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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "And he comes from Marseilles?"
2.  "Unless you are blind, or have never been outside theharbor, you must know."
3.  "I have just left him," answered Caderousse.
4.  "Yes; pray take a cigar, and cease to defend yourself, andto struggle to escape marrying Mademoiselle Danglars. Letthings take their course; perhaps you may not have toretract."
5.  `Foul deeds will rise,Tho, all the earth o'erwhelm them to men's eyes;'
6.  "Not their application, certainly, but their principles youmay; to learn is not to know; there are the learners and thelearned. Memory makes the one, philosophy the other."


1.  "Is it your father?" said Beauchamp; "that is quite anotherthing. Then can well understand your indignation, my dearAlbert. I will look at it again;" and he read the paragraphfor the third time, laying a stress on each word as heproceeded. "But the paper nowhere identifies this Fernandwith your father."
2.  "What do you think of it, my little fellow?" saidCaderousse. "Ay, that smells good! You know I used to be afamous cook; do you recollect how you used to lick yourfingers? You were among the first who tasted any of mydishes, and I think you relished them tolerably." Whilespeaking, Caderousse went on peeling a fresh supply ofonions.
3.  Monte Cristo, seeing that the two persons for whom he hadprepared this scene could scarcely endure it, and notwishing to carry it too far, said, "Come, gentlemen, -- somecoffee, we seem to have forgotten it," and he conducted theguests back to the table on the lawn.
4.  "Oh, it is terrible!" and M. de Boville retired with thisexclamation, after expressing acute sympathy with thefather. But he had scarcely left before Danglars, with anenergy of action those can alone understand who have seenRobert Macaire represented by Frederic,* exclaimed, --"Fool!" Then enclosing Monte Cristo's receipt in a littlepocket-book, he added: -- "Yes, come at twelve o'clock; Ishall then be far away." Then he double-locked his door,emptied all his drawers, collected about fifty thousandfrancs in bank-notes, burned several papers, left othersexposed to view, and then commenced writing a letter whichhe addressed:
5.  "Good-by, Albert," said Beauchamp suddenly, carelesslyextending his hand to the young man. The latter did notappear to arouse from his lethargy; in fact, he did notnotice the offered hand. "Good-by," said Chateau-Renaud inhis turn, keeping his little cane in his left hand, andsaluting with his right. Albert's lips scarcely whispered"Good-by," but his look was more explicit; it expressed awhole poem of restrained anger, proud disdain, and generousindignation. He preserved his melancholy and motionlessposition for some time after his two friends had regainedtheir carriage; then suddenly unfastening his horse from thelittle tree to which his servant had tied it, he mounted andgalloped off in the direction of Paris.
6.  Valentine started. "A friend, Maximilian; and who is thisfriend? I tremble to give my permission."


1.  Chapter 20The Cemetery of the Chateau D'If.
2.  "Gentlemen," said Albert, "Germain informs me that breakfastis ready. My dear count, allow me to show you the way." Theypassed silently into the breakfast-room, and every one tookhis place. "Gentleman," said the count, seating himself,"permit me to make a confession which must form my excusefor any improprieties I may commit. I am a stranger, and astranger to such a degree, that this is the first time Ihave ever been at Paris. The French way of living is utterlyunknown to me, and up to the present time I have followedthe Eastern customs, which are entirely in contrast to theParisian. I beg you, therefore, to excuse if you findanything in me too Turkish, too Italian, or too Arabian.Now, then, let us breakfast."
3.  "And the matter seems serious to you?"
4.  "What do you say?" said the count; "900,000 francs? It isindeed a sum which might be regretted even by a philosopher.And who is the cause of all this annoyance?"
5.   "Impossible!"
6.  "Yes, to be sure; must I say Baron Danglars? I might as wellsay Count Benedetto. He was an old friend of mine and if hehad not so bad a memory he ought to invite me to yourwedding, seeing he came to mine. Yes, yes, to mine; gad, hewas not so proud then, -- he was an under-clerk to the goodM. Morrel. I have dined many times with him and the Count ofMorcerf, so you see I have some high connections and were Ito cultivate them a little, we might meet in the samedrawing-rooms."


1.  "Doubtless," replied the count, "since no one hears mecomplain."
2.  "I?"
3.  "To tell the truth, count, if I knew less of you, I shouldthink that you were less brave than you are."
4、  "Yes," replied Noirtier.
5、  "I did not mention that, because the signature seemed to meso strange."




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      "No, no, no, I tell you; one day, if I allow you to live,you will perhaps kill him, as you have the others!"

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      "Bah!" said Danglars, "a lad of his make was not born to beunhappy in love. You are laughing at him, Caderousse."

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       "But during my visit to you the day before yesterday, sir,which you appear to recollect so well," replied Eugenie, "Isaw you arranging a deposit -- is not that the term? -- offive millions and a half; you even pointed it out to me intwo drafts on the treasury, and you were astonished that sovaluable a paper did not dazzle my eyes like lightning."

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      "You were at the festival of your marriage?" said thedeputy, shuddering in spite of himself.

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    {  "I will keep it," returned Morcerf; "but I fear that youwill be much disappointed, accustomed as you are topicturesque events and fantastic horizons. Amongst us youwill not meet with any of those episodes with which youradventurous existence has so familiarized you; ourChimborazo is Mortmartre, our Himalaya is Mount Valerien,our Great Desert is the plain of Grenelle, where they arenow boring an artesian well to water the caravans. We haveplenty of thieves, though not so many as is said; but thesethieves stand in far more dread of a policeman than a lord.France is so prosaic, and Paris so civilized a city, thatyou will not find in its eighty-five departments -- I sayeighty-five, because I do not include Corsica -- you willnot find, then, in these eighty-five departments a singlehill on which there is not a telegraph, or a grotto in whichthe commissary of police has not put up a gaslamp. There isbut one service I can render you, and for that I placemyself entirely at your orders, that is, to present, or makemy friends present, you everywhere; besides, you have noneed of any one to introduce you -- with your name, and yourfortune, and your talent" (Monte Cristo bowed with asomewhat ironical smile) "you can present yourselfeverywhere, and be well received. I can be useful in one wayonly -- if knowledge of Parisian habits, of the means ofrendering yourself comfortable, or of the bazaars, canassist, you may depend upon me to find you a fittingdwelling here. I do not dare offer to share my apartmentswith you, as I shared yours at Rome -- I, who do not professegotism, but am yet egotist par excellence; for, exceptmyself, these rooms would not hold a shadow more, unlessthat shadow were feminine."

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      The abbe sank upon Edmond's bed. while Edmond himselfremained standing. Escape had never once occurred to him.There are, indeed, some things which appear so impossiblethat the mind does not dwell on them for an instant. Toundermine the ground for fifty feet -- to devote three yearsto a labor which, if successful, would conduct you to aprecipice overhanging the sea -- to plunge into the wavesfrom the height of fifty, sixty, perhaps a hundred feet, atthe risk of being dashed to pieces against the rocks, shouldyou have been fortunate enough to have escaped the fire ofthe sentinels; and even, supposing all these perils past,then to have to swim for your life a distance of at leastthree miles ere you could reach the shore -- weredifficulties so startling and formidable that Dantes hadnever even dreamed of such a scheme, resigning himselfrather to death. But the sight of an old man clinging tolife with so desperate a courage, gave a fresh turn to hisideas, and inspired him with new courage. Another, older andless strong than he, had attempted what he had not hadsufficient resolution to undertake, and had failed onlybecause of an error in calculation. This same person, withalmost incredible patience and perseverance, had contrivedto provide himself with tools requisite for so unparalleledan attempt. Another had done all this; why, then, was itimpossible to Dantes? Faria had dug his way through fiftyfeet, Dantes would dig a hundred; Faria, at the age offifty, had devoted three years to the task; he, who was buthalf as old, would sacrifice six; Faria, a priest andsavant, had not shrunk from the idea of risking his life bytrying to swim a distance of three miles to one of theislands -- Daume, Rattonneau, or Lemaire; should a hardysailer, an experienced diver, like himself, shrink from asimilar task; should he, who had so often for mereamusement's sake plunged to the bottom of the sea to fetchup the bright coral branch, hesitate to entertain the sameproject? He could do it in an hour, and how many times hadhe, for pure pastime, continued in the water for more thantwice as long! At once Dantes resolved to follow the braveexample of his energetic companion, and to remember thatwhat has once been done may be done again.}

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      "Sire, sire," murmured the minister, "for pity's" --

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      "What does that signify, so long as they favor your suit?"

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       "Then you hope the poison will take no effect on Valentine?"

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    {  Valentine trembled, and looked at him with amazement. Theidea of resisting her father, her grandmother, and all thefamily, had never occurred to her. "What do you say,Maximilian?" asked Valentine. "What do you mean by astruggle? Oh, it would be a sacrilege. What? I resist myfather's order, and my dying grandmother's wish?Impossible!" Morrel started. "You are too noble not tounderstand me, and you understand me so well that youalready yield, dear Maximilian. No, no; I shall need all mystrength to struggle with myself and support my grief insecret, as you say. But to grieve my father -- to disturb mygrandmother's last moments -- never!"

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      "No, no, no, I tell you; one day, if I allow you to live,you will perhaps kill him, as you have the others!"