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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Without reckoning," added Monte Cristo, "that he is on theeve of entering into a sort of speculation already in voguein the United States and in England, but quite novel inFrance."
2.  "And hence," said Villefort, "arose my affection for yourfather, my dear M. Franz. Opinions held in common are aready bond of union."
3.  "But then you yourself are known to others?"
4.  "But still" --
5.  "Yes, yes," said the young man, "yes;" and once againembracing his father with convulsive pressure, he said, "Beit so, my father."
6.  "Truly, madame, I recollect M. Debray told me -- apropos,what is become of him? I have seen nothing of him the lastthree or four days."


1.  "But you are sure you will promise me this?" said Morrel,intoxicated. "I not only promise, but swear it!" said MonteCristo extending his hand.
2.  "And have you placed the letter before him, as I ordered youto do?"
3.  "Oh, my brother does not allude to its value, although ithas been estimated at 100,000 francs; he means, that thearticles contained in this purse are the relics of the angelI spoke of just now."
4.  "And, then, such as it is, it is filled with dormice, whoeat everything."
5.  It was the governor, who, hearing of Faria's illness fromthe jailer, had come in person to see him.
6.  "Well, well," said one, "the madman has gone to look afterhis treasure. Good journey to him!"


1.  "There has been a crime," said Monte Cristo. "Come this way,gentlemen; come, M. Villefort, for a declaration to beavailable, should be made before the competent authorities."He then took Villefort's arm, and, at the same time, holdingthat of Madame Danglars under his own, he dragged theprocureur to the plantain-tree, where the shade wasthickest. All the other guests followed. "Stay," said MonteCristo, "here, in this very spot" (and he stamped upon theground), "I had the earth dug up and fresh mould put in, torefresh these old trees; well, my man, digging, found a box,or rather, the iron-work of a box, in the midst of which wasthe skeleton of a newly born infant." Monte Cristo felt thearm of Madame Danglars stiffen, while that of Villeforttrembled. "A newly born infant," repeated Debray; "thisaffair becomes serious!"
2.  "That is well." And Bertuccio, feeling in his pocket, signedto a keeper whom he saw through the window of the wicket.
3.  "You do not doubt it?"
4.  "Then," said the young man, with anxiety, "I shall be sureto be placed in an agreeable position."
5.   "Certainly," replied Albert, "seeing that without my title Ishould be nothing; while you, sacrificing the baron, wouldstill remain the millionaire."
6.  "Sweet child," murmured Monte Cristo.


1.  "When I like."
2.  "Oh," said Andrea, "my father's old servant. Well, you gavehim the two hundred francs I had left for him?"
3.  Dantes descended the staircase, preceded by the magistrate,and followed by the soldiers. A carriage awaited him at thedoor; he got in, followed by two soldiers and themagistrate, and the vehicle drove off towards Marseilles.
4、  "Done!" said Danglars, "I'll take your bet; but to-morrow --to-day it is time to return. Give me your arm, and let usgo."
5、  "Here are two hundred," said Andrea; and he placed ten goldlouis in the hand of Caderousse.




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      "So much the worse."

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      "Ah, true. You do not know the Italian nobility; theCavalcanti are all descended from princes."

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       "As for me, my heart is overflowing with happiness."

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      "`What right have you, any more than the rest, to ask for anexception?' -- `It is true.' -- `But never mind,' continuedCucumetto, laughing, `sooner or later your turn will come.'Carlini's teeth clinched convulsively.

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    {  "She can declare to you, for example, that your father hadno hand whatever in the defeat and death of the vizier; orif by chance he had, indeed, the misfortune to" --

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      "To find such a wife as my father found." Monte Cristoturned pale, and looked at Albert, while playing with somemagnificent pistols.}

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      "And who completed it as it now is?"

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      "Yes, let us strive, for you ought to live, and to be happy,Albert."

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       This mournful appeal pierced the darkness. The door of theback-staircase opened, then the side-gate of the garden, andAli and his master were on the spot with lights.

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    {  "No," replied the young man. The door was closed, and thecarriage proceeded. "See what good fortune I brought you!"said Morrel, when he was alone with the count. "Have you notthought so?"

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      "I must explain to you," said the major, "that, fullyconfiding in the signature of the Abbe Busoni, I had notprovided myself with any other funds; so that if thisresource had failed me, I should have found myself veryunpleasantly situated in Paris."