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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The visitor was introduced into the drawing-room, which waslike all other furnished drawing-rooms. A mantle-piece, withtwo modern Sevres vases, a timepiece representing Cupid withhis bent bow, a mirror with an engraving on each side -- onerepresenting Homer carrying his guide, the other, Belisariusbegging -- a grayish paper; red and black tapestry -- suchwas the appearance of Lord Wilmore's drawing-room. It wasilluminated by lamps with ground-glass shades which gaveonly a feeble light, as if out of consideration for theenvoy's weak sight. After ten minutes' expectation the clockstruck ten; at the fifth stroke the door opened and LordWilmore appeared. He was rather above the middle height,with thin reddish whiskers, light complexion and light hair,turning rather gray. He was dressed with all the Englishpeculiarity, namely, in a blue coat, with gilt buttons andhigh collar, in the fashion of 1811, a white kerseymerewaistcoat, and nankeen pantaloons, three inches too short,but which were prevented by straps from slipping up to theknee. His first remark on entering was, -- "You know, sir, Ido not speak French?"
2.  "Quick, quick!" said Caderousse, "or I shall be unable tosign it."
3.  "Don't speak of Marseilles, I beg of you, Maximilian; thatone word brings back my mother to my recollection -- myangel mother, who died too soon for myself and all who knewher; but who, after watching over her child during the briefperiod allotted to her in this world, now, I fondly hope,watches from her home in heaven. Oh, if my mother were stillliving, there would be nothing to fear, Maximilian, for Iwould tell her that I loved you, and she would protect us."
4.  "See, sir," replied Caderousse, "in this corner is acrucifix in holy wood -- here on this shelf is my wife'stestament; open this book, and I will swear upon it with myhand on the crucifix. I will swear to you by my soul'ssalvation, my faith as a Christian, I have told everythingto you as it occurred, and as the recording angel will tellit to the ear of God at the day of the last judgment!"
5.  It will be recollected that the new, or rather old,acquaintances of the Count of Monte Cristo, residing in theRue Meslay, were no other than Maximilian, Julie, andEmmanuel. The very anticipations of delight to be enjoyed inhis forthcoming visits -- the bright, pure gleam of heavenlyhappiness it diffused over the almost deadly warfare inwhich he had voluntarily engaged, illumined his wholecountenance with a look of ineffable joy and calmness, as,immediately after Villefort's departure, his thoughts flewback to the cheering prospect before him, of tasting, atleast, a brief respite from the fierce and stormy passionsof his mind. Even Ali, who had hastened to obey the Count'ssummons, went forth from his master's presence in charmedamazement at the unusual animation and pleasure depicted onfeatures ordinarily so stern and cold; while, as thoughdreading to put to flight the agreeable ideas hovering overhis patron's meditations, whatever they were, the faithfulNubian walked on tiptoe towards the door, holding hisbreath, lest its faintest sound should dissipate hismaster's happy reverie.
6.  "No, Bartolomeo, his father."


1.  "Why," said Danglers, "in the letter -- I believe I have itabout me" -- here he felt in his breast-pocket -- "yes, hereit is. Well, this letter gives the Count of Monte Cristounlimited credit on our house."
2.  "And I have come at once to see you."
3.  "A friend, a friend!" said Peppino; "but where is thecaptain?"
4.  "And a thousand francs a year."
5.  "I would ask for six months' in advance, under pretence ofbeing able to purchase a farm, then with my six months Iwould decamp."
6.  "Well, if you die," said she, "bequeath your fortune toothers, for if you die I shall require nothing;" and, takingthe paper, she tore it in four pieces, and threw it into themiddle of the room. Then, the effort having exhausted herstrength, she fell not asleep this time, but fainting on thefloor. The count leaned over her and raised her in his arms;and seeing that sweet pale face, those lovely eyes closed,that beautiful form motionless and to all appearancelifeless, the idea occurred to him for the first time, thatperhaps she loved him otherwise than as a daughter loves afather.


1.  Morrel examined the ledgers, opened the portfolio, andcounted the money. All his funds amounted to 6,000, or 8,000francs, his bills receivable up to the 5th to 4,000 or5,000, which, making the best of everything, gave him 14,000francs to meet debts amounting to 287,500 francs. He had noteven the means for making a possible settlement on account.However, when Morrel went down to his dinner, he appearedvery calm. This calmness was more alarming to the two womenthan the deepest dejection would have been. After dinnerMorrel usually went out and used to take his coffee at thePhocaean club, and read the Semaphore; this day he did notleave the house, but returned to his office.
2.  "The French ladies, madame. He has made up his mind to takea wife from Paris."
3.  "Why, you see, no one knows what may happen. Perhaps some ofthese days I may be entrapped, like poor Peppino and may bevery glad to have some little nibbling mouse to gnaw themeshes of my net, and so help me out of prison."
4.  "Well, yes, and I had good reason to be so," repliedChateau-Renaud. "I was retreating on foot, for my horse wasdead. Six Arabs came up, full gallop, to cut off my head. Ishot two with my double-barrelled gun, and two more with mypistols, but I was then disarmed, and two were still left;one seized me by the hair (that is why I now wear it soshort, for no one knows what may happen), the other swung ayataghan, and I already felt the cold steel on my neck, whenthis gentleman whom you see here charged them, shot the onewho held me by the hair, and cleft the skull of the otherwith his sabre. He had assigned himself the task of saving aman's life that day; chance caused that man to be myself.When I am rich I will order a statue of Chance from Klagmannor Marochetti."
5.   "While the rest slept, then, we went away a short distance;we severed our fetters with a file the Englishman had givenus, and swam away."
6.  "Hush!" said the captain; "it is a fire."


1.  "Well, then, let me have a bottle of the least expensive."
2.  "Sir," said Madame Danglars, "you can feel for my emotion,can you not? Spare me, then, I beseech you. When I look atthis room, -- whence so many guilty creatures have departed,trembling and ashamed, when I look at that chair beforewhich I now sit trembling and ashamed, -- oh, it requiresall my reason to convince me that I am not a very guiltywoman and you a menacing judge." Villefort dropped his headand sighed. "And I," he said, "I feel that my place is notin the judge's seat, but on the prisoner's stool."
3.  "I shall get nothing from these fools," he muttered; "and Iam very much afraid of being here between a drunkard and acoward. Here's an envious fellow making himself boozy onwine when he ought to be nursing his wrath, and here is afool who sees the woman he loves stolen from under his noseand takes on like a big baby. Yet this Catalan has eyes thatglisten like those of the vengeful Spaniards, Sicilians, andCalabrians, and the other has fists big enough to crush anox at one blow. Unquestionably, Edmond's star is in theascendant, and he will marry the splendid girl -- he will becaptain, too, and laugh at us all, unless" -- a sinistersmile passed over Danglars' lips -- "unless I take a hand inthe affair," he added.
4、  "Hold your tongue, will you?" said Danglars, pretending torestrain Caderousse, who, with the tenacity of drunkards,leaned out of the arbor. "Try to stand upright, and let thelovers make love without interruption. See, look at Fernand,and follow his example; he is well-behaved!"
5、  One division of La Force, in which the most dangerous anddesperate prisoners are confined, is called the court ofSaint-Bernard. The prisoners, in their expressive language,have named it the "Lions' Den," probably because thecaptives possess teeth which frequently gnaw the bars, andsometimes the keepers also. It is a prison within a prison;the walls are double the thickness of the rest. The gratingsare every day carefully examined by jailers, whose herculeanproportions and cold pitiless expression prove them to havebeen chosen to reign over their subjects for their superioractivity and intelligence. The court-yard of this quarter isenclosed by enormous walls, over which the sun glancesobliquely, when it deigns to penetrate into this gulf ofmoral and physical deformity. On this paved yard are to beseen, -- pacing to and fro from morning till night, pale,careworn, and haggard, like so many shadows, -- the men whomjustice holds beneath the steel she is sharpening. There,crouched against the side of the wall which attracts andretains the most heat, they may be seen sometimes talking toone another, but more frequently alone, watching the door,which sometimes opens to call forth one from the gloomyassemblage, or to throw in another outcast from society.




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      "Yes, I promise you, as faithfully as you have promised methat this horrible marriage shall not take place, and thatif you are dragged before a magistrate or a priest, you willrefuse."

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      "Well, you must allow it is the best thing for the stomach;but I hear Beauchamp in the next room; you can disputetogether, and that will pass away the time."

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       "No," replied Dantes. "I know nothing. Some of your wordsare to me quite empty of meaning. You must be blessed indeedto possess the knowledge you have."

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      "Your highness had already expressed that wish," saidBertuccio, "and the horses are ready. I have bought them,and stationed them myself at the most desirable posts, thatis, in villages, where no one generally stops."

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    {  "And I tell you, sir, that you are mistaken. This night Ihave had a fearful sleep. It seemed as though my soul werealready hovering over my body, my eyes, which I tried toopen, closed against my will, and what will appearimpossible above all to you, sir, I saw, with my eyes shut,in the spot where you are now standing, issuing from thatcorner where there is a door leading into Madame Villefort'sdressing-room -- I saw, I tell you, silently enter, a whitefigure." Valentine screamed. "It was the fever thatdisturbed you, madame," said Villefort.

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      He placed the muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.Suddenly he heard a cry -- it was his daughter's voice. Heturned and saw Julie. The pistol fell from his hands. "Myfather!" cried the young girl, out of breath, and half deadwith joy -- "saved, you are saved!" And she threw herselfinto his arms, holding in her extended hand a red, nettedsilk purse.}

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      "But, father, take care; when our turn comes, our revengewill be sweeping."

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       "Come, two or three more such adventures, and I do notdespair of seeing you a member of the Academy." DoubtlessAlbert was about to discuss seriously his right to theacademic chair when they were informed that dinner wasready. Albert's love had not taken away his appetite. Hehastened with Franz to seat himself, free to recommence thediscussion after dinner. After dinner, the Count of MonteCristo was announced. They had not seen him for two days.Signor Pastrini informed them that business had called himto Civita Vecchia. He had started the previous evening, andhad only returned an hour since. He was charming. Whether hekept a watch over himself, or whether by accident he did notsound the acrimonious chords that in other circumstances hadbeen touched, he was to-night like everybody else. The manwas an enigma to Franz. The count must feel sure that Franzrecognized him; and yet he had not let fall a single wordindicating any previous acquaintance between them. On hisside, however great Franz's desire was to allude to theirformer interview, the fear of being disagreeable to the manwho had loaded him and his friend with kindness preventedhim from mentioning it. The count had learned that the twofriends had sent to secure a box at the Argentina Theatre,and were told they were all let. In consequence, he broughtthem the key of his own -- at least such was the apparentmotive of his visit. Franz and Albert made some difficulty,alleging their fear of depriving him of it; but the countreplied that, as he was going to the Palli Theatre, the boxat the Argentina Theatre would he lost if they did notprofit by it. This assurance determined the two friends toaccept it.

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    {  "No."

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      "Nay, dear mother, say the accused person. You know wecannot yet pronounce him guilty."