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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1Suddenly it seemed almost as if she lost all fear of the awful lady before her. She burst into fresh tears.
2.She had the imagined future so clearly before her eyes that she spoke in a manner which had an effect even upon Miss Minchin. It almost seemed for the moment to her narrow, unimaginative mind that there must be some real power hidden behind this candid daring.
3."Come," she said. "Oh, Becky, come!"
4.She meant to go to her room and lie down on the tiger-skin, with her cheek upon the great cat's head, and look into the fire and think and think and think. But just before she reached the landing Miss Amelia came out of the door and closed it behind her, and stood before it, looking nervous and awkward. The truth was that she felt secretly ashamed of the thing she had been ordered to do.
5.The entire schoolroom rose to its feet as it had done the morning Sara remembered so well.
6."Captain Crewe is dead," she said. "He has died without a penny. That spoiled, pampered, fanciful child is left a pauper on my hands."


1.But the owner of the smudgy face and the wide-open eyes evidently was afraid that she ought not to have been caught looking at pupils of importance. She dodged out of sight like a jack-in-the-box and scurried back into the kitchen, disappearing so suddenly that if she had not been such a poor little forlorn thing, Sara would have laughed in spite of herself. That very evening, as Sara was sitting in the midst of a group of listeners in a corner of the schoolroom telling one of her stories, the very same figure timidly entered the room, carrying a coal box much too heavy for her, and knelt down upon the hearth rug to replenish the fire and sweep up the ashes.
2.She had sat so quietly that the rat had begun to take courage. He was very much afraid of her, but perhaps he had a heart like the sparrow and it told him that she was not a thing which pounced. He was very hungry. He had a wife and a large family in the wall, and they had had frightfully bad luck for several days. He had left the children crying bitterly, and felt he would risk a good deal for a few crumbs, so he cautiously dropped upon his feet.
3."Where do you live?" persisted Lottle. "The new girl sleeps in your room, and it isn't pretty any more."
4."My eye, Miss Sara!" gasped Becky again.
5.Then Sara was guilty of an injustice. Just at that moment her torn heart swelled within her, and she felt that if anyone was as stupid as that, one had better get away from her.
6."If you find the little girl, give her our love," shouted Guy Clarence, jumping up and down on the door mat.


1.To which Lottie agreed quite cheerfully, and trotted out of the room and upstairs with her, without seeming even to remember that the whole of the last hour's tragedy had been caused by the fact that she had refused to be washed and brushed for lunch and Miss Minchin had been called in to use her majestic authority.
2."Keep your ears open," he said; and he began to walk slowly and softly round the miserable little room, making rapid notes on his tablet as he looked at things.
3."I wish she could talk," she said to herself. "If she could speak-- if she could speak!"
4."Why didn't you stay all night?" she snapped.
5. Becky stared at her admiringly, and, as before, did not understand her in the least. She watched her with a sort of adoration. Very soon Sara left her reflections and turned to her with a new question.
6."Can she--walk?" she asked breathlessly.


1."It is a strange way of doing the thing," he said. "Who planned it?"
2."But I has to eat 'em careful, miss," she said once; "'cos if I leaves crumbs the rats come out to get 'em."
3."How DARE you!" she cried out. "How dare you! Come out immediately!"
4、"But why do solemn things make you laugh so?" inquired Sara.
5、One of the most curious things in her new existence was her changed position among the pupils. Instead of being a sort of small royal personage among them, she no longer seemed to be one of their number at all. She was kept so constantly at work that she scarcely ever had an opportunity of speaking to any of them, and she could not avoid seeing that Miss Minchin preferred that she should live a life apart from that of the occupants of the schoolroom.




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    She led the way to the table. She waved her hand graciously to Ermengarde and Becky. She was in the midst of her dream.

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     Ermengarde gave a little jump backward. The last sentences had recalled something to her troubled mind and given her a sudden inspiration.

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    She was in such haste that as she tiptoed out of the attic she dropped her red shawl and did not know it had fallen. No one saw it for a minute or so. Becky was too much overpowered by the good luck which had befallen her.

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    {Sara knew they were hungry eyes the moment she saw them, and she felt a sudden sympathy.

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    "Who is Emily?" Ermengarde asked, just as Miss Minchin had done.}

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    "Oh, oh!" she cried woefully. "And I never knew!"

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    "I'll throw in two for makeweight," said the woman with her good-natured look. "I dare say you can eat them sometime. Aren't you hungry?"

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     It was so delightful that they caught each other's hands and a sudden light sprang into Sara's eyes.

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    {"She's going to cry out loud," thought Ermengarde, fearfully.

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    "If it ain't here in the mornin', miss," she said, "it's been here tonight, anyways, an' I shan't never forget it." She looked at each particular thing, as if to commit it to memory. "The fire was THERE>, pointing with her finger, "an' the table was before it; an' the lamp was there, an' the light looked rosy red; an' there was a satin cover on your bed, an' a warm rug on the floor, an' everythin' looked beautiful; an'"--she paused a second, and laid her hand on her stomach tenderly--"there WAS soup an' sandwiches an' muffins-- there WAS>." And, with this conviction a reality at least, she went away.