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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, he is always as colorless as you now see him," saidFranz.
2.  "No, monsieur," returned the count; and he drew from hispocket a marvellous casket, formed out of a single emeraldand closed by a golden lid which unscrewed and gave passageto a small greenish colored pellet about the size of a pea.This ball had an acrid and penetrating odor. There were fouror five more in the emerald, which would contain about adozen. The casket passed around the table, but it was moreto examine the admirable emerald than to see the pills thatit passed from hand to hand. "And is it your cook whoprepares these pills?" asked Beauchamp.
3.  "You do not wish me to marry M. Franz d'Epinay?" observedValentine.
4.  "Yes, you saw him the day I had the honor of receiving you;he has been a soldier, a smuggler -- in fact, everything. Iwould not be quite sure that he has not been mixed up withthe police for some trifle -- a stab with a knife, forinstance."
5.  "Does Mademoiselle Danglars object to this marriage with M.de Morcerf on account of loving another?"
6.  "In the first place, and before everything else, sir, is thenews as bad in your opinion as I am asked to believe?"


1.  The notary, who was at the door, immediately entered. "Go,Valentine," said Madame de Saint-Meran, "and leave me withthis gentleman."
2.  "Perfectly."
3.  "Upon my word," said Monte Cristo, "Paris is a strange city,and the Parisians a very singular people. See that clusterof persons collected around poor Ali, who is as muchastonished as themselves; really one might suppose he wasthe only Nubian they had ever beheld. Now I can promise you,that a Frenchman might show himself in public, either inTunis, Constantinople, Bagdad, or Cairo, without beingtreated in that way."
4.  "How could that bring me into trouble, sir?" asked Dantes;"for I did not even know of what I was the bearer; and theemperor merely made such inquiries as he would of the firstcomer. But, pardon me, here are the health officers and thecustoms inspectors coming alongside." And the young man wentto the gangway. As he departed, Danglars approached, andsaid, --
5.  "Does his action appear like that of an enemy?"
6.  "But," said Debray to Beauchamp, "if I spoke to thepresident, you must have been with the procureur."


1.  Our readers must now allow us to transport them again to theenclosure surrounding M. de Villefort's house, and, behindthe gate, half screened from view by the largechestnut-trees, which on all sides spread their luxuriantbranches, we shall find some people of our acquaintance.This time Maximilian was the first to arrive. He wasintently watching for a shadow to appear among the trees,and awaiting with anxiety the sound of a light step on thegravel walk. At length, the long-desired sound was heard,and instead of one figure, as he had expected, he perceivedthat two were approaching him. The delay had been occasionedby a visit from Madame Danglars and Eugenie, which had beenprolonged beyond the time at which Valentine was expected.That she might not appear to fail in her promise toMaximilian, she proposed to Mademoiselle Danglars that theyshould take a walk in the garden, being anxious to show thatthe delay, which was doubtless a cause of vexation to him,was not occasioned by any neglect on her part. The youngman, with the intuitive perception of a lover, quicklyunderstood the circumstances in which she was involuntarilyplaced, and he was comforted. Besides, although she avoidedcoming within speaking distance, Valentine arranged so thatMaximilian could see her pass and repass, and each time shewent by, she managed, unperceived by her companion, to castan expressive look at the young man, which seemed to say,"Have patience! You see it is not my fault." And Maximilianwas patient, and employed himself in mentally contrastingthe two girls, -- one fair, with soft languishing eyes, afigure gracefully bending like a weeping willow; the other abrunette, with a fierce and haughty expression, and asstraight as a poplar. It is unnecessary to state that, inthe eyes of the young man, Valentine did not suffer by thecontrast. In about half an hour the girls went away, andMaximilian understood that Mademoiselle Danglars' visit hadat last come to an end. In a few minutes Valentinere-entered the garden alone. For fear that any one should beobserving her return, she walked slowly; and instead ofimmediately directing her steps towards the gate, she seatedherself on a bench, and, carefully casting her eyes around,to convince herself that she was not watched, she presentlyarose, and proceeded quickly to join Maximilian.
2.  * Germain Pillon was a famous French sculptor (1535-1598).His best known work is "The Three Graces," now in theLouvre.
3.  "Great is truth," muttered the count, "fire cannot burn, norwater drown it! Thus the poor sailor lives in therecollection of those who narrate his history; his terriblestory is recited in the chimney-corner, and a shudder isfelt at the description of his transit through the air to beswallowed by the deep." Then, the count added aloud, "Washis name ever known?"
4.  "Advice."
5.   The pretext of an opera engagement was so much the morefeasible, as there chanced to be on that very night a morethan ordinary attraction at the Academie Royale. Levasseur,who had been suffering under severe illness, made hisreappearance in the character of Bertrand, and, as usual,the announcement of the most admired production of thefavorite composer of the day had attracteda brilliant andfashionable audience. Morcerf, like most other young men ofrank and fortune, had his orchestra stall, with thecertainty of always finding a seat in at least a dozen ofthe principal boxes occupied by persons of his acquaintance;he had, moreover, his right of entry into the omnibus box.Chateau-Renaud rented a stall beside his own, whileBeauchamp, as a journalist, had unlimited range all over the
6.  The count bowed. "And I of speaking to Baron Danglars,chevalier of the Legion of Honor, and member of the Chamberof Deputies?"


1.  "To-morrow morning," answered the inn-keeper.
2.  "Can I believe my ears?" cried the marquise.
3.  Dantes gazed with admiration, but he had some difficulty inbelieving. Faria saw this.
4、  "And so I did," replied Caderousse; "though once, I confess,I envied him his good fortune. But I swear to you, sir, Iswear to you, by everything a man holds dear, I have, sincethen, deeply and sincerely lamented his unhappy fate." Therewas a brief silence, during which the fixed, searching eyeof the abbe was employed in scrutinizing the agitatedfeatures of the inn-keeper.
5、  "I do not know," said Mercedes. "You do not, madame; atleast, I hope not. But I will tell you. I was arrested andbecame a prisoner because, under the arbor of La Reserve,the day before I was to marry you, a man named Danglarswrote this letter, which the fisherman Fernand himselfposted." Monte Cristo went to a secretary, opened a drawerby a spring, from which he took a paper which had lost itsoriginal color, and the ink of which had become of a rustyhue -- this he placed in the hands of Mercedes. It wasDanglars' letter to the king's attorney, which the Count ofMonte Cristo, disguised as a clerk from the house of Thomson& French, had taken from the file against Edmond Dantes, onthe day he had paid the two hundred thousand francs to M. deBoville. Mercedes read with terror the following lines: --




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      "Perhaps she has spoken the Pharaon, and brings you sometidings of her?"

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      "Their own -- M. de Morcerf's, who is deceased."

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       "Well, gentlemen, the reason people die so multitudinously(I like the word) at M. de Villefort's is that there is anassassin in the house!" The two young men shuddered, for thesame idea had more than once occurred to them. "And who isthe assassin;" they asked together.

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      "The weakness of a murderer!"

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    {  "Nay, madame. This time I have merely come from Cadiz."

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      "Yes, yes, the mortuary deposition. You understand, Dantes'relations, if he had any, might have some interest inknowing if he were dead or alive."}

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      "Come, magistrate," said M. d'Avrigny, "show yourself a man;as an interpreter of the law, do honor to your profession bysacrificing your selfish interests to it."

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      "Then the news originated" --

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       "Then I can speak without fear of tiring your excellency."

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    {  "Your name?"

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      "Captain Leclere did not, before he died, give you a letterfor me?"