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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Yes."
2.  "Indeed," said Albert, "it is exquisite; it is impossible tounderstand the music of his country better than PrinceCavalcanti does. You said prince, did you not? But he caneasily become one, if he is not already; it is no uncommonthing in Italy. But to return to the charming musicians --you should give us a treat, Danglars, without telling themthere is a stranger. Ask them to sing one more song; it isso delightful to hear music in the distance, when themusicians are unrestrained by observation."
3.  "Here is," said the Englishman, taking a quantity of papersfrom his pocket, "an assignment of 200,000 francs to ourhouse by M. de Boville, the inspector of prisons, to whomthey are due. You acknowledge, of course, that you owe thissum to him?"
4.  The young man remarked the greedy glance which shone in thedark eyes of his neighbor. "Eh," he said, negligently. "thismoney is not mine. I was expressing to my father my fearsthat he had wanted many things in my absence, and toconvince me he emptied his purse on the table. Come, father"added Dantes, "put this money back in your box -- unlessneighbor Caderousse wants anything, and in that case it isat his service."
5.  "Really," returned the count, "relate it to me, for itbegins to interest me." And the count, humming an air from"Lucia," went to sit down on a bench, while Bertucciofollowed him, collecting his thoughts. Bertuccio remainedstanding before him.
6.  "What are you doing, reverend sir? Suppose a watchman shouldpass?" And he blew out the light. He then descended, but itwas only when he felt his foot touch the ground that he wassatisfied of his safety.


1.  "Shall I find you here, then?"
2.  "I ought not to influence you, because it is only my ownpersonal impression."
3.  "Happy? Who can answer for that? Happiness or unhappiness isthe secret known but to one's self and the walls -- wallshave ears but no tongue; but if a large fortune produceshappiness, Danglars is happy."
4.  "Humph," said the major; "very good. You have seen thecount, you say?"
5.  "The part of an honest man, full of courage and real regard.Twenty times he interceded for Edmond. When the emperorreturned, he wrote, implored, threatened, and soenergetically, that on the second restoration he waspersecuted as a Bonapartist. Ten times, as I told you, hecame to see Dantes' father, and offered to receive him inhis own house; and the night or two before his death, as Ihave already said, he left his purse on the mantelpiece,with which they paid the old man's debts, and buried himdecently; and so Edmond's father died, as he had lived,without doing harm to any one. I have the purse still by me-- a large one, made of red silk."
6.  He was a fine, tall, slim young fellow of eighteen ortwenty, with black eyes, and hair as dark as a raven's wing;and his whole appearance bespoke that calmness andresolution peculiar to men accustomed from their cradle tocontend with danger.


1.  "Well?"
2.  "Woman's, yes; my mother is not woman, but a woman."
3.  Thus, at length, by one of the unexpected strokes of fortunewhich sometimes befall those who have for a long time beenthe victims of an evil destiny, Dantes was about to securethe opportunity he wished for, by simple and natural means,and land on the island without incurring any suspicion. Onenight more and he would be on his way.
4.  "Are you going to marry Mademoiselle Danglars?"
5.   During the meal, which was excellent, and admirably served,Franz looked repeatedly at Albert, in order to observe theimpressions which he doubted not had been made on him by thewords of their entertainer; but whether with his usualcarelessness he had paid but little attention to him,whether the explanation of the Count of Monte Cristo withregard to duelling had satisfied him, or whether the eventswhich Franz knew of had had their effect on him alone, heremarked that his companion did not pay the least regard tothem, but on the contrary ate like a man who for the lastfour or five months had been condemned to partake of Italiancookery -- that is, the worst in the world. As for thecount, he just touched the dishes; he seemed to fulfil theduties of a host by sitting down with his guests, andawaited their departure to be served with some strange ormore delicate food. This brought back to Franz, in spite ofhimself, the recollection of the terror with which the counthad inspired the Countess G---- , and her firm convictionthat the man in the opposite box was a vampire. At the endof the breakfast Franz took out his watch. "Well," said thecount, "what are you doing?"
6.  "Yes, which made fools laugh, which caused the minister tohave a sleepless night, which has caused the minister'ssecretaries to blacken several sheets of paper, but whichhas cost me 700,000 francs."


1.  "Ah," replied Monte Cristo, "since that is the case, I willtake advantage of his presence to make my declaration."
2.  "I think I have discovered my father."
3.  "No."
4、  "And I," said Debray.
5、  "Six millions!" gasped Danglars -- "so be it."




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      To Danglars Monte Cristo also wrote, requesting him toexcuse the whimsical gift of a capricious millionaire, andto beg the baroness to pardon the Eastern fashion adopted inthe return of the horses.

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      "He is a colleague of the count, and one of the most activeopponents to the idea of providing the Chamber of Peers witha uniform. He was very successful upon that question. Hestood badly with the Liberal papers, but his nobleopposition to the wishes of the court is now getting himinto favor with the journalists. They talk of making him anambassador."

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       "Why so?" said Danglars; "why dramatic?"

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      "Oh, fear not," said Maximilian, stopping at a shortdistance, "I do not intend to render another man responsiblefor the rigorous fate reserved for me. Another mightthreaten to seek M. Franz, to provoke him, and to fight withhim; all that would be folly. What has M. Franz to do withit? He saw me this morning for the first time, and hasalready forgotten he has seen me. He did not even know Iexisted when it was arranged by your two families that youshould be united. I have no enmity against M. Franz, andpromise you the punishment shall not fall on him."

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    {  "Tell him I will come when I leave my dear grandmamma," shereplied, feeling, with true delicacy, that the person towhom she could be of the most service just then was Madamede Saint-Meran. Valentine found her grandmother in bed;silent caresses, heartwrung sobs, broken sighs, burningtears, were all that passed in this sad interview, whileMadame de Villefort, leaning on her husband's arm,maintained all outward forms of respect, at least towardsthe poor widow. She soon whispered to her husband, "I thinkit would be better for me to retire, with your permission,for the sight of me appears still to afflict yourmother-in-law." Madame de Saint-Meran heard her. "Yes, yes,"she said softly to Valentine, "let her leave; but do youstay." Madame de Villefort left, and Valentine remainedalone beside the bed, for the procureur, overcome withastonishment at the unexpected death, had followed his wife.Meanwhile, Barrois had returned for the first time to oldNoirtier, who having heard the noise in the house, had, aswe have said, sent his old servant to inquire the cause; onhis return, his quick intelligent eye interrogated themessenger. "Alas, sir," exclaimed Barrois, "a greatmisfortune has happened. Madame de Saint-Meran has arrived,and her husband is dead!"

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      Ali left the room. The cups of coffee were all prepared,with the addition of sugar, which had been brought forAlbert. Monte Cristo and Haidee took the beverage in theoriginal Arabian manner, that is to say, without sugar.Haidee took the porcelain cup in her little slender fingersand conveyed it to her mouth with all the innocentartlessness of a child when eating or drinking somethingwhich it likes. At this moment two women entered, bringingsalvers filled with ices and sherbet, which they placed ontwo small tables appropriated to that purpose. "My dearhost, and you, signora," said Albert, in Italian, "excuse myapparent stupidity. I am quite bewildered, and it is naturalthat it should be so. Here I am in the heart of Paris; but amoment ago I heard the rumbling of the omnibuses and thetinkling of the bells of the lemonade-sellers, and now Ifeel as if I were suddenly transported to the East; not suchas I have seen it, but such as my dreams have painted it.Oh, signora, if I could but speak Greek, your conversation,added to the fairy-scene which surrounds me, would furnishan evening of such delight as it would be impossible for meever to forget."}

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      "You are most welcome, monsieur," said the Count of Morcerf,saluting Monte Cristo with a smile, "and monsieur hasrendered our house, in preserving its only heir, a servicewhich insures him our eternal gratitude." As he said thesewords, the count of Morcerf pointed to a chair, while heseated himself in another opposite the window.

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      "Yes, my dear father, and with your permission, now I haveseen you, and know you are well and have all you require, Iwill ask your consent to go and pay a visit to theCatalans."

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       "As I was on my way here, a vessel was coming into port."

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    {  Neither Mercedes nor Edmond observed the strange expressionof his countenance; they were so happy that they wereconscious only of the sunshine and the presence of eachother.

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      "I will but go and return, sire; I shall be back in tenminutes."