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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Mrs. Hanson, after the first greetings were over, gave Carrie thebaby and proceeded to get supper. Her husband asked a fewquestions and sat down to read the evening paper. He was asilent man, American born, of a Swede father, and now employed asa cleaner of refrigerator cars at the stock-yards. To him thepresence or absence of his wife's sister was a matter ofindifference. Her personal appearance did not affect him one wayor the other. His one observation to the point was concerningthe chances of work in Chicago.
2.  "No, I won't," said Carrie, flashing up. "I want you to take meout of this, or I'll tell the conductor. I won't go with you.It's a shame," and again sobs of fright cut off her desire forexpression.
3.  It was the best way after all to have gone about the matter. Shewas interesting, in a manner, to the occupant of the chair, andthe simplicity of her request and attitude took his fancy. Hesmiled, as did the others in the room, who, however, made someslight effort to conceal their humour.
4.  "If I could only hold out a little longer I think I could getsomething. Drake is sure to open a hotel here in September."
5.  "I'll not argue with you," she replied with determination. "Iwant the ticket and that's all there is to it."
6.  "No," he answered.


1.  Chapter XIII
2.  "Yes," said young George.
3.  Hurstwood bought the flour--which all grocers sold in 3 1/2-poundpackages--for thirteen cents and paid fifteen cents for a half-pound of liver and bacon. He left the packages, together withthe balance of twenty-two cents, upon the kitchen table, whereCarrie found it. It did not escape her that the change wasaccurate. There was something sad in realising that, after all,all that he wanted of her was something to eat. She felt as ifhard thoughts were unjust. Maybe he would get something yet. Hehad no vices.
4.  Hurstwood's jaw fell.
5.  Her subsequent experiences were not of a reassuring nature,however. From all the more pleasing or imposing places she wasturned away abruptly with the most chilling formality. In otherswhere she applied only the experienced were required. She metwith painful rebuffs, the most trying of which had been in amanufacturing cloak house, where she had gone to the fourth floorto inquire.
6.  "Well," said Carrie, hesitating how to begin, "do you get placesfor persons upon the stage?"


1.  Hurstwood's jaw fell.
2.  "I don't know," she said.
3.  "You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked softly.
4.  "You probably are not aware of it," he added.
5.   He left her revived by the possibilities, sure that she had foundsomething at last. Instantly the blood crept warmly over herbody. Her nervous tension relaxed. She walked out into the busystreet and discovered a new atmosphere. Behold, the throng wasmoving with a lightsome step. She noticed that men and womenwere smiling. Scraps of conversation and notes of laughterfloated to her. The air was light. People were already pouringout of the buildings, their labour ended for the day. Shenoticed that they were pleased, and thoughts of her sister's homeand the meal that would be awaiting her quickened her steps. Shehurried on, tired perhaps, but no longer weary of foot. Whatwould not Minnie say! Ah, the long winter in Chicago--thelights, the crowd, the amusement! This was a great, pleasingmetropolis after all. Her new firm was a goodly institution.Its windows were of huge plate glass. She could probably do wellthere. Thoughts of Drouet returned--of the things he had toldher. She now felt that life was better, that it was livelier,sprightlier. She boarded a car in the best of spirits, feelingher blood still flowing pleasantly. She would live in Chicago,her mind kept saying to itself. She would have a better timethan she had ever had before--she would be happy.
6.  "I guess papa's gone," said Jessica.


1.  Carrie picked out the new abode because of its newness and brightwood-work. It was one of the very new ones supplied with steamheat, which was a great advantage. The stationary range, hot andcold water, dumb-waiter, speaking tubes, and call-bell for thejanitor pleased her very much. She had enough of the instinctsof a housewife to take great satisfaction in these things.
2.  "So you want something to do," said Mr. Brown, after he inquiredconcerning the nature of her errand. "Have you ever beenemployed in a shoe factory before?"
3.  "Well, that's delightful," said Hurstwood. "I'm so glad. I mustget over there to see you. When is the next rehearsal?"
4、  "Had your breakfast yet?" inquired that worthy.
5、  "I guess you find New York quite a thing to see, don't you?" saidCarrie, venturing something to avoid a possible deadly silence.




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      "Oh, jolly!" cried the latter.

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      She began to pull the basket over, and now, in spite of allprotest, she had swung over and was going down.

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       "That girl knows how to carry herself," said the manager, anotherevening. He began to think that he should like to talk with her.If he hadn't made it a rule to have nothing to do with themembers of the chorus, he would have approached her mostunbendingly.

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      He was beginning to find, in his wretched clothing and meagrestate of body, that people took him for a chronic type of bum andbeggar. Police hustled him along, restaurant and lodginghousekeepers turned him out promptly the moment he had his due;pedestrians waved him off. He found it more and more difficultto get anything from anybody.

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    {  Then he thought of Carrie. With what speed must he get her, ifhe got her at all. She would have to come along. He jumped intothe nearest cab standing by.

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      "Why, no," said Carrie. "Of course I didn't."}

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      "Saturday?" asked Carrie.

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      "Lola," she said, visiting her friend, "I think I'll come."

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       "You can't be, dearest, and say that. Not when you know how Ilove you. Look at last night."

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    {  Hurstwood went to get it, starting for a can of tomatoes. Carriescarcely noticed that this was the beginning of the new order.He took out fifteen cents and bought the can with it. Thereafterit was dribs and drabs of this sort, until one morning Carriesuddenly remembered that she would not be back until close todinner time.

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      "Very well," said Cargill, troubled for something to talk about."Stopping here?"