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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Good, the Luxembourg! One might believe this is anallusion to the queen-mother! That's ingenious," saidAthos.
2.  "And moreover, very handsome saddles," said Porthos, who atthe moment wore on his cloak the lace of his own."Besides," said Aramis, "God desires the conversion and notthe death of a sinner."
3.  "Arrest the Duke! Arrest the prime minister of King Charles I!Think of it, sire! What a scandal! And if the suspicions ofyour Majesty, which I still continue to doubt, should prove tohave any foundation, what a terrible disclosure, what a fearfulscandal!"
4.  "Hurrah for you, then, my beautiful lady," cried the captain;"and may God often send me such passengers as your Ladyship!""Meanwhile," said Felton, "convey me to the little bay of--; youknow it was agreed you should put in there."
5.  "Don't be afraid, you idiot; there is nothing in hand but a partyof pleasure."
6.  The two friends met her in the corridor, greatly troubled and much upsetby such strange events; she called some of the nuns, who against allmonastic custom found themselves in the presence of five men."Madame," said Athos, passing his arm under that of D'Artagnan, "weabandon to your pious care the body of that unfortunate woman. She wasan angel on earth before being an angel in heaven. Treat her as one ofyour sisters. We will return someday to pray over her grave."D'Artagnan concealed his face in the bosom of Athos, and sobbed aloud."Weep," said Athos, "weep, heart full of love, youth, and life! Alas,would I could weep like you!"


1.  At these words he took up a silver bell, and rang it; the officerentered.
3.  "How yes and no?"
4.  "In short," said Porthos, "when all my expenses are paid, I shallhave, at most, thirty crowns left."
5.  "And what guarantee will you give me," asked she, "if I consentto confide this message to you?"
6.  "Put back that weapon, D'Artagnan!" said he; "this woman must be tried,not assassinated. Wait an instant, my friend, and you shall besatisfied. Come in, gentlemen."


1.  "The one I have hired for you."
2.  "A confession!"
3.  "There will be, in all times and in all countries,particularly if religious divisions exist in thosecountries, fanatics who ask nothing better than to becomemartyrs. Ay, and observe--it just occurs to me that thePuritans are furious against Buckingham, and their preachersdesignate him as the Antichrist."
4.  "Yes, that you sent me."
5.   "That is true, but we then only risked our pistoles; thistime we risk our blood. One plays with anybody; but onefights only with equals."
6.  "Where?"


1.  "Change these lackeys," said he; "she has spoken to them. They are nolonger sure."
2.  "Of what consequence? Nobody knows you. Besides, we are in asituation to overlook ceremony."
3.  It was, then, Richelieu's object, not only to get rid of anenemy of France, but to avenge himself on a rival; but thisvengeance must be grand and striking and worthy in every wayof a man who held in his hand, as his weapon for combat, theforces of a kingdom.
4、  "What!" cried he, in an accent of greater astonishment thanbefore, "your second witness is Monsieur Aramis?""Doubtless! Are you not aware that we are never seen one withoutthe others, and that we are called among the Musketeers and theGuards, at court and in the city, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, orthe Three Inseparables? And yet, as you come from Dax or Pau--""From Tarbes," said D'Artagnan.
5、  "Then, upon seeing my Musketeers they changed their minds, andforgot their private hatred for partisan hatred; for your Majestycannot be ignorant that the Musketeers, who belong to the kingand nobody but the king, are the natural enemies of theGuardsmen, who belong to the cardinal."




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      He passed along the same corridor as before, crossed one court,then a second side of a building; at length, at the gate of theentrance court he found a carriage surrounded by four guards onhorseback. They made him enter this carriage, the officer placedhimself by his side, the door was locked, and they were left in arolling prison. The carriage was put in motion as slowly as afuneral car. Through the closely fastened windows the prisonercould perceive the houses and the pavement, that was all; but,true Parisian as he was, Bonacieux could recognize every streetby the milestones, the signs, and the lamps. At the moment ofarriving at St. Paul--the spot where such as were condemned atthe Bastille were executed--he was near fainting and crossedhimself twice. He thought the carriage was about to stop there.The carriage, however, passed on.

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      "That I can have nothing to say to a man who does not keep hisword."

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       "Well, we are beaten! Now let us try to take our revenge.""I will assist you with all my heart, monseigneur; be assured ofthat."

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      Although he felt himself ably supported, the young man wasnot without a little uneasiness as he ascended the greatstaircase, step by step. His conduct toward Milady bore astrong resemblance to treachery, and he was very suspiciousof the political relations which existed between that womanand the cardinal. Still further, De Wardes, whom he hadtreated so ill, was one of the tools of his Eminence; andD'Artagnan knew that while his Eminence was terrible to hisenemies, he was strongly attached to his friends."If De Wardes has related all our affair to the cardinal,which is not to be doubted, and if he has recognized me, asis probable, I may consider myself almost as a condemnedman," said D'Artagnan, shaking his head. "But why has hewaited till now? That's all plain enough. Milady has laidher complaints against me with that hypocritical grief whichrenders her so interesting, and this last offense has madethe cup overflow."

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    {  Then D'Artagnan told M. de Treville a long history about thequeen. He expressed to him the fears he entertained with respectto her Majesty; he related to him what he had heard of theprojects of the cardinal with regard to Buckingham, and all witha tranquillity and candor of which M. de Treville was the morethe dupe, from having himself, as we have said, observedsomething fresh between the cardinal, the king, and the queen.As ten o'clock was striking, D'Artagnan left M. de Treville, whothanked him for his information, recommended him to have theservice of the king and queen always at heart, and returned tothe saloon; but at the foot of the stairs, D'Artagnan rememberedhe had forgotten his cane. He consequently sprang up again,re-entered the office, with a turn of his finger set the clockright again, that it might not be perceived the next day that ithad been put wrong, and certain from that time that he had awitness to prove his alibi, he ran downstairs and soon foundhimself in the street.

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      "You are right," said D'Artagnan; "I will have done withher. I own that this woman terrifies me."}

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      "Friend," said Athos, gravely, "remember that it is the deadalone with whom we are not likely to meet again on thisearth. You know something of that, as well as I do, Ithink. Now, if your mistress is not dead, if it is she wehave just seen, you will meet with her again some day orother. And perhaps, my God!" added he, with thatmisanthropic tone which was peculiar to him, "perhaps soonerthan you wish."

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      The baron drew out his watch. "It wants ten minutes to nine," said he.Milady had hastened her departure by an hour and a half. As soon as sheheard the cannon which announced the fatal event, she had ordered theanchor to be weighed. The vessel was making way under a blue sky, atgreat distance from the coast.

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       "No; for another."

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    {  All the way along D'Artagnan had been consulting with himselfwhether he should place confidence in M. de Treville, or whetherhe should only ask him to give him CARTE BLANCHE for some secretaffair. But M. de Treville had always been so thoroughly hisfriend, had always been so devoted to the king and queen, andhated the cardinal so cordially, that the young man resolved totell him everything.

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      "Well, in that case, we can manage famously," saidD'Artagnan; "which of the two horses will you ride--thatwhich you bought or the one that was given to you?""That which was given to me, assuredly. You cannot for amoment imagine, D'Artagnan, that I would commit such anoffense toward--"