

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      "Nineteen or twenty at the most."

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       "I think not, sir," replied M. Cavalcanti; "in Italy thenobility generally marry young. Life is so uncertain, thatwe ought to secure happiness while it is within our reach."

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      "I desire that a statement contained in it should berectified."

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    {  "My information dates from the day on which I was arrested,"returned the Abbe Faria; "and as the emperor had created thekingdom of Rome for his infant son, I presume that he hasrealized the dream of Machiavelli and Caesar Borgia, whichwas to make Italy a united kingdom."

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      "Ah, here is a private staircase," said the count; "that isconvenient. Light me, M. Bertuccio, and go first; we willsee where it leads to."}

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      "At Auteuil, near Paris." M. de Villefort a second timeraised his head, looked at Benedetto as if he had beengazing at the head of Medusa, and became livid. As forBenedetto, he gracefully wiped his lips with a fine cambricpocket-handkerchief. "Your profession?"

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      Haidee's arms fell by her side, and she uttered a deepgroan, at the same time looking towards the count as if toask if he were satisfied with her obedience to his commands.Monte Cristo arose and approached her, took her hand, andsaid to her in Romaic, "Calm yourself, my dear child, andtake courage in remembering that there is a God who willpunish traitors."

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    {  "Are you well fed?" said the inspector.

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      "Go and fetch it."